Magic Circle/Pentagram

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A bit of playing I did with ribbons in Magos Model Editor, came out like something I'd actually use so I'm uploading.

Rushed the other two versions.

Currently only has "death" animation available, so you cannot use it as anything other than a sfx (not even a buff/effect).

Oh yeah, do try not to "move" it... It's ribbons and will go crazy.

I will maybe add more different themes, but I will only modify them (add animations etc) if someone actually needs it.

Magic Circle/Pentagram Arcane (Model)

Magic Circle/Pentagram Demon (Model)

Magic Circle/Pentagram Devil (Model)

Magic Circle/Pentagram Fire (Model)

General Frank
Really cool and light-weight effect models. Great job.
Level 9
Jul 12, 2018
Looks great, but seems like you may have accidentally overwritten the standard version with the arcane version in your latest update. Both files in the two folders are named "_Arcane", and i tried the first one in a map and it's blue. If it were red like in the preview gif, i have a warlock hero that i'd like to use it for.