Map crash

Level 11
Jul 17, 2013
Hi is anyone here who could help me with crash at my map? I can upload map on private my problem is that crash happens on fh game after 15-30 minuts of playing it happens to some players or only one but then after more time more ppl crash. I have No idea what causes it i was checking replays and didnt find anything spicous. Im just wondering if it can be fault of custom images i think they dont have disbtn File so they become green when u pause game is it possible that they mąkę crash? I can upload map or give more details
Level 6
Apr 5, 2015
Overall I'd say there can be a lot of reasons why your map would crash, but I don't think that a missing DISBTN file would be that reason.
Seen green icons on so many maps that I've played in my career and they didn't crash because of that.
My first guess would be that there is a trigger that crashes the game at the time you mentioned, but I can only play the guessing game.
It would be good if you upload the map and we can then take a look at it.

And IF you are playing on the PTR, this could also be the reason. It's still a very unstable build for custom maps.
Level 15
Jul 9, 2008
Theres too manny different things that could cause the crash. With it being after x amount of time im going to guess u have periodic trigger that leaks ?

Ud best to upload the map for some 1 to look at to really know whats going on unless u can pin point when its crashing e.g hero casts a poor coded spell