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[Altered Melee] Melee with Quests

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Level 8
Jul 8, 2014
Melee with quests is going to be a map where you can do quests like in Endless Legend. They are going to be one of the victory conditions, if you do all of them you win. Every quest also are going to gives you bonuses. There are also going to be quests where you have to make decisions, such as being nice and peacefull to the tribe that is near you to unlock more types of units, or enslaving them for more food and workers.

In game, you must write -quest in order to select a quest tree. There are going to be special quest trees for every race, such as Blackrock Clan tree for orcs, or Forsaken tree for undead.

I will put the download link after I at least finish 1 quest tree for every race. I only played RoC and TFT, so any kind of help with the lore would be nice.
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