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Make Loading Screens with every programs free on 5-1 min!!!!

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Level 5
Jul 4, 2005
- Sparrow_Evo - Jack Sparrow_Evo - Loaning TharadOr's Username @@ Pressents the most easy @ free @ methode to make a loading screen.

-Time (using the program)

Beginner: 3-5 min
Trained: 1-2 min.
Expert: Under 1 min.

-Time (Getting the tools)
2-6 mins.

Download Ifranview:

When you're done that, you can even open Paint. or any picture/paint program.

Make you Beatiful, cool, uglyduckly, Warfull, Darned, Supreme ETC picture in any program.
The Picture MUST BE 512 x 512 Pixels inches in the program you use.

When you're done that, the most programs should could save the picture ass JPG or TGA or JFF or wanted most JPG or TGA, else it works with many others.

Now. Get into Ifranview and Open your saved file,,,,,, and do this:


Save as

Truevision Targa (tga*)

Even if your Paint Program or whatever you use of program you painted/made the picture with, Could save your picture as TGA, then you risk you had wrong resize or paintcolor Picture, that is only available for:
Image Extractor II
As you need to download at the New page, Find top 2-1-3 downloaded tool, or go into Tools to find it.
(i just tryed but couldnt find the link to Image Extractor 2)

Anyways, when you downloaded Image Extractor II youll have to put the New TGA file or just the TGA file into Image Extractor 2 and then save it as: Jack_Sparrow_Evo_Sexy.blp (for example)
Then it want your picture quality.
Thats the slice of the screen, you must write 100 at that quality box, if it doesnt appear or show, youll have Open World-Editor and try import the file at the Import manager, the paper icon at top of the screen in the world editor then import the file to the map, Write FullScreen.blp at the custom path @@ DONE with that.
--- If it doesnt work and you did as i told, if the quality picture box didnt shown or appeared, you made something wrong with the saving at Ifranview.


Go get a loadingscreen.mdx or .mdl from Wc3Campaigns, or search for one at ANY sites.
Search for:
Warcraft 3 LoadingScreen.mdx or .mdl

When thats done,
Open World-Editor
Import Manager (the paper icon)
Import the LoadingScreen.mdx or downloaded as .mdl file
LoadinScreen in the scenario section
And set a Custom Loadingscreen
set it to:

Untill now it should Look like this in the Import Manager:
The Imported Files:
FullScreen.blp (your picture Remade to .blp)
Loadingscreen.mdx (running .blp files or .tga as the loading screen)

I figured, or anyone did.
at the wc3 Extractor 2
You can't autoslice tga files.
but blp files ^^

Thx for visit Jack_Sparrow's_Evo - help
Test the map for god sake! you're done!

You Remember this as the day,
where you nearly Won over Jack_Sparrow_Evo.
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