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Lore questions

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Level 12
Jan 20, 2011
Heya, sooo I have some questions about Warcraft Lore.

:fp:1) After Sunwell was destroyed (before the Triology) how did the High Elves maintain the magic addiction?

:fp:2) Why was Sylvanas resurected as a banshee even if she is a Dark Ranger now (or is it just a retcon)?

:fp:3) I read on WoWwiki that the Nathrezim corrupted Sargeras, so they are the root of Evil, but if that's true why are they only field agents in the Burning Legion?

:fp:4) If a human becomes a druid does he abandon the belief in Holy Light?

:fp:5) When someone becomes a Death Knight why do they serve the Alliance or Horde but not the Scourge?

:fp:6) Do original Eredar from Argus still exist?
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Level 6
May 5, 2008
1) If you mean where they got magic directly after the sunwell was destroyed: nowere, that's why they folowed Illlidan, he promised to give ehm magic

2)Sylvanas was resurected as a banshee but she returned into her body(she was the general of silvermoon)

3)&4) id o not know

5) Death Knights were all servants of the scourge as Arthas planned to destroy the alliance and the horde whith ehm, but as they lost against Tirion Fordring on Holy ground they broke free from his control. This was just 1 group of Death Knights, in Northrend for exaple Arthas is still training Ice_Troll Death Knights.

6)http://www.wowwiki.com/Eredar in the first paragraph you can read that the eradar split up into Draenei and man'ari
So Dranei still exist, as man'ari(burnin legion leaders etc, all coruppted) do
Level 30
Jul 31, 2010
The Answer for since this is the only thing I knew in the lore :)

1] The Remaining Large Population of the High Elves followed Prince Kaelthas after the destruction of Silvermoon, they manage to find Illidan [all thanks to Vashj] and to use demonic magic as there new primary source of use.

while in the eastern kingdoms, the high elves who never left the alliance [the elves that weren't in the domain of Lord Garithos, but of the breaking of the alliance of elves and humans after the second war] probably was taken refuge by Jaina proudmoore I think.

2] yes she got resurrected in a form of a banshee in wc3, but since blizzard wanted the game more epic, they decided that Sylvanas wasn't killed by Arthas, rather she was killed by Arthas in a different way.

3] Actually the Dreadlords aren't the field of evil, there are countless more demons that infiltrated Sargeras and made him mad, there are only called Primary because of there ability that shook Sargeras' mind even more.

4] Not all Humans follow the light, there are actually cults that adored undead living like the acolytes, some I don't know, and based from World of Warcraft, humans cannot become druids, only ancient ones like night elves, taurens, draeneis.

5] They Actually serve the Scourge during The Lich King's rule but after his death, they lose control of his mind powers and they became mercenaries in the game.

6] I don't know but since Eredars are actually Draeneis that lived in Argus, maybe there are some lurking in the wilds

note that I only answered this because I only played w3 not wow, the rest I just read them in books, internet, and to smart ass players :D
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