Maze? And save/load?!?!?!

Level 5
Jan 15, 2009
Well you may read this thinking it's just another idea, but it's "the" idea!

First of all it will be a maze "Duh" well and then you will start in a tutorial maze (make it easy, just so people get the idea) and then after you beat it you will be teleported to a new area. It could be a city, or just a platform but there will be about 10 circles, 1 circle will lead to a city where you can buy items (Gear, potions, scrolls, etc) but in the other area where you started will be a level 1 maze (once you finish it you will get say "50 exp(150 required to level or even could be a full level)) then a level 2 maze, level 3 maze, etc...

Once you get to a certain level you will be able to enter another teleporter with more mazes and maybe even mini games to earn money instead of exp or levels... You could make the mazes more difficult by making bosses at the ends of mazes or mini games or sumthin so that you will need stats as well as speed and stuff...

You could also add ice terrain where you slide, poison, lava, water, etc... When you decide to quit because its way to late (Heh, hope you will play it that long) you can save your characters items, exp, character type, etc (General save stuff).

Wish i could make this dream possible but I'm working on a different map atm but i don't want to forget this one, thanks for taking the time to read this and please leave my name in comments, loading screen, map discription or something like that...

Hope you can make this map idea possible,
Level 8
Dec 7, 2008
The method of getting to the mazes reminds me of the old crash bandicoot style hub system. One could look at this as 'mazing meets RPG'. It does make sense, really, its unique and interesting. I won't make it, but I would love to play it once it is complete.