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MDX Import for Ms3d (with bones) - Idea

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This is how MDX import script for ms3d would work:
You use a simple interface to import a model. So what would be imported? First off mesh, then UV, materials, and BONES. Not animations, but bones. Because later on you can transfer it using either oinkerwinkle's tools or in plain .mdl code. Now wc3 uses 3 kinds of interpolations: linear, bezier, and hermite. They would be recognized as joint comment. And bone ids would be after interpolation string, like "bezier,32". Then you can edit a model in ms3d, much faster then in oinkerwinkle's tools, and this model is already rigged. Once exported, you can put all nodes you want in either Magos Modeleditor or plain mdl. What is advancement of this? Fast model editing in ms3d, and then use new exporter, that would handle bone ids

What is only const to all this? It is not made yet and maybe never will, but is something I have thought of.
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Apr 5, 2005
if this would be possible
I would quit using vertexmodifier forever!

edit: but I'm sure there was a certain guy back then who could import anims and bones back in milkshape, and now if horn did not delete the hubb by "accident", I could prove it
Well it doesn't (but it keeps UV <3), and that is the issue :/ Basically what I was saying, is that there is not an importer that imports animations (impossibile since ms3d only supports bezier) but to import ALREADY RIGGED mesh, so it is much less work on the model itself. I know there are many .mdl masters out there, but this would ease things for many people. You could also add your own animations, but only if mesh uses ONLY bezier keyframes, which is nearly impossible to happen. There are few problems to all this:
-Find a programmer who would make this
-If it was possible to do this way all the time, why didn't anyone do so? There must be some technical issue about it.
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