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This is possibly my entry to the Modeling Mini-Contest #5

It is a spiritual companion to the Shadow Hunter. I loosely related the Shadow Hunter to Castañeda's 'Diablero', and one of his allies could the spirit of the hallucinogenic cactus plant, Mescalito :p

Mescalito (Model)

General Frank
A wonderfully creative and created model. Great use of texture and very good wrapping. Nice animations. Works in-game and is a nice addition.


Arena Moderator
Level 37
Jul 29, 2008
Dude, this is frickin' awexome. Yeah, it's simple, but that was the point. This dude hits all sorts of bars for me; neat texture use (no one uses the Cactus blp), the mesh is rockin' ('tubular', even), with a sick flower-head & neat robes & such... His expression is so interesting; chill but also mournful.

The animations are great; very laid-back, 'chillaxing', just kinda "dude, man... dude", as one would expect from a drug-inspired dude. Most of all I love the Attack Spell anim; TOTALLY fits this idea. It's like he's wigging you out with his psychedelic migraine powers. Sure, he could use a 'bash' attack animation for ultimate utility, but I rather like that he does not.

Totally should be in the Contest. Even if I feel his connection to the Shadow Hunter is exceedingly tenuous (like, maybe even the Beastmaster?)...
Great model.
Level 13
Aug 19, 2014
A cactus mage eh? Cute!!! The walk animation could use a little bit faster or another walk fast animation would do the trick.