[SD/Modeling] Make arrowmissile.mdx point up and down

Level 25
Sep 28, 2004

I need two types of arrow missile. One that points up, and another that points down. I am somehow unable to do this via Retera Model Studio. See attached files. Thank you.

I need this as a workaround, because in 1.35 the Unit Data pitch setting isn't working and using special effects leads to many other issues.


  • arrowmissile.zip
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Attached is my attempt to make the models you are asking about. The Retera Model Studio previewer is glitched and would not preview these models correctly, but if you try them in the World Editor or in the game then they should probably display as expected.

Because Retera Model Studio does not have an easily accessible node property editor like what Magos or the Twilac Retera Model Studio programs probably have, I just edited the node's billboard axis binding using the "Text" view. My apologies if that is not clear how to do it, but it worked and got the job done quickly in my case.


  • arrowmissileUp.mdx
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