[tile] wooden planking

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Jul 1, 2005
[tile/model] wooden planking

(Request Withdrawn)

This is for a village that is going to resemble Venice, Italy. Cobblestones just are not working for me.

I have scribbled up some 'black prints' for an artist to follow, this is for wooden planking over land raised from shallow water between 3 and 8 clicks high.

The clear areas need to be left transparent with no art. These are the borders of the tile where the water meets land. The one pic with arrows needs to be shaded so that it looks like the center is up raised, or maybe it needs to be a model file.

The idea is that on that tile, where it is upraised over 8 clicks the center pitches as to a road crown down the center, and so the art also needs to pitch as to a road crown, otherwise it looks wrong. A road crown from the front looks like "^".


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