Making Units Right Clickable after hiding their name without hiding health bar

Level 4
Aug 16, 2012
How to make Units Right clickable after hiding their names I did a chat system using game interface and needed to change the player names to long spaces so the chat is hidden from F12 but once i point the mouse at a unit the long spaces appear which is annoying To hide the long spaces i added locust to the unit then hidden it then removed locust from it then unhidden it but the unit is not right clickable the name of it was hidden and its left click able but not right clickable is there a better way to hide the name or maybe i shouldn't rename the player to spaces there's a better way for it? BTW mafia map has exactly what i'm looking for clickable unit with custom chat system and the unit's name is hidden (doesn't show spaces)
Level 11
May 16, 2016
what do you mean don't create player? the map has to have player?
Map has all players, but in player properties you changes their name, control type etc. You just need to disable all players what will be creeps or something (it depends on genre of your map).
They you selected the unit of "Empty" player then it doesn't show you name of the player. This effect is permanent.
It's just a variant, I don't know what is your project.