Mini Games. Ideas + Working Area.

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Feb 23, 2008
This is a thead About mini game ideas, and working on them.
There will be about 4 Mini games that last about 30 sec to 90 sec max.
If you have any ideas i would love to hear them. If you feel like working on a mini game feel free to build one, or ask for the help needed, and it will be ported into the game. (If more then 4 are built, ill make more room or randomly pick 4 games to be used when the game starts. to keep it fresh.

More Info
Cost in general i am thinking 1-3 cash sounds about right.
If the game cost 1 , then they shouldn't be able to make more then 3 cash if its single player, but if its a game with alot of people and there changes to win go down a bit then the award can be higher.
The games can have up to 8 players them, that ai can be involved in,(Doing ai isn't a problem for me)
These are games that people could use to make some ect cash, well they arnt riding or making coasters.. Its hard to explain much more then that.

Basic Outline
Here is a format to try and keep the ideas tidy.

Game Name:


Game Details:

Working On This game:

Here is a list of the games that I have so far, Ill continue to add/update to it. The only idea I personal thought of my self is the arrow shooting contest.

  • Arrow Shooting Contest
  • Smash Beaver heads with a hammer
  • Asteroids
  • The Sky is Falling
  • Smash the Crypt Fiends
  • Bomber Goblin
  • Bumper Car
  • Raccoon race
  • Snowball Fight
  • Rat race
  • Pizza Delivery
  • Ekans Toss
  • Run for your lives!
  • Hit the head
  • Whack-A-Mole
  • Dodge the Cube
  • Spin to win
  • The Claw
  • Laser Tag
  • Fire-Wolf's Keno
  • Meter
  • RUN RUN!!!
  • Duck Count
  • Duck Count (Variation)
  • Mimes
  • Airsoft Shootout
  • Motion Simulator

Time: 30-45 sec
Cost: 1
Awards: 0-3 cash.
AI: None
Players: 1.

Game Details: You get to shoot 1 or 3 arrows, at a target. If you hit the target you get 1 cash, if your in the yellow, you get 2, if your in the red you get 3. (Variation: You aim for moving targets, the ones farther back are worth more, but they move faster.)

Time: 25 sec
Cost: 2
Awards: 0-4 cash
AI: Heads that pops up randomly (dont know what you ment but heads shall pop up!)
Players: 1.

Game Details: You get a hammer wich you hit up-poping beaver heds with, for every head you hit you get 1 point. Max points are 50.

0-10 points = 0 award cash
11-20 points = 1 award cash
21-30 points = 2 award cash
31-40 points = 3 award cash
41-50 points = 4 award cash

Time: 5-10 sec
Cost: 3
Awards: 0-9 cash.
AI: Still dont know what this means =/ but None i think =/
Players: 1.

Game Details: You get 1 hammer wich you hit as hard as you can to a little round red thing. Then a littl shiny thing flyes up as high as you hit the round thing hard. There are "checkpoints". For every 10th checkpoint you pass you will get 1 more cash award.

0-10 = 0 Cash
11-20 = 1 Cash
21-30 = 2 Cash
31-40 = 3 Cash
41-50 = 4 Cash
51-60 = 5 Cash
61-70 = 6 Cash
71-80 = 7 Cash
81-90 = 8 Cash
91-100 = 9 Cash

Time: 45-120 sec
Cost: 2
Awards: 0, 5 or 10 cash.
AI: Spaceships trying to destroy u!
Players: 1.

Game Details: Put the coin into the machine and start! You are a spaceship. The spaceship can shoot and you are suppose to kill all the other ships that tries to shoot u. If you reach level 5 you get 5 cash and if you reach level 10 you get 10 cash.

Time: 120 seconds
Cost: 2
Awards: 0-10 cash
AI: Running people
Players: 5

Game Details: You control a unit underneath something big and heavy (like a roof). Parts of it fall off, and you have to dodge them to survive. 1 rule: 1 hit kill, 1 life. Try and survive as long as possible (2 min max). Every 10 seconds, the speed of the falling parts increases, and the amount that fall increases.
0-10 sec: 0 cash
11-20: 1 cash
21-30: 2 cash
31-40: 3 cash
41-50: 4 cash
51-60: 5 cash
61-70: 6 cash
71-80: 7 cash
81-90: 8 cash
91-100: 9 cash
101-120: 10 cash

Time: 20 seconds
Cost: 1
Awards: 2-10 (2 gold more for each player)
AI: Yes (Its for the game mechanics)
Players: Max. 5

Game Details: Lots of Crypt Fiends burrow and unburrow at some areas, you will see them but can't attack them when they are burrowed. You are some guy and you use this skill (Hammer) that kills the Crypt Fiends in a small area (around the size of the hole). Its like Whack-A-Mole.

Time: 15 seconds
Cost: 2
Awards: 5 (If win)
AI: For Game Mechanics
Players: 1

Game Details: You are a goblin. You must bomb the enemy castle. However, there are some gunners that shoot in a straight line in some pattern (you could make the castle casts stampae or something if you want :p) and you have to dodge them. When you reach the castle, you will explode automatically.

Time: 60 seconds (sorry for going over the limit)
Cost: 1-3
Awards: 1-5 (1 if you have no kills, 1 more for every kill)
AI: Yes
Players: Max.5

Game Details: You get in a bumper car and ram other people. You deal damage whenever you ram into some guy but you might take some damage as well. When you kill, you automatically get 1. You bumper car will be stronger if you pay more :p, but of course you earn less.

Time: 30 sec
Cost: 1 gold
Awards: 2 gold + the number of competitors
AI: Yes
Players: 5

Game Details:
That game where you squirt water onto a button and make the animals move forward.
Birdeye over the terrain, you can see the horse in the upper half of region and the buttons along the bottom. You control a small wisp that move erratically around while you try to make it stay in the middle. The wisp will move according to the distance between itself and the spot where you tell it to go. This will stop people spamming in the middle, but rather clicking all over the field. :D AI can cheat.

Time: 40 sec + 15 Bonus sec
Cost: 1
Awards:/B] In Game Details.
AI: none
Players: <6

Game Details:

You start in a line with a snowma [using the doodad modell]. Up in the Map, there 2 Kids (increases with time), which fire snowballs on you. If a normal snwoball hits you, you loose 1 life (you have 3 at start). Green Snowballs give 1 life, Pink ones give you the special ability to kill all snowballs on field.
You maybe can use Dummys as snowballs,who steal a life if you come to them in 75 range, so you don't need an AI.

10 sec: 0 Gold
20 sec: 1 Gold
30 sec: 2 Gold
40 sec: 3 Gold
+15 Bonus sec: +2 Gold

Time: 20-30 secs
Cost: 5 gold
Awards: 10 gold for 1st place, 7 for second, 5 for third.
AI: Units casting slow spells randomly
Players: 6

Game Details: You get a rat and you must guide it trough a maze to win. Watch out for enemies!

Time: 60 sec
Cost: 2 gold
Awards: 1 gold per Pizza
AI: Units, who randomly attack you.
Players: bigger town = more players

Game Details: You have a little town and everybody there wants pizza. But there are gangs in the town, too. They attack you randomly. If the gang kills you, you have to start again at your shop. At your start there is one pizza shop every person, where you can get pizzas to bring them to the houses.

Time: 45 seconds
Cost: 2
Awards: 6
AI: none
Players: 4

Game Details: Hurry up and toss as many ekanses on the diglets that comes up from the ground as you can.
Diglets give 1 point ,Golden Diglet gives 5 points.
The winner of this game takes 6 cash with him, the losers will go away empty handed.

Time: About 30 seconds
Cost: 1
Awards: 1 to 3
AI: Only for one unit
Players: All

Game Details: All player has a kid and need to run away from the skeleton, which is very slow but kills in one hit.
The last standing gains 3 cash, the second 2 the third 1.
It can last unit only one remains.

Time: 10-20 sec (test it, and see what fits)
Cost: 1
Awards: 3
AI: Could, but would be to easy. What you need to do it make it 1 vs 1.
Players:1 v 1.

Game Details: Simple (MINIGAME )
Game text: 3
Game text: 2
Game text: 1
The one to hit the Up key most times in 10-20 sec (test it, and see what fits) wins.

Time: 30 Seconds
Cost: 10
Awards: 1 Dollar every 1 Mole
AI: Not really
Players: 1

Game Details: Moles spawn in circles and the player has to click on them. If a player succefully click on one then the player gets one gold. Then the moles start spawning and dissapearing faster. If a player clicks a circle without a mole they loose 2 gold.

Time: 30 sec
Cost: 3
Awards: 5
AI: yes
Players: all

Game Details: Cubes spawn randomly in the area. There is a delay factor before a cube emerges, so you can see the glow effect and dodge it. However you gradually lose HP when you move. Once you get imprisoned by a cube or die from exhaustion, you instantly lose. The last man standing wins.

Time: 5 minutes (or unlimited but timed is better just in case a 'afker' is present)
Cost: 5 gold
Awards: 10 gold
AI: none
Players: any

Game Details: press the arrow keys just the right way to spin the top, and break it free! [Left or Right really fast, the momentum breaks it free and it goes wild.]

Time: Not Sure
Cost: 5
Awards: 0-10
AI: None
Players: 1

Game Details: The ol' fasion 3 toothed claw. Put some money in and try to get the biggest prize. My be pricy but if you get the biggest toy you can sell it for big bucks.

Time: Idk
Cost: 2
Awards: 5
AI: None
Players: All

Game Details: Players shoot lasers at each other. Be in teams of FFA, 2 teams, 3 teams, and fight each other. Once you get shot you lose a life. Lose all your lives and you lose! Start with 3 lives. Last Man/Team standing wins. (On teams once everyone on the other team loses all their lives the team loses.)

Time: 1 game day
Cost: 5
Awards: 0,5,10,15,20,25
AI: To pick numbers idk
Players: any

Game Details: Every day you can buy 1 ticket that has a random number 01-99. At the end of the day it tells what the keno number is. If you number is the keno number you win $25, if its 1-5 away only $20, 6-10 $15, 11-15 $10, 16-20 $5, 21-anything $0.

Cost: 3
Awards: 0~6
AI: None
Players: anyone

Game Details: There is a bar that will fill from Green to Red then Green again, try to hit the button (spell) when it is as red as it can be (the middle). You will be awarded dependant on where you pushed the button

Cost: 2
Awards: Awarded dependant on how many runners there are
Players: anyone, need at least 2 to start

You run around in a circle by pushing A and D. When a button is pushed two times in a row, that runner will fall an trip stunning him. whoever is the first to finish 3 laps wins the pot.

Time: 10-120 Seconds
Cost: 25
Awards: 5,10........55,60
AI: no
Players: 1

Game Details: Each round lasts 10 Seconds. At the start of each round 10 Ducks (Yellow tinted chickens) are placed in the middle of some shallow water. Every 5 Seconds a random no is picked between 1 and 2. Then a random number will be picked between 1-5. The first random number determines - or +. 1 = + and 2 = -. Depending on the numbers it will -/+ the number picked between one and five to the ducks. Each round the number this happens (5 secs) is decreased by one until the this number is one. The players at the end of each round must type the number of Ducks left within 3 seconds. The ducks are placed randomly and have a wander ability. After round 6 there is always a 1-4 chance with each spawn that a fake duck will be placed with a slightly different tint. At the end of each round you have the choice to leave the game or not. If you fail to type the correct amount of ducks then you leave the game without a prize.

Cost: 25
Awards: 5,10........55,60
AI: no
Players: 2+

Game Details: A number of ducks are placed (usually a high value) a few are false ducks (with a slighter darker tint), the players must count the number of current ducks, this is done increasing the number of ducks and their movement speed, as well as red ducks which are worth 2 ducks, until there is one player left. Counting the wrong number will get you eliminated. If the last players all lose at once, then a random player is picked as the winner.

Cost: 25
Awards: Varied
AI: Sorta
Players: 1+

Game Details: There will be a footman dancing, you have to mimic him as follows: Up arrow key is move forward (animation), Down arrow key is move backward, Left arrow key is rotate left, whilst right arrow key is rotate right. it starts off with one move, and you have a time limit to mimic the mime. later, he moves alot faster, and does alot more actions, failure to do an action will cause you to lose, if you run out of time, you also lose. If there is a tie, a random player is picked as the winner.

Time: 45 seconds
Cost: 1 (Gear and Gun rental)
Awards: 1-2 (Dependent on number of participants)
Players: 2+

Game Details:

* First person shooter.
* One-shot, one-"kill".
* Last man standing wins.
* Obstacles and view blockers will be littered across a small arena.
* Players will be allied, thus will have to manually shoot each other.
* Unit attacks will only be able to shoot players and not destructables
* If time limit is reached, random player still in arena is picked as the winner.
* 2-3 Players allow a prize of 1 gold
* 4 Players allow a prize of 2 gold

Time: 45 Seconds
Cost: 2?
Awards: None
AI: No need I think.
Players: Up to 2

Game Details: You sit on a sofa-like in a box. There's a big screen and you watch it like you're on a roller coaster. You can pick any premade roller coasters for you to ride, just for fun.
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Dec 15, 2008
Game Name: Boat Wars

Time: 20 seconds
Cost: 2
Awards: 1-3 cash
AI: Yes
Players: 2

Game Details: Each player is in a boat and have water guns and need to shoot eachother each boat can have a maximum of 2 people on. You have 20 seconds to see how many people you can shoot with your water gun!