Lord of the Clans

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Lord of the Clans
Created by OutsiderXE

How To Play
1) Install latest version of "WarCraft 3: The Frozen Throne"
2) Move the file "LotCe06.w3n" to "Documents\Warcraft III\Campaigns\"
3) Start "WarCraft 3: The Frozen Throne", press "Single Player", press "Custom Campaigns", select "Lord of the Clans", press "Play"
Hint: Difficulty is selected when a map starts

Multi-map campaign, based on the novel Lord of the Clans, by Christie Golden. Thrall's origin story. His journey from slave to becoming Warchief of the Horde. Prequel to the WarCraft 3 training/demo campaign

- 10 single-player missions with RPG and RTS gameplay
- 3 cinematic maps with cutscenes
- Varied gameplay with a mix of stealth, minigames, army-warfare
- High quality terrain and cinematics, supported by many custom assets
- Based on the novel Lord of the Clans by Christie Golden

Screenshots and Videos:

Video Description:
Complete walkthrough of the campaign

Change Log:

Update 1.06: 360 fixes

New map - 3
- New chapter 2: "Gladiator"
- Play as Thrall during his time as a gladiator
- Relive Thrall's memories of his youth

Multiple maps - 56
- Heroes will now retain attribute bonuses and abilities when changing unit type
- Difficulty selection is now done with dialogs
- Changed player color of Frostwolf clan from red to light blue
- Changed weapon sound for Blackmoore from Bash to Slice
- Removed wait time for some cinematics
- Improved unit and camera movements for some cinematics
- Added some wait time before a cinematic can be skipped
- Changed duration of some transmissions
- Generated terrain shadows
- Improved terraining in some areas
- Removed blight in some areas
- Removed boundary in some areas
- Replaced Baby Thralls with Baby Orcs
- Fixed water sound regions
- Decreased stats bonuses given by Tomes
- "Thrall must survive" is now displayed for main quests
- Changed model of Tattered Cloth to Treasure Chest
- Increased hit points of all Ogres by around 20%
- New loading screen text
- Renamed Lord Karramyn Langston to Langston
- New icon for War Stomp by Blizzard Entertainment
- Renamed War Stomp to Earthshatter
- New railroad models by xXm0rpH3usXx
- New model for Blackmoore by Sxar
- New model for Draka by PROXY
- New sound set for Draka
- New sounds for Thrall
- New icon for Draka by Alex Horley
- New icon for Doomhammer by Svetli
- New model for Langston by Direfury
- New model for Elite Raider by Mister_Haudrauf
- New model for Elite Shaman by Cavman
- New model for Elite Grunt by Tauer
- Fixed scorescreen icons
- Removed pupils in Thrall's portrait model
- Changed attack sound Elite Raider to Metal Medium Chop
- Changed sound set of Elite Shaman to Demoness
- Renamed Elite Raider to Veteran Raider
- Renamed Elite Shaman to Veteran Shaman
- Renamed Elite Grunt to Veteran Grunt
- Increased initial amount of mana for Veteran Shamans to 100%
- Changed hotkey of Spearthrower to P
- Removed unused imports
- Decreased scaling factor of Rage from 10/25/40% to 10/15/20%
- Decreased damage bonus of Sturdy War Axe from 5 to 3
- Added more information to the Sturdy War Axe
- ItemReceived sound effect is now played more often
- Food item now restores hit points and mana over time
- Food item can now be used on allied units
- Shadow Meld is now properly disabled for cinematics
- Level up graphics are no longer visible when heroes are created
- Thrall: New ultimate ability Indestructible which increases damage and life regeneration
- Thrall: New passive abilities (traits)
- Trait: Warsong Fury: Increased movement speed and attack rate by 10% for every 10% life missing
- Trait: Frostwolf Resilience: Heals 5% life every third time an ability is used
- Trait: Blackrock Might: Spells cast restore up to 50% of their mana cost, based on maximum missing

Chapter 1 - 22
- Changed player color of Blackrock clan from purple to red
- Upkeep message is no longer displayed when the Intro cinematic is skipped
- Removed difficuly hint
- Improved AI of Doomhammer's Guard
- Quest requirement "Defend..." is now properly marked as completed
- Added transmissions when the allied orcs are attacking
- Decreased number of enemies spawning at the sheltered areas
- Decreased experience gain from Tomes of Greater Experience from 500 to 400
- Decreased walk animation speed for Durotan
- Changed name of unit-type for Draka from Warrior Mate to Warrior
- Added transmission by Doomhammer's Guard when the assassins attack
- Removed a group of trolls
- Moved last helpful orc further to the north
- Changed player color of Tammis Foxton from Blue to Brown
- Renamed Grunt to Doomhammer's Guard in the Outro cinematic
- Removed all Horse sound effects in the Outro cinematic
- Added DuskWolf sound effect in the Outro cinematic
- Moved some corpses a bit closer to the center in the Outro cinematic
- Now hides the dummy Slippers of Agility when loading the map
- Changed quest requirement to "Defend sheltered areas"
- The last Spearthrower is now removed for the Outro cinematic
- Confuse is now disabled for the Outro cinematic

Chapter 3 - 15
- Added more information to the loading screen
- Thrall can now be restored from game cache
- Thrall now starts at level 2 if not restored from game cache
- Experience gain for Thrall now stops at level 3
- Modified Intro cinematic
- New optional quest "Letters for a Friend"
- Swapped positions of a Tome of Intelligence with a Tome of Lesser Experience
- Replaced all Tomes of Lesser Experience with Thrall's Letters
- The Cloak hint can no longer be displayed multiple times
- Changed image of quest "The Escape" to High Elf Female
- The StormBolt hint will now only appear if Thrall is attacked
- NPCs will now start patrolling before at map start
- A villager will now move away from Thrall before finishing her transmission
- Removed "here" from a transmission in the Outro cinematic
- Replaced Sturdy War Axe with Shimmerglaze Roast

Chapter 4 - 34
- Increased experience gain for Thrall at level 2 from 50% to 100%
- Decreased experience gain for Thrall at level 3 from 33% to 25%
- Thrall now starts at level 3 if not restored from game cache
- The Goblin cinematic will no longer play if a player skips directly to the Outro cinematic
- Removed The Prophet from map
- Removed a Tome of Strength
- Moved troll base to the west
- Changed quest description of "Second Escape"
- Added quest requirement "Talk to the orcs" to quest "Second Escape"
- Renamed quest "Second Escape" to "Brother, Where To?"
- Changed quest requirement from "Find your belongings" to "Get Thrall's belongings"
- Replaced Thrall's temporarily dropped items with a single item
- Removed hints about talking to orcs
- Added transmission about not leaving without items
- Moved pathing blockers to the west
- Added dialogues between imprisoned orcs and distracted guards
- The Mocking cinematic can no longer be skipped while its stopping
- Replaced a Tome of Knowledge with a Tome of Agility
- Set Thrall's life to 100% for the Goblins cinematic
- Added minimap pings
- The Goblin Shipyard can no longer sell ships
- Humans and trolls in the north will no longer be invulnerable
- The Blind children are now recreated for the BlindRescue cinematic
- Replaced Potion of Strength with Sturdy War Axe
- Replaced Tome of Agility with Food
- Fixed music no longer playing after cinematics
- Changed music of some cinematics
- Thrall's buffs are now removed for the Blind cinematics
- Added more quest requirements to The Blind Family quest
- Can no longer kill the Blind Woman
- Fixed Thrall's movement speed after entering the camp
- Fixed acquisition range of trolls
- Blackmoore will no longer move away in the Outro cinematic
- Added more sound effects in the Outro cinematic

Chapter 5 - 9
- Added more information to the loading screen
- Changed vilage hints from "...another..." to "...different..."
- Quest requirement "Kill the Bandit Leader" is now properly marked as completed
- Replaced a Tome of Intelligence+2 with a Tome of Agility
- Added aditional Rock Chunks
- Moved Magical Rune behind Rock Chunks
- Moved a Knight slightly to the north
- Removed Sleep effect from Thrall in Outro cinematic
- Tom and Jerry will stop fighting in the Outro cinematic

Interlude - 1
- The Tattered Cloth is now removed before the last scene

Chapter 6 - 47
- Will no longer hear a death sound at map start
- New music for the Drek'Thar cinematic
- Added more variation to music in cinematics
- Frostwolves and Ogres will no longer attack each other at map start
- Thrall will no longer move if the Intro cinematic is skipped
- Moved starting position of Thrall to the north
- Moved position of Thrall after the Grom cinematic
- Moved position of Thrall after the Taretha cinematic
- Increased level of Hellscream from 2 to 5
- Replaced Tome of Knowledge with a Manual of Health
- Thrall can no longer gain experience after gaining level 6
- Replaced Wands of Far Sight with Runes of the Watcher
- Removed Rejuvenation from Wendigo Shaman
- Replaced Mud Golems with Young Wendigos
- Replaced Mountain Giant with Wendigo Shaman on Normal and Easy difficulties
- Replaced Mountain Giant with Ancient Wendigo on Hard difficulty
- Removed duplicate Frostwolf camp
- Lord of the Alliance is now marked as unsellable
- Pigs quest can no longer fail if already won
- Added small delay before teleporting ensnared pigs
- Replaced Tomes of Knowledge with Tomes of Intelligence/Agility/Strength
- Replaced Tomes with Runes of Lesser Speed at Pigs quest
- Captured pigs will now longer be ensnared after being moved
- Thrall will no longer take damage directly after being resurrected at the Book area
- Items left behind for the Book quest are now moved to Thrall when returning to the orc
- The Lord of the Alliance item is no longer marked as usable
- Added a Rune of Restoration at the Book area
- Replaced Belt of Giant Strength with Frostguard
- Replaced Healing Salve with Gauntlets of Ogre Strength
- Replaced Tome of Intelligence+2 with Food
- Replaced Potion of Lesser Invulnerability with Mantle of Intelligence
- Added Slippers of Agility
- Will no longer see the Pacman area when dying somewhere else
- Decreased time between minimap pings for some quests from 10 to 5 seconds
- Decreased level of Frostwolf Cubs from 2 to 1
- Decreased time until rescued Frostwolf Cubs are removed from 20 to 5 seconds
- Changes to description of The Ogres quest
- Renamed Ogre Maulers to ogre Pinkys for the Pacman quest
- Replenished Thrall's life and mana after the Pacman quest
- Removed all buffs from Thrall in the Drek'Thar cinematic
- Raiders are now at th Rock Chunks before the RaidersMeet cinematic starts
- The Raider will no longer attack Thrall or Uthul in the Outro cinematic
- Removed all buffs from Thrall in the Outro cinematic
- Added Thrall must survive as a defeat condition to The Frostwolves quest
- Thrall's mana and life are now restored when dying at the Book quest
- Summoned units are now removed for the CubsWin cinematic
- Thrall will now always do Earthshatter in the Outro cinematic

Chapter 7 - 79
- Decreased map size from 192x160 to 128x160
- New music for the Intro cinematic
- Snowsong and Thrall will now look at each other in the Intro cinematic
- Increased experience gain at level 5 from 75% to 100%
- Changed hotkey for quest abilities (e.g. Blink) from D to F
- "Thrall must survive" is now a proper defeat condition
- Fixed description for all Spirit quests
- Will no longer hide areas with visibility modifiers
- Fire: Changed quest requirement to "Prevent the Great Hall from being destroyed"
- Fire: Moved position of a Spearthrower corpse
- Fire: Removed Envenomed Weapons and Shadow Meld from Spearthrowers
- Fire: Added a leaderboard that shows the life of the Great Hall
- Fire: Added a Tome of Intelligence
- Fire: Added hint about Immolation
- Fire: Replaced Fire Beetles with Lava Spawns
- Fire: Fixed Spearthrower animations
- Fire: Removed a Scroll of Mana
- Fire: Traps can no longer be heard during the Intro cinematic
- Fire: Removed a Wand of Chain Lightning
- Earth: New model for Spirit of Earth by -Grendel
- Earth: Changed some dialogue
- Earth: Decreased scale of some archways
- Earth: Moved the Circle of Power to the west
- Earth: Moved some Kobolds
- Earth: Changed quest requirements
- Earth: Removed hints about killing enemies and going to the Circle of Power
- Earth: Will no longer create more enemies when going to the Circle of Power
- Earth: Removed Circle of Power
- Earth: Moved starting position of Thrall to the east
- Earth: Added permanent visibility of the Iron Gate
- Earth: Added a Tome of Strength
- Earth: Added hint about Blink
- Earth: Earth Keys can now be picked up with a full inventory
- Earth: QuestCompleted sound will no longer play twice
- Earth: Added 3 Kobolds
- Earth: Increased damage and hit points of all Kobolds
- Earth: Changed quest icon
- Earth: Can no longer destroy the Earth Keys
- Air: Decreased speed of Hippogryphs from 400 to 150/200/250
- Air: Removed special effects on Thrall in the Air cinematic
- Air: Thrall will no longer turn into a Tornado
- Air: Thrall will keep his abilities
- Air: Replaced Hippogryphs with invisible Tornados
- Air: Added Far Sight to Thrall
- Air: Added hint about Far Sgiht and invisible Tornados
- Air: Removed time limit quest requirement
- Water: The tree logs will now move before the quest has started
- Water: Renamed Log to Tree Log
- Water: Removed 12 Tree Logs
- Water: Tree Logs now move along the x-axis of the entire area
- Water: Increased speed of tree logs from 100 to 500
- Water: Position of tree logs will no longer be reset if Thrall dies
- Water: Slightly decreased damage area of tree logs
- Water: Fixed triggering of damage of tree logs
- Water: Added a Tome of Agility
- Water: Added hint about Chain Lightning
- Water: Decreased number of Wands of Lightning Shield
- Water: Decreased number of Runes of Lesser Healing
- Water: Can no longer select the Tree Logs
- Wilds: Will no longer create Tomes of Knowledge
- Wilds: The stag now moves automatically
- Wilds: Removed the hint about hitting the stag
- Wilds: Changed quest requirement from "Use Feral Spirits..." to "Escort the Stag"
- Wilds: Added 2 Boulder Towers
- Wilds: Added 3 Ogre Magi
- Wilds: Replaced of Runes of Restoration with Runes of Healing and Runes of Mana
- Wilds: Decreased acquisition rangeo g all Ogres to 150
- Wilds: Thrall is now invulnerable when the quest is won
- Doomhammer: Will no longer fade out for the Doomhammer cinematic
- Doomhammer: Changed quest requirement to "Defeat the stranger"
- Doomhammer: The quest requirement will no longer be marked as completed
- Doomhammer: Fixed bug preventing restart
- Doomhammer: Will no longer create more spectators at restart
- Doomhammer: Will no longer create more items at restart
- Doomhammer: Life and mana are now at 100% at (re)start
- Doomhammer: Items picked up will no longer affect the Frostwolves
- Doomhammer: Drek'Thar wil no longer create Healing Wards
- Doomhammer: Added 2 Claws of Attack+15 for Doomhammer on Hard difficulty
- Doomhammer: Added Ring of Protection+5 for Doomhammer on Hard difficulty

Chapter 8 - 27
- Renamed player 1 to The Horde
- Renamed player 4 to Warsong Clan
- Now waits 2 seconds before the first transmission in the Intro cinematic
- The Barracks is now healed after the Intro cinematic
- Renamed quest "The Orcs' Rescue" to "The Green Storm"
- Orcs can now be rescued by casting abilities
- Changed quest descriptions for "Taretha" and "Durnholde"
- Changed owner of Drek'Thar to player 10 (Frostwolf Clan)
- Removed Barracks leaderboard
- Added more info to quest requirement "Destroy the Barracks"
- Removed a Potion of Healing
- The Elite quest will now be marked as discovered properly
- Added alternative way to discover the Elite quest
- Added multiple items as reward for completing the Elite quest
- Decreased level of Langston from 6/10/10 to 5/8/8
- New abilities for Langston
- Langston will no longer play his death animation twice
- Removed hallucinations in the Outro cinematic
- Thrall will no longer be blocked in the Outro cinematic
- Drek'Thar will no longer cast Healing Ward in the Outro cinematic
- Decreased volume of some sound effects to 80% in the Outro cinematic
- Added some variation to the victory animations in the Outro cinematic
- Renamed quest "The Elite" to "Old but Gold"
- Changed quest requirement "Free the Elite Orcs" to "Free the Veteran orcs"
- Added some Riflemen and a Mortar Team to Thrall's Escape route
- No longer able to control Grunts after the Langston cinematic
- Reset ability cooldowns for Thrall and Hellscream after the Langston cinematic

Chapter 9 - 20
- Changed color of player 10 (Expedition) to Dark Green
- Changed owner of Blackmoore to player 12
- Changed name of player 12 to "Lord of Durnholde"
- Renamed east Keep to Blackmoore's Keep
- Changed color of south Town Hall to player 9 for the Taretha cinematic
- Drek'Thar will no longer drop the Staff of Teleportation
- Moved positions of Blackmoore and Langston to the south in the Intro cinematic
- Removed a Rune of Lesser Healing
- Removed a Scroll of Healing
- Gates are now invulnerable
- Added Langston to the enemy attack wave
- Added an Altar of Storms for Durnholde
- Moved the Blacksmith to the west
- Replaced Pig Farms with Farms
- Renamed optional quest "Elite Orcs" to "Getting Gladiators"
- Changed quest requirement and description for "Getting Gladiators"
- Cages are now destroyed automatically in the "Getting Gladiators" quest
- Added Runes Bracers, Periapt of Vitality and Talisman of Evasion
- Removed The Prophet from the map
- Thrall is now hidden when he enters Durnholde Keep

Chapter 10 - 38
- Removed hint about using classic warrior skills
- Moved a foot switch to be unreachable by Thrall
- Increased damage base of Spiders from 9 to 12
- Decreased number of Runes dropped in the Spider area on Normal and Hard difficulties
- Renamed Power Generator to Way Gate Control
- Thrall will no longer be moved at the Rock Chunks/Support Column
- A gate will now close when approaching the Dark Wizard
- Removed the hint about Sky-Fury Towers
- Changed color of Water runes to light blue
- Changed color of Glaives runes to green
- Blood Mage will now turn vulnerable when a sheep gets close
- Water Way Gate is no longer active until the Way Gate Control is destroyed
- Added tranmission about a deactivated Way Gate
- Removed most Tomes of Experience
- Replaced two Tomes of Experience with Tomes of Greater Experience
- Replaced Tome of Agility with Tome of Strength
- Removed Tome of Strength
- Removed Potion of Healing
- Replaced Healing Salve with Rune of Mana
- Removed Rune of Greater Healing
- Replaced all Earth-Fury Tower items with Runes of Water Elemental
- Will no longer create multiple vision modifiers at the Sheep area
- Replaced Scroll of Protection with Rune of Restoration
- Added 4 Brigands at the Bandits area
- Moved first Sentry Wards item to the south
- First Sentry Wards item is now invulnerable
- Removed almost all Sentry Wards
- Items dropped for the Sentry Wards are now moved to the end of the Bandits area
- Sentry Wards item now has an infinite number of charges
- Removed life bars from Fires
- Increased cooldown of Sentry Wards from 0 to 10 seconds
- Increased mana cost of Sentry Wards from 0 to 25 mana
- Thrall will no longer lose his items for the end fight
- Reset ability cooldowns after the Endfight cinematic
- Thrall can no longer be damaged by fire after beating Blackmoore
- Increased spell damage blocked by Blackmoore from 33% to 50%
- Increased all attributes of Blackmoore by 2 on Normal difficulty
- Increased all attributes of Blackmoore by 5 on Hard difficulty

Epilogue - 9
- Will no longer destroy trees when razing Durnholde
- Moved all fire effects to manmande structures
- Hellscream will now move slightly when picking up the item
- Changed player color of some orcs to light blue
- Added some variation to the victory animations
- Restructured types of credits
- Updated all credits
- Added time to some cinematic fade outs
- Increased far clipping of some cameras

Update 1.05: 251 fixes

New Maps - 2
- New cinematic prologue "The Shadow Council"
- Old prologue "Live and Let Die" is now a playable map (see Chapter 1 for more information)

Multiple maps - 35
- Added variable difficulty levels
- New model for Durotan by Tauer
- New unit model for Thrall by Tenebrae
- New weapon model for Thrall by Sunchips
- New tracks from World of Warcraft for some cinematics
- New loading screens
- Removed loading screen titles (Prologue, Interlude, Epilogue) from cinematic maps
- Changed hotkey layout for hero abilities to QWER
- Reduced stun time of Storm Bolt on normal units from 5 to 4 seconds
- Reduced stun time of Storm Bolt on heroes from 3 to 2 seconds
- Reduced stun time of War Stomp on heroes from 2/3/4 to 1/2/3 seconds
- Improved terrain and cinematics for Frostwolf camp
- Improved various other cinematics
- Heroes will now become invulnerable when a victory cinematic starts
- Will no longer fade out when mission fails
- Added Tattered Cloth item for Thrall
- Changed model of Tattered Cloth
- Fixed a bug that allowed Thrall to always gain 100% experience from kills
- Thrall can now learn Evasion before Chapter 9
- Thrall is now always an intelligence-based hero
- Changed unit name of Thrall from Grunt to Gladiator
- Renamed Storyteller to The Prophet
- Added more water sound effects
- Improved camera movement
- Removed all buffs from Thrall in some cinematics
- Increased hit points of Frost Wolves from 750 to 1000
- Music volume is no longer overriden via trigger
- Improved timings for some cinematics
- Reduced time between some minimap pings
- Removed defeat condition "Do not kill innocent people"
- Removed Drek'Thar's inventory
- Decreased stock start delay of Tome of Retraining, Scroll of Protection, and Scroll of Healing from 440 to 10 seconds
- Fixed minor terrain issues
- Fixed description of Rage
- Fixed various typos

Chapter 1 - 5
- Added playable content
- Play as Durotan and Draka
- New custom abilities
- Different terrain and camera movement
- Renamed Orc baby to Son of Durotan

Chapter 2 - 18
- The Prophet is now removed after the intro cinematic
- Renamed quest "The Escape" to "Escape"
- Increased sight radius of Dog from 800 to 1800 (night)
- Increased movement speed of Dog from 260 to 400
- Removed most barrels and crates that do not contain items
- Thrall will no longer stop at the Murlocs and suggest luring them out
- Replaced some trees with rocks
- Moved rain area
- Turned off day/night cycle
- Changed Thrall's starting life from 400 to 450/350/250
- Added more enemies on Normal and Hard difficulty
- Removed an enemy on Easy difficulty
- Added more info to the loading screen text
- Vision with the dog is now shared when it tries to exit the village
- Added two Runes of Restoration
- Replaced a Tome of Experience with a Tome of Intelligence
- Player 12 is now hidden in the score screen
- Replaced all Guard Towers with Scout Towers

Chapter 3 - 22
- Thrall is now selected after the intro cinematic
- Added a hidden item at the start of the map
- Orcs and humans will no longer fight each other after the Kelgar cinematic
- Thrall will be moved to the secret exit after the Kelgar cinematic
- Two footmen will be ordered to attack-move into the internment camp after the Kelgar cinematic
- Time of day speed is now set to 50% and the map time starts at 8pm
- Thrall will now start with a Food item
- Thrall can no longer be moved at the start of cinematics
- Timber Wolves are now hidden for all cinematics
- Removed some Runes
- Repositioned some enemy units and the Fountain of Health
- Removed a Forest Troll Hut
- The final Forest Troll Warlord will no longer speak if he is dead
- Removed Thrall's transmission about an escape route
- Reduced target acquisition range of Murlocs from 500 to 200
- Replaced a Tome of Intelligence with a Tome of Agility
- Will no longer create a rain weather effect during the Rest cinematic
- Will now always set the time of day to 12 am when the Rest cinematic is skipped
- Removed untargetable Cages
- Improved the hint after getting the objective to flee
- Increased hit points of Timber Wolves from 300 to 400
- Bundles of Lumber are now invunerable

Chapter 4 - 24
- Thrall will now start at level 4 if not restored from game cache
- Reduced experience gain from Food items from 40 to 30
- Fixed a bug that displayed the Swordsman Net tip when a unit other than Thrall entered the area
- Removed True Sight from Shades
- Replaced Potions of Speed with Runes of Speed
- Replaced a Tome of Agility wih a Tome of Intelligence +2
- Riflemen and Assassins will no longer practice with the Archery Target
- Added a transmission from Thrall when trying to exit the village before getting 10 Food items
- Added initial fade out for intro cinematic
- Repositioned patrol route of a Rifleman
- Repositioned some bandits
- Thrall is now selected after the cave sequence
- Renamed Bandit Leader to Rogue (transmission only)
- Villagers no longer turn into Guards. Instead they flee from Thrall
- Armor upgrades are set to 1 for Player 9 (Guards) on Hard difficulty
- Changed sound effect to "failed" when Thrall dies
- Added a Tome of Strength +2
- Replaced a Scroll of Protection with a Wand of Chain Lightning
- Player 3 (Citizens) is now hidden in the score screen
- Changed quest requirement "Gather 10 sources of food" to "Gather 10 food items"
- Added defeat condition "Thrall must survive" to each display of a main quest
- Repositioned some pathing blockers
- Gate is now closed after the Rest cinematic
- Trolls and humans will no longer fight each other before Thrall arrives

Interlude - 5
- The Grunts fighting Thrall will no longer walk away
- The Grunts fighting Thrall will face random angles when knocked out
- A Grunt will face Thrall after destroying the cage
- The Orc Warlock will no longer move to confront Thrall
- Will play a sound effect when Hellscream first appears

Chapter 5 - 55
- Thrall will now start at level 5 if not restored from game cache
- Changed level design in and around Frostwolf camp
- Is now accessible by completing Chapter 4 as well as the Interlude
- Blackmoore will now be removed when the intro cinematic is skipped
- Thrall will no longer lose the item in inventory slot 1 during the Frostwolves cinematic
- Thrall will no longer remain invulnerable during the Frostwolves cinematic
- Fixed a bug that prevented the map from ending when skipping the outro cinematic
- Removed way to the Ogre camp
- Replaced Pigs in "Raiders vs Gnolls" quest with Frostwolf Cubs and changed backstory
- Renamed quest "Raiders vs Gnolls" to "Alterac Cubs"
- Removed duplicate minimap pings
- The mission now ends in defeat when more than 2 Raiders die
- Cubs Leaderboard will now start at 14 and count down for each rescued cub
- The fake Thrall for the MeetFrostwolves cinematic will always be removed after the cinematic has finished
- Will now play normal game music when skipping the MeetFrostwolves cinematic
- Pillage is now disabled
- Replaced all Rock Golems with Elder Wendigos
- Added some Tomes to the starting area
- Fixed sound regions
- Decreased time for Pigs quest from 150 to 120 seconds
- Decreased number of pigs required to lose Pigs quest from 8 to 6
- Removed some blocking elements from the Ogre quest area
- Replaced the High Elven Barracks with an Orc Barracks
- Removed the hint about repairing catapults
- When all catapults have been destroyed a new one is instantly created
- Removed some Rock Chunks
- Fixed Raiders ensnaring Cubs in CubsWin cinematic
- Fixed a bug ordering Ogres to run away in OgreTowers cinematic
- Fixed a bug that mixed Thrall's, The Prophet's, and Drek'Thar's names in cinematic transmissions
- The Mountain Giant will now also drop a Rune of Restoration
- Will no longer reveal an area of the map after the Frostwolves cinematic
- Decreased height of Frost Traps
- Changed Pigs timer window title from "Help" to "Time Remaining"
- Replaced Wand of Mana Stealing with a Mana Stone
- Changed damage to Thrall in starting area from 1 per 0.15 seconds to 6/8/10 per 1 second
- Disabled sleeping for all creeps
- Replaced a Forest Troll Hut with an Ice Troll Hut
- The item Lord of the Alliance is no longer marked as usable or sellable
- Can no longer drop the item Lord of the Alliance
- The pigs in the breeding place are now invulnerable
- Removed a Healing Salve
- Renamed Pacman Ogre Maulers to Ogre Bashers
- Added a hint for the Pacman quest: There is no need to right-click each item
- Can no longer play the Outro cinematic twice
- Replaced a Potion of Speed with a Rune of Speed
- Will no longer show an Exclamation Mark on Uthul
- Will now only remove Runes of Speed and Bundles of Lumber in the Pacman area
- Bundles of Lumber and Runes of Speed are now invulnerable
- Replaced a Scroll of Regeneration with a Tome of Intelligence +2
- Pigs' guard position is now ignored
- Decreased collision size of Spirit Pig from 16 to 1.5
- Increased life of Spirit Pig from 120 to 999
- Decreased selection scale of Spirit Pig from 2 to 1
- Pigs now belong to Player 3 (Pigs)
- Pigs entering hay area are now removed after 2 seconds

Chapter 6 - 36
- Renamed from "The Path of the Shaman" to "Path of the Shaman"
- Thrall will now start with Evasion if not restored from game cache
- Renamed Tornado to Thrall
- Changed level design in Frostwolf camp
- Changed some snow cliffs to grass cliffs
- Replaced Grunts with Spearthrowers in Fire quest
- Quest Failed message will no longer appear multiple times when Thrall dies
- Added some blocking elements to the Water quest
- Removed some wait times when winning a Spirit quest
- Changed treelog hint to "The treelogs can damage Thrall when he gets too close."
- Treelogs will now move immediately when the Water quest starts
- Replaced Summoner in Water cinematic with an Sea Elemental
- Removed all remaining Summoners
- Changed hotkey for all unique Spirit abilities to "D"
- Removed level information from Chain Lightning and Feral Spirit
- Removed wait time when Thrall dies during the Wilds quest
- Removed Mission Failed sound effect
- Increased fire trap damage from 25 to 20/30/40
- The Spirit of Water quest no longer displays the number of enemies that need to be killed (the Leaderboard does)
- Added some items for Doomhammer on Normal and Hard difficulties
- The Earth Key Leaderboard will now appear 2 seconds earlier
- Changed Earth Hint to "...Go to the Circle of Power in the east to open the gate."
- Removed Player 3 (Teal)
- Fixed a bug that caused the Elevator in the Fire quest to always cause damage
- Changed Water Leaderboard Value from "Left" to "Alive"
- Fixed a bug that prevented Thrall from being resurrected
- Repositioned some enemies in the Fire quest
- Replaced all items in the Doomhammer fight with Runes of Healing/Mana
- Doomhammer will now try to pick items up instead of destroying them
- Increased time between item spawns in Doomhammer fight from 4 to 7 seconds
- Deceeased time until Doomhammer tries to interact with an item from 4 to 2 seconds
- All items on the ground will be removed when the Outro cinematic starts
- Removed damage effect from Fire elevator
- Fire Elevator sound effect will no longer play after the Fire area is completed
- Can no longer fail the Air quest once Thrall has reached the goal
- Moved starting position of Thrall and Doomhammer in the fight

Chapter 7 - 19
- Renamed from "The End of a Legend" to "The Horde Awakens"
- Thrall will now start at level 7 if not restored from game cache
- Changed order of abilities for Doomhammer
- Thrall's attack is now ranged
- Renamed player Camp Guards to Guards
- Orcs can now be rescued by attacking their guards
- Replaced invulnerable trees with rocks
- Thrall will now start at level 6 instead of 7 if not restored from game cache
- The optional quest will now be discovered 20 seconds after the Gate was destroyed
- Added a hint that Thrall can be revived at the Altar of Storms after the Gate was destroyed
- Removed some enemies on the way to the elite orcs
- Changed owner of the Town Hall to Neutral Passive
- All summoned units are now removed for the outro cinematic
- Decreased target acquisition range of Drek'Thar to 200
- Decreased revive cost of Thrall from 425 to 100 gold
- Decreased revive time of Thrall from 55 to 10 seconds
- The player will get 300 gold for reviving Thrall
- Thrall must survive is now a defeat condition and will be removed once the Gate is destroyed
- Removed a superfluous Drek'Thar in the outro cinematic

Chapter 8 - 5
- Renamed from "The Green Storm" to "Siege of Durnholde"
- Game will no longer wait until Player 9 buildings have dissipated before the Grey Base quest requirement is completed
- All buffs are removed from Thrall for the Taretha cinematic
- Changed owner of the Keep to Neutral Passive
- Shared vision with Keep as soon as the quest requirement is active

Chapter 9 - 24
- Removed some Circles of Power
- Camera will now pan pan when entering the spider lair
- Flooded Way Gate will be disabled when Thrall uses it
- Removed all Support Columns in the Invisible Bandits area
- Replaced Satyrs with Mutants and Skeletons
- Walled of parts of the Water area
- Added a hint for the Tower items
- Replaced a Scroll of Healing with a Rune of Restoration
- Replaced Blackmoore's Shockwave with Endurance Aura
- Replaced Blackmoore's Devotion Aura with Unholy Aura
- Removed Blackmoore's Avatar
- Increased Blackmoore's mana regeneration
- Every fourth item in the Endfight will be a Rune of Mana
- Reduced reaction time of Blackmoore to pick up an item from 1.5 to 1 second
- Decreased Obelisks and slightly changed cliff blocking in Endfight
- Slightly moved items towards corners in Endfight
- The spike traps will no longer be audible while the intro cinematic is playing
- Added a Rune of Restoration
- Decreased target acqusition range of Blood Mage from 600 to 200
- Added more Sentry Wards
- Fire units are removed befor the fight cinematic
- Fixed a bug that prevented the Fight cinematic from playing
- The Water Spike and Flame Traps will no longer be activated during the Fight cinematic
- Replaced a Scroll of Mana with a Rune of Greater Mana

Epilogue - 1
- Added JonayMartin, HeeWonLee, ANachron, PeeKay, WILL THE ALMIGHTY, INSEKT, Sin'dorei300, Hemske, Kitabatake, supertoinkz, Epsilon, tauer, Sunchips, jatter2, -Grende, Xaran Alamas, Tenebrae, -Berz-, and KILLCIDE to credits

Update 1.04: 395 fixes

Multiple maps - 32
- Removed unnecessary duplicated imports
- Removed unnecessary custom objects
- Removed some unnecessary duplicated trigger actions
- Custom objects are now stored in the campaign file instead of each map
- Added new unit Spearthrower
- Removed Thrall's death sequence
- Decreased map size
- Added more space to terrain and made it a bit more beautiful
- New model for Baby Thrall
- New model for Draka
- Rage can no longer be can on enemy units or catapults
- Reduced duration of Rage from 40 to 30 seconds
- Increased damage of War Stomp from 25/50/75 to 50/75/100
- Reduced Mana Cost of War Stomp from 90 to 75
- Removed some unnecessary wait times during cinematics
- Mixed Lordaeron Winter and Northrend texture sets
- New items: Wand of Chain Lightning, Wand of Lightning Shield (self), Wand of Far Sight
- Fixed quest descriptions (removed dots, added space and more)
- Fixed various typos
- Added fog
- Removed Slow, Abolish Magic and Bash of all kobolds
- Fixed some sound regions
- Removed Healing Salve that could be used during combat
- Replaced all non-Blizzard music with Blizzard music
- Increased Thrall's scale/selection circle scale from 1.0/1.1 to 1.2/1.2
- Improved Thrall's spell animations
- Taretha is now a blonde
- Fixed spells not being imported properly to a new chapter
- Increased cast range of Rage from 0 to 300
- Fixed Score Screen of Thrall
- Removed Flee from Shades
- Changed icon of Catapult to classic Reign of Chaos icon

Intro - 6
- Removed some dialogue
- Added and changed some cameras
- Removed some unnecessary doodads
- Replaced fel orcs with normal grunts
- Renamed Baby Thrall to Orc baby
- Fixed fight timings

Chapter 1 - 15
- Removed a transmission in the intro cinematic
- Changed position of some switches
- Changed some patrol routes and positions of guards to be more fair
- Changed types of some droppable items
- Replaced some knights with footmen
- Repositioned some guards
- Fixed a bug that removed visibility from switches
- "Thrall must survive." is now a proper defeat condition
- Replaced the Mortal Team with two Bandits
- Fixed a bug that prevented Thrall from fighting in the intro cinematic
- Added 5 Tomes of Lesser Experience
- Gave all units of Player 5 (Citizens) to Player 3 (Citizens) and removed Player 5
- Fixed a bug that stopped the music
- Created minimap pings for all switches
- Renamed from "The Adventure Begins" to "Unchained"

Chapter 2 - 17
- Added more space to terrain and made it a bit more beautiful
- Added more trolls in the starting area
- Added an optional quest to rescue some wolves
- Changed types of some droppable items
- The resting place cinematic will now be triggered by killing all trolls in the area
- Fixed duration for the Kelgar Cinematic
- Thrall can now flee through the main gate
- Removed a patrol guard
- Changed patrol route of a guard
- Second Escape quest is completed when Thrall finds the Goblins
- Split requirement for quest Second Escape into two
- The correct peon is now moving to Thrall
- Removed Player 9 (Guards)
- Fixed a quest sound bug
- Inprisoned orcs are no longer invulerable but periodically healed
- Find your belonging quest requirement will now be properly completed
- Renamed player Camp to Guards

Chapter 3 - 35
- Food quest is now discovered after the intro cinematic
- Added quest requirement "Find a village" to Food quest
- Removed optional quest "More Food". Its requirements are now part of the main quest
- Food quest items now grant experience
- Properly added quest requirement to all quests
- Removed the Anduin Lothar cinematic
- Removed the Drunken Paladin quest and cinematics
- Added a new optional Quest "The Bandit Lord"
- Completing the new optional quest will reveal all items for the main quest
- Replaced and repositioned some guards
- Reduced time for cave sequence
- Reduced time until Towers are destroyed when Barrels of Explosives are destroyed
- Removed cheese/self-destroying barrel sequence
- Added hiding spots for more stealthy gameplay
- Sharing all guards vision with the player as soon as he enters the village
- Added Ensnare to Swordsmen
- Thrall will gain vision of Guards in an area when entering that area
- Removed a dog
- Removed a droppable item from a pack horse
- Increased level of attack upgrades for Guards from 0 to 3
- Added some bandits at the northeast exit
- The Exit quest is now completed when the last group of bandits is dead
- Changed text "Find the northeast exit." to "Flee through the northeast exit."
- Remade outro cinematic
- Changed text "I don't need more food. I have enough." to "I have enough. The exit should be to the east."
- Fixed bug preventing Riflemen from shooting at practice targets
- Added Ensnare to Swordsmen
- Added a hint abouts Swordsmen being able to ensnare Thrall
- Knight will attack Thrall i he gets too close to the children
- Added a transmission when Thrall is too close
- Fixed bug preventing Tom from fighting Jerry
- Added minimap pings for each Food quest item
- Reduced experience gain for Thrall at level 3/4 from 75%/33% to 50%/20%
- Hiding player 4 (Warsong clan) in Score Screen
- Renamed from "Hunger for your People" to "Hunger"

Interludium - 8
- Replaced fel orcs with normal grunts
- Removed unnecessary objects in the scene
- Some positional fixes
- More cameras and improved camera movement
- Added some water to the terrain
- Changed the throne of Hellscream
- Removed all rats
- Changed color of fighting orcs to purple

Chapter 4 - 55
- Changed sky from Lordaeron Winter (Yellow) to Blizzard
- Changed gameplay so Thrall mustn't avoid enemies but find them to maintain his health
- Increased automatic damage to Thrall in the starting area
- Increased number of creeps in the starting area
- Added numerous Runes of Healing and other helpful items to creeps
- Increased terrain space in the starting area
- Decreased range of vision for Thrall in the starting area
- Added Magical Runes to help guide Thrall
- Removed a few cameras from the intro
- Removed a transmission from the intro
- Changed text of first hint
- Removed all Healing Torches from the starting area
- Removed haze effects for all non-vision cinematics
- Grom and Taretha now turn into hostile enemies that drop items when killed
- Added more space at the ogre camp
- Fixed some errors with the Meet Frostwolves cinematic
- Reduced the volume of the scary sound during the Durotan vision
- Added super fast Spirit Pigs to the Pigs quest that will drop Tomes of Knowledge when caught
- Removed all visibility modifiers for the Pigs quest
- Added a new visibility modifier that allows vision to the whole Pigs quest area
- Removed some blocking doodads at the Pigs quest spawning areas
- Pigs quest net is now invulnerable
- Pigs quest will now stop when the timer runs out
- Renamed leaderboard from "Hay - Pigs at Hay" to "Pigs - missed"
- Removed a sheep
- "Thrall must live" is now a proper defeat condition
- Renamed quest "The Frostwolves" to "Alone and Cold"
- Added a quest "The Frostwolves" that simply tells the player which quests to complete
- Game will no longer end when dying/losing during a minigame (Book, Pigs and Pacman)
- All minigames (Book, Pigs and Pacman) can be restarted instantly when dying/losing
- Changed model of item "Lord of the Alliance" to a book
- Added some rewards for completing each miniquest
- Set life of all player units to 100% after the Ogre intro cinematic
- Invulnerability can prevent Thrall from taking damage by the Book quest traps
- Changed text "Free the base to the gnoll base from rock chunks." to "Enter the gnoll camp."
- Changed text "Rescue the pigs." to "Rescue all pigs."
- Fixed a transmission that wouldn't play
- Added some Boulder Towers at the gnoll camp
- Removed blocking buildings/doodads at gnoll camps
- Redesigned the gnoll camp
- Repositioned some units at the gnoll camp
- Disabled Backpack upgrade
- Removed the Raiders vs Gnolls Gate cinematic
- Added a bonus item at the gnoll camp
- Playing War2IntroMusic during the Pacman game
- Fixed some errors with the Raiders vs Gnolls cinematics
- Buildings wil no longer drop items
- Life and Mana of Thrall are refilled when he sees Grom or Taretha
- Reduced damage and hit points of all gnolls
- Life of Thrall will be set to 100% when entering the Pacman game
- Added a Tome of Strength behind the Book quest area
- The Pacman speed items will no longer be usable multiple times during a single try
- Fixed a bug that prevented triggering the "Drek'Thar After Gnolls" or "Outro" cinematics
- Ogre quest can now be started when the Pigs quest is completed instead of the Raiders vs Gnolls quest
- Increased ramp space to final gnoll camp

Chapter 5 - 68
- Removed sequence where Thrall travels to the mountain and back within the intro cinematic
- Increased Thrall's experience gain at level 6 from 33% to 40%
- Cut some minor parts within the intro cinematic
- Changed some camera angles within the intro cinematic
- Thrall will now be properly revived when killed
- Floating texts will be removed properly
- Feral Spirit is now properly removed when ending the Wild quest
- Fire quest: Will no longer play Switch or Gate Bash sounds during cinematic
- Renamed Strange Wanderer to Wanderer
- Fire quest: Added more space
- Fire quest: Removed all Rock Chunks
- Fire quest: Gate will no longer close during quest
- Fire quest: Removed a Rune of Greater Healing
- Fire quest: Repositioned a Rune of Greater Mana
- Fire quest: Repositioned some obstacles
- Fire quest: Replaced some Burning Archers with Skeletal Orcs
- Fire quest: Replaced the Staff of Negation with a Wand of Chain Lightning
- Fire quest: Reduced target acquisition range of all enemy units to 200
- Fire quest: Reduced Mana Drained Per Second of Immolation from 2 to 1
- Fire quest: Removed a Flame Skeleton
- Fire quest: Repositioned some resurrectable Grunts and added two more Runes of Resurrection
- Fire quest: Increased time between trap damage from 0.1 to 0.2 seconds
- Fire quest: All player 1 units can now suffer trap damage
- Fire quest: Reduced life of Fire Beetles from 550 to 400
- Fire quest: Decreased/increased time for elevator under/above water by 1 second
- Fire quest: Changed initial hint to "Beware of the flame traps. Don't rush."
- Earth quest: Changed initial hint to "Slay the enemies to get the Earth Keys."
- Earth quest: Replaced golems with kobolds
- Earth quest: Removed Granite Golem
- Earth quest: Bringing the keys to the Circle of Light will now spawn a bunch of Kobolds at the Elevators
- Earth quest: Removed first camera movement within the cinematic
- Earth quest: Replaced Potions with Runes
- Earth quest: Removed some rocks
- Water quest: Removed the last line of Logs
- Water quest: Replaced all Mur'gul Blood-Gills with Makrura Snappers that will drop Wands of Lightning Shield or Runes of Lesser Healing when killed
- Water quest: Changed quest requirement text of Water Quest from "Kill all of the 20 Murlocs." to "Kill all 20 enemies."
- Water quest: Summoners are now invulnerable
- Water quest: Mur'gul Tidewarriors will drop Runes of Mana when killed
- Water quest: Removed first camera movement within the cinematic
- Water quest: Quest will now properly reset when Thrall is killed
- Water quest: Reduced target acquisition range of all enemy units to 150
- Air quest: Towers will no longer cast Taunt
- Air quest: Decreased scale of Spirit of Air
- Air quest: Cut some minor parts within the Air cinematic
- Air quest: Changed some camera angles within the Air cinematic
- Air quest: Cinematic Tornado Thrall will no longer be commandable
- Air quest: Decreased size of movement regions for the last group of hippogryphs
- Wild quest: Cut some minor parts within the Wild cinematic
- Wild quest: Reduced size of quest area
- Wild quest: Removed unnecessary damaging regions
- Wild quest: Removed Runes of Life from the Stag path
- Wild quest: Fixed initial hint texts
- Wild quest: Added Boulder Towers that will force the Stag to move back a bit when hit. Towers will also drop Runes of Restoration
- Wild quest: Added pathing Blockers (Air) to the cinematic
- Wild quest: Stag can no longer escape the playground
- Doomhammer quest: Improved camera movement and text in Doomhammer cinematic
- Doomhammer quest: Removed Reincarnation from Doomhammer
- Doomhammer quest: Thrall's death will no longer trigger the Doomhamer cinematic
- Doomhammer quest: Replaced a Potion of Lesser Invulnerability with a Wand of Chain Lightning
- Doomhammer quest: Replaced a Shimmerglaze Roast with a Wand of Lightning Shield
- Doomhammer quest: Added a Potion of Mana and a second Potion of Life
- Doomhammer quest: Items will no longer appear at the beginning of the fight. Instead one item will appear every 8 seconds
- Doomhammer quest: Doomhammer will attack each item 4 seconds after its appearance
- Cut some parts within the outro cinematic
- Removed the Wind and Snow weather effects
- Removing all buffs at the start of each cinematic
- Changed the hotkey of Feral Spirit to F
- Renamed player Strange Wanderer to wanderer

Chapter 6 - 52
- Redesigned Thrall's escape area: Player will start with a few units and can free other units with no time pressure. Made area more linear
- Replaced escaping grunts and camp guards with normal grunts and footmen
- Removed escaping peons
- The Orc's Rescue is now part of the Main Quest with the objective to destroy the gate
- Repositioned two Barracks so Thrall's orcs don't have to deal with spawning units
- Repositioned War Mill, Catapults and Neutral Buildings
- Fixed intro cinematic skip bug
- Cut some parts within the intro cinematic
- Readjusted intro cinematic for the new terrain
- Doomhammer and Hellscream can be revived at the new Altar of Storms
- Game can only be lost if Thrall dies while escaping. Thrall can be revived after his escape
- Removed optional quest "The Items"
- Removed most creeps and the hint to kill them
- Added golems to the north east that drop a Helm of Valor
- Removed all starting items from Doomhammer and Hellscream
- Fixed a bug with Thrall's starting skills
- Removed hint about Healing Salve that could be used during combat
- Replaced Great Hall doodads with Orc Houses (Burrows)
- Reduced cost of Ankh of Reincarnation from 300 to 200 gold
- Increased cost of all upgrades and merc units
- Ankh of Reincarnation can now be dropped
- Removed Staff of Teleportation from the Goblin Merchant
- Added Wand of Chain Lightning and Wand of Lightning Shield to the Goblin Merchant
- Renamed Bodyguard to Elite Knight
- Replaced Dire Frost Wolf with Spearthrower in Drek'Thar's camp
- The War Mill now produces 50 Food
- Added more Guard Towers
- Added an optional quest to rescue elite orcs to the north
- Changed name/proper name of "Paladin/Lord Karramyn Langston" to "Chief Lieutenant/Karramyn Langston"
- Removed Flame Strike effect that appeared at the center of the map
- Increased Mana of Langston from 30% to 100%
- Hiding Langston's Level Up graphics
- Removed player 3 (Citizens)
- Destroyed Barracks leaderboard will be updated correctly
- Set Stock Maximum/Stock Replenish interval/Stock Start Delay for Catapults, Frost Wolves and Spearthrowers to 3/30 seconds/0 seconds
- Intro Watch Towers are now preplaced
- Added Boots of Speed at the center lane
- Cinematic mode will no longer be deactivated at the end of the outro cinematic
- Moved Thrall's speech in outro cinematic to the starting area
- Player 12 grunts in outro now belong to player 1
- Shaman Adept/Master Training upgrades hotkey is now "H"
- Increased damage of Guard Towers from 23-28 to 33-38
- Added a way to cross between the two Barracks expansions
- Player 4 starting units are no longer hidden in outro
- Doomhammer's items will be transferred to Chapter 7
- Added Elite Guard Towers with increased damage and hit points and the ability to regenerate hit points
- All kinds of Spirit Wolves are removed during the cinematics
- New icon for Doomhammer
- Reduced experience gain for all heroes from 50% to 20% when level 7
- Removed Holy Light and Resurrection of Langston
- Increased hero level of Langston from 8 to 10
- Increased base damage of Watch Towers from 15 to 60

Chapter 7 - 34
- Complete gameplay and visual redesign
- Removed most of old Durnholde
- Relocated all player bases
- Removed all optional quests and associated cinematics
- Removed many creeps
- Refined enemy AI
- Enemies will now research upgrades and attack in different tiers after some time
- Able to control player base while looking for Taretha
- Reset speed and food cost of all enemy units
- Fixed cinematics to go along with new design
- Can research Burning Oil and Reinforced Defenses
- Increased starting level of Thrall and Doomhammer from 5 to 8 when not restored from game cache
- Doomhammers items are now imported from Chapter 6
- Peons will stop harvesting while in a cinematic
- Combined Taretha and Blackmoore cinematics into one. Skipping twice no longer required
- Can train Spearthrowers from the Barracks and upgrade Envenomed Weapons from the War Mill
- Removed player 3 (Citizens)
- Changed main quest requirement "Destroy the four main buildings" to "Destroy the Grey Base"
- Player has to destroy all buildings of Durnholde (Grey) except Farms and Towers
- Fixed description for Spirit Lodge
- Reduced time between minimap pings from 20 to 12 seconds
- Removed all tech tree requirements for enemy units
- Player 9 (Durnholde) will no longer rebuild his base
- Added a new optional quest to free captured elite orcs scattered across the map
- Units surviving the Taretha quest will be brought over to the main area
- Removed Frost Wolf hint
- Game will be lost when all player structures are destroyed
- Added runes, bundles of lumber and gold coins on the road to Taretha
- Added main quest requirement to not attack Durnholde while looking for Taretha
- Added elite knight to each enemy base
- Removed defeat condition for Drek'Thar's death
- When killed, Drek'Thar will come back to life after 30 seconds
- Increased target acquisition range of Drek'Thar from 1250 to 1700
- Drek'Thar will now only teleport to structures

Chapter 8 - 64
- Cloak of Shadows will no longer be removed at map start
- Decrease Thrall's experience gain from 100% to 45%
- Renamed Teleporter to Circle of Power
- Increased starting level of Thrall from 8 to 9 when not restored from game cache
- Changed main quest requirement text from "Find Aedelas Blackmoore and kill him" to "Kill Aedelas Blackmoore"
- The main quest completed message will now appear before the outro cinematic
- General layout: Removed linear path. Areas are now connected via Way Gates
- Added a Way Gate that will periodically alternate between 3 possible destinations
- Spider area: Added numerous spider eggs
- Spider area: Increased scale of Brood Mother
- Spider area: Now all spider eggs hatch when Thrall approaches them
- Spider area: Several spiders drop Runes
- Spider area: Spiders no longer cast Ensnare on Thrall
- Blue Flame area: Increased terrain space
- Blue Flame area: changed position and number of flame traps
- Blue Flame area: Added more types of traps
- Blue Flame area: Added more enemy units
- Sheep area: Player can now control sheep directly
- Sheep area: Renamend Mechanical Sheep to Explosive Sheep and added Kaboom! ability
- Sheep area: Sheep will be replaced infinitely
- Sheep area: Increased controllable number of sheep from 1 to 3
- Sheep area: Removed teleporters, Iron Gates and Switches
- Sheep area: Added a Blood Mage that will cast Flame Strike in regular intervals
- Sheep area: Player has to use sheep to avoid Flame Strike and destroy Rock Chunks and a Power Generator
- Sheep area: Added vision to the area as soon as Thrall enters it
- Removed player 12 (Vagabonds). All enemy units (except Blackmoore) are now neutral hostile
- Blackmoore will appear from time to time but cannot be engaged until the end fight
- Glaives area: increased damage region of glaives
- Glaives area: Decreased time between checks for when Thrall gets close to a Glaive
- Glaives area: Thrall can now only be damaged once every 1.45 seconds
- Glaives area: Increased damage of Glaives from 100 to 150
- Glaives area: added new types of glaives with different movement and speed
- Glaives area: Added neutral hostile Satyrs
- Glaives area: Added more space
- Glaives area: Added vision to the area as soon as Thrall enters it
- Glaives area: Added an additional Rune and a Healing Potion
- Glaives area: Added 2 switches that need to be pressed to activate a Way Gate
- Flood area: Removed Rising Water doodads and gameplay mechanics
- Flood area: Increased size of area, added deep water and a transport ship
- Flood area: Added gates that need to be opened by pressing switches
- Flood area: Added more types of Water Elementals and Earth-Fury Towers
- Flood area: Earth-Fury Towers will drop items that can create other Earth-Fury Towers
- Flood area: Replaced a Circlet of Nobility with a Cloak of Flames
- Bandits area: Increased size of area
- Bandits area: Removed the Charing Pan, rock chunks and Catapult
- Bandits area: Replaced Shadow Meld of Brigands with Permanent Invisibility
- Bandits area: Added Slow Poison to Brigands
- Bandits area: Added Sentry Ward items to the area and Brigands
- Bandits area: Removed all Land Mines
- Fire area: Removed the Dalaran Shield weather effect
- Fire area: Added sound to Fire units
- End fight: Removed Flesh Golem and Switches
- End fight: Music theme will be repeated until outro is played
- End fight: Reduced Blackmoore reaction time for items from 2.0 to 1.5 seconds
- End fight: Music theme will no longer deactivate when minimizing the game
- End fight: Runes will be created before fire, not after
- End fight: Blackmoore will no longer move unless there is an item
- End fight: Replaced Blackmoore's Shockwave with Drunken Haze
- End fight: Blackmoore will no longer take damage from fire
- End fight: After a while two fires will be created
- Moved Thrall a bit further from the Gate in the Fight cinematic
- Removed a minor scene in the outro cinematic
- Removed player 4 (Neutral)
- Added Tomes of Experience to multiple enemies

Outro - 9
- Merged the modified Chapter 1 and the new Chapter 7
- Complete remake of camera and unit movement
- Removed some minor scenes and dialogue
- Removed rain effect
- Combined credits of "Idea and Execution" and "Triggers" into "Design"
- Removed "Music" credits
- Added additional "Models, Skins and Art" credits and named them "Additional Art and Music"
- Added ChevronSeven, Tauer, Frankster, Stanakin sniper_zero and darklord_avalon to the credits
- Removed Blizzard, Gladiator and The Matrix Trilogy from the credits

Update 1.03: 153 fixes

Multiple maps - 11
- Fixed the player name
- Added map victory cheat "-winmap" (cinematics and item-handling may become bugged)
- Added a new spell named Rage. Rage works like Bloodlust but is a levelable hero skill
- Replaced Thrall's Evasion with Rage
- Increased Grunt Thrall's starting mana from 50 to 100
- Increased Grunt Thrall's intelligence from 14 to 17
- Increased Grunt Thrall's mana regeneration from 0.66 to 0.80 per second
- Thrall will keep his items and experience from previous chapters
- Baby cloth no longer drops on death
- Fixed numerous typos and translation issues
- Floating texts will be destroyed properly

Prologue - 6
- Improved terrain in the raven flight scene
- Removed the traveling scene to the outside fire camp
- Fixed the timings for some transmissions
- Removed some transmissions
- Increased field of view for Doomhammer cameras
- Removed a stone

Chapter 1 - 11
- Renamed player Durnholde to Guards
- Defeat now working properly
- Thrall now starts with Storm Bolt instead of Evasion
- Increased Thrall's starting hit points from 250 to 400
- Removed some enemies units
- Decreased the target aquisition range for a footman
- More enemy units will drop Runes of Mana or Healing
- Increased number of switches that need to be activated for the Gate to open from 1 to 5
- Game will no longer pause for any pressed switch but the last
- Player will no longer lose control of the Dog if it tries to get out of the city; It will just move back a bit
- Not killing innocents is now a proper defeat condition

Chapter 2 - 17
- Renamed player Camp-Soldiers to Guards
- Renamed from 'Wrong Time...' to 'Lethargy of the Orcs'
- Removed/replaced all Mud Golems
- Added a Fountain of Mana to the Kobold camp
- Food now heals life and mana
- Smoothed the terrain in the capture scene
- Removed some human enemies
- Repositioned some trolls
- Removed some trolls for the Volbir and Bolvir quest
- Reduced the necessary amount of lumber for the Volbir and Bolvir quest from 16 to 12
- Removed the Lumber Leaderboard for the Volbir and Bolvir quest
- Speaking to the unfriendly orc is now mandatory before speaking to Kelgar
- Added exclamation marks to the unfriendly orc and Kelgar
- Removed and repositioned some Kobolds
- Added a Rune of Healing to a Kobold
- Increased some camera times in theVolbir and Bolvir cinematics
- Disabled sleeping for all creeps

Chapter 3 - 8
- Reduced life of Rock Chunks
- Transmission at the grain farm will only appear once
- Removed transmission at the slums
- Removed some enemy units
- Repositioned a Food quest item
- Added a blockade to the northern parts of the village
- Not killing innocent people is now a defeat condition
- Horses and dogs are no longer citizens

Interludium - 1
- Renamed from 'A Hell's Scream' to 'Hellscream'

Chapter 4 - 20
- Fixed the timing for some cinematic transmissions
- Repositioned Raiders at the start of the Raider vs Gnolls quest
- Destroying one Rock Chunk will destroy all Rock Chunks at the start of the Raider vs Gnolls quest
- Raiders will now attack the proper Rock Chunks in the Raider vs Gnolls outro
- Reduced life of Rock Chunks in the the Raider vs Gnolls outro
- Removed some Towers and Ogres at the Ogres/Pacman quest
- Removed some enemy creeps
- Increased pathing space at the Ogres/Pacman quest
- Removed keyboard controls for the Pacman quest
- Reduced Base Damage of Ogre Maulers in Pacman quest from 200 to 100
- Replaced all Runes of Healing with Runes of Speed in Pacman quest
- Removed the Pacman music
- Item Lord of the Alliance is no longer marked as usable
- Camera will no longer change at the Pigs quest
- Reduced time for Pigs quest from 3 minutes to 2,5 minutes
- Reduced random movement speed for pigs in Pigs quest by 20
- Increased time between pig spawns in Pigs quest from 15/10/8 to 20/15/13
- Added blocking terrain at the Pigs quest
- Trap damage in the Book quest reduced from 200 to 125
- Changed hint at the Pigs quest to tell player to stay close to the hay

Chapter 5 - 20
- Added ability Feral Spirit to Thrall during the Wild quest
- Changed terrain of the Wild quest so Feral Spirits can attack the Deer
- Removed Blink from Thrall in the Wild quest
- Removed ranged attack from Thrall in the Wild quest
- Removed the timer in the Wild quest
- Removed keyboard controls for the Water quest
- Added ability Blink to Thrall in the Earth quest
- Removed the timer in the Earth quest
- Added ability Immolation to Thrall in the Fire quest
- Removed two Firebeetles
- Replaced Hellfires with Skeleton Archers
- Increased pathing space at the Fire quest
- Removed the timer in the Air quest
- Removed some hippogryphs and towers in the Air quest
- Increased time period between hippogryph movement from 3/4/5 to 4/5/6
- Earthkeys leaderboard is now properly destroyed
- Added a Rune of Mana in the Fire quest
- Cinematic mode will deactivate when intro is skipped
- Thrall's life and mana will be set to 100% before each element quest
- Thrall can use all of his skills in the endfight

Chapter 6 - 14
- Increased maximum level for Thrall and Hellscream from 7 to 8
- Renamed quest 'The Orc's Rescue' to'the Internment camp'
- Rescuing the orcs is now a seperate optional quest
- Can no longer fail the mission by death of a fleeing orc
- Attack-move order for Hellscream and Doomhammer now much closer to home base
- Increased Hellscream starting level from 4 to 7
- Freeing Grunts/Peons will replace them with normal Grunts/Peons
- Mana of Thrall and Hellscream set to 100% before Langstom appears
- Level of Langstom decreased from 10 to 8
- Removed Divine Shield from Langston
- Increased level of Holy Light for Langstom from 1 to 2
- Repositioned a Camp guard
- Increased time between displaying starting quests and hints
- Ankhs of Reincarnation carried by Thrall or Hellscream will be removed at the end of the level

Chapter 7 - 17
- Destroying one Rock Chunk will destroy all Rock Chunks
- Added exclamation mark to and shared vision with Zeppelin
- Increased amount of gold in Gold Mine from 12500 to 25000
- Added a Fountain of Healing
- Added a Leaderboard for the Towers built in the Reinforcements quest
- Removed leaderboard for destroyed enemy main buildings
- Reinforcements message will be played when Zeppelin is found, if it hasn't already
- Reduced amount of enemy Gryphons attacking from 3/6/9 to 2/4/6
- Increased maximum level for Thrall and Hellscream from 8 to 9
- Removed some Towers from enemy bases
- Increased pathing space at Reinforcements ramp
- Reinforcements ramp can be reached on foot
- Can no longer lose Reinforcements quest
- Placed Dog near Taretha's cave
- Removed Rifleman at Reinforcement cliffs
- Removed a scene in the Zeppelin cinematic
- Added destructible Rock Chunbks to the Reinforcement cliffs

Chapter 8 - 26
- Thrall's maximum level increased from 9 to 10
- Thrall's experience gain now always at 100%
- Added Evasion as an ultimate spell for Thrall
- Decreased maximum life of Iron Gates to 50
- Brood Mother now drops a Rune of Restoration instead of a Greater Rune of Healing
- Removed several spiders and bandits
- Removed items from Aedelas Blackmoore
- Decreased Aedelas' damage sides per die from 6 to 5
- Increased Aedelas' attack cooldown from 2.2 to 2.6
- Increased Aedelas' intelligence per level from 0.8 to 1.6
- Increased Aedelas' life regeneration rate from 0.25 to 1.0
- Removed healing water
- Life and Mana of Thrall set to 100% before endfight
- More Runes of Healing spawned in endfight
- Reduced size of fire regions in endfight
- Runes will glow before their fire region is activated
- Reduced item spawn time during Endfight from 5 to 3 seconds
- Blackmoore will now try to take spawned items
- Mechanical sheep will now move towards opened gate when switch is pressed
- Added an Enforcer
- Added a Rune of Healing
- Increased time between Blue Flame Trap spawns from 1.75 to 4/3/2 seconds
- Removed Orb of Lightning in the endfight
- Removed cinematic scene with a Flesh Golem
- Fixed the bottom right switch not triggering properly
- Changed player name Aedelas Blackmoore to Lord of Durnholde

Epilogue - 4
- Thrall is now clearing stating what item he is giving to Hellscream
- Merged all map creation credits
- Replaced all non-orcs appearing in the credits with versions of Thrall
- Added World of Warcraft to Music credits

Update 1.02: 6 fixes

- All: Fixed some grammar errors in the english version.
- All: Smoothed Terrain on some ramps.
- Chapter 2: Repositioned secret exit in internment camp.
- Chapter 4: Reduced time for Pig quest.
- Chapter 6: Repositioned barracks and heroes destination
- Chapter 6: Reduced levels of skills for Langston.

Update 1.01: 72 fixes

Spells and Miscellaneous - 3
- Replaced Thrall’s Bash with Storm Bolt.
- Changed War Stomp Hotkey to W.
- Thrall will now receive experience from creeps in all levels.

Intro – 3
- Fixed some camera angles.
- Fixed amount of time some texts appear on screen with the english version in mind.
- Fixed a typo in the english version.

Chapter 1 – 9
- Thrall will now start with Evasion as his first skill.
- Game will no longer pause to explain something.
- Added water sound effects.
- The Gate quest will now sound as completed when finished.
- Fixed amount of time that some texts appear.
- Fixed some typos in the english version.
- Reduced volume of Gate opening.
- Added sound effects to switches.
- Reduced length of outro cinematic.

Chapter 2 – 7
- Fixed duration of intro cinematic texts.
- Fixed a bug with collecting wood that didn’t show wood in the leaderboard, thus preventing the player from completing the mission.
- Added water sound effects.
- Removed some hostile trolls.
- Added a mana rune to on of the trolls.
- Fixed some grammar in the english version.
- Northern orcs-video will now only start if player hasn’t visited Kelgar yet.

Chapter 3 - 2
- Placed Pathing Blockers in front of the Gate.
- The Paladin’s map is will now be properly removed.

Interludium – 3
- Fixed a typo in the english version.
- Defeated grunts will noe be owned by player 4 instead of player 1.
- Reduced the duration of some texts.

Chapter 4 - 13
- Thrall will now load his stats from Chapter 3 instead of Chapter 2 upon starting this mission.
- Reduced pig-quest duration by 40 seconds.
- Reduced pig-speed by 50.
- Pigs will now spawn 2 seconds less often.
- Fixed a bug in the order of quests that prevented the player from completing the mission.
- Raiders will no longer attack Thrall if he attacks them.
- Raiders will no longer surround the player.
- Fixed difficulty of the Raiders vs Gnolls quest.
- Fixed some typos in the english version.
- Pigs behind Gnoll Hut are better visible now because of the elevated terrain.
- Increased gather-radius for wood in PacmanQuest.
- Widened the road to the ogre towers.
- Fixed the duration of some cinematic texts when Thrall meets the Frostwolves.

Chapter 5 - 7
- Floating Texts will now properly be removed when WildQuest is ended.
- Fixed some typos in the english version.
- Raised Thrall’s level to 6.
- Drek’Thar will not receive a level up when Thrall dies.
- Skeleton Archers at FireQuest will spawn less often but more quickly
- Granite Golem will now be asleep until all keys are brought to him.
- Elevators will now change their height every 4 seconds instead of 5.

Chapter 6 - 12
- Enemies will spawn a little less often.
- Removed defeat condition for civilians.
- Fixed a typo in the german version.
- Fixed a typo in the english version.
- Hellscream and Doomhammer will not try to attack-move towards the Expansion Barrack anymore, but while come very close nontheless.
- Thrall has the Cloak of Shadows from the beginning.
- Cloak of Shadows is no longer part of the Optional Quest, instead a Potion of Healing was added.
- Each fleeing orc will be owned by Player 1 once they he is saved.
- Reduced hit poinjts of Bodyguards from 1200 to 1000.
- Renamed Player 7 to Internment camp.
- Thrall will start with an Ankh.
- Langston will spawn with 30% mana.

Chapter 7 - 1
- Fixed some typos in the english version.

Chapter 8 - 11
- Added hint for the sheep riddle.
- Removed many of the Runes of Healing from the spiders.
- Removed some low level spiders and added a couple of higher level spiders.
- Fixed some typos in the english version.
- Thrall will now get 50% experience from creeps at level 8 and can advance up to level 9.
- Level 3 War Stomp unlocked.
- Teleporter will not be in the air anymore.
- Added a Rune of Restoration at the Healing Fountain.
- Removed a Potion of Invulnerability.
- Added items to Blackmoore‘ inventory.
- Helping endfight items will not spawn in the center of the ring but where fire will spawn a bit later.

Outro – 1
- Credits theme will now be repeated until cinematic is over

Known Issues
- Possible grammar/spelling mistakes
- Chapter 1: Raging Strike might not work at times
- Chapter 6: Saving might take a while
- Chapter 7: Saving might take a while
Hint: Send suggestions or bug reports to [email protected]

Book: Christie Golden
Gameplay: OutsiderXE
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Gul'dan (WoW)Chapter 5Cyrus
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Drek'TharChapter 6sandara
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Thrall and WolfChapter 9HeeWonLee
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Release notes from 2005:
Phewww, made it :D After 2,5 years log and hard work I've finally managed to let a dream come true. Starting and finishing a project and giving people the chance to play it. Naturally, I didn't spend the whole time on this project, the truth is, I was leader of a clan, had to manage our Homepage and took a lot of time-outs to play other games. But all this I can do now without having to think that I still have work to do. I hope that you have at least as much fun playing this as I had creating it.

This campaign may only be distributed with this Readme-Document. send complaints, praise, hints and information to alexandrosdelas [at] gmail [dot] com . As long as I am not on vacation or in jail (joking^^... I'm never on vacation ;-D) I will answer every E-Mail within a few days.

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Lord of the Clans - Custom campaign for WarCraft III
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Lord of the Clans (Campaign)

Bob27: A good campaign. One thing that I think could be improved is the terrain, but still a very good campaign. Approved.




Bob27: A good campaign. One thing that I think could be improved is the terrain, but still a very good campaign.

Level 2
Jul 13, 2007
I agree with Bob27, the terrain could make a huge difference, and the model of thrall could be other.
I really like this campaign but there are some pretty boring quests...



Level 39
Jan 7, 2005
I liked the mini-games, although I expected Chapter Seven to be far more interesting. Also, there are some parts left to the traduce. Terrain could also have been far better.

This campaign gets a 7 (Very Good) from me.
Level 2
Nov 1, 2007
I've only played about half of it, but so far I can say it's a very solid, good campaign. It's entertaining and it represents Thrall's story well.

A bit more variety and improvement of terrain (as many have already stated) could be used.

Level 1
Jan 2, 2008
I have played until the lone wolf (chapter 4) so far.
I think I found a bug, in the form is that Thrall status (max HP, level and inventory) from chapter 3 is not kept in chapter 4. Instead, I got the max HP, level and inventory from chapter 2.
This makes the bonus HP from finishing optional quest in chapter 3 dissapear. Anyway this is an excellent campaign, salute to the creator of this campaign.
Level 1
Jan 11, 2008
Starts out really well, then completely kills itself with dumb, lame mini-games. The shaman level in particular should have just been deleted. Never seen a campaign so completely destroy it's own immersion. Can't recommend it.
Level 15
Sep 28, 2004
The reason for the mini-games being in there is that I saw a huge problem with letting the player control only a single unit for most of the time, I couldn't add more units out of nowhere and I just never liked the idea of simple "move-from-A-to-B-and-kill-everything-in-your-path"-Maps, so I wanted to add some variety.
I understand your argument, it's one of these hate-or-love-situations. You either like for the diversion or you hate it because it feels out of place.

Please check out my other campaign 'Day of the Dragon' if you haven't already. Thanks to the existence of multiple heroes I could eliminate every mini-game possibilty (No keyboard-controls, no dodge-games, (almost) no timelimited missions) and create something that feels more normal, without losing too much of the variety.
Level 1
Jan 26, 2008
Great campaign, though i am only about half way through (curse those pigs that want to escape grrrrr)bit challenging in some parts, but keep up the good work

Level 1
Jun 27, 2008
great camapgin but u havent described Grom Helscream too good,his personality in your map is like normal thrall.He kills everything that he likes to battle and things like that he wont spare a human child that is for certain ;)
Continue this campaign with orc story:D
Level 2
Jun 4, 2008
Amazing campain:) but im stuck on the last level in the underground bit when i use the teleporter i get stuck at that other side and the button does nothing and the gate and rocks there are invinsiable so is this a bug or im a doing it wrong :) plz help
Level 15
Sep 28, 2004
I don't know about invisible gates or rocks, but the idea was to:
1. destroy a crate
2. hit that sheep that comes out of the crate so it moves onto the switch.
3. repeat until you get to the two switches where you have to move thrall onto one the switches and the sheep to the other

careful with hitting the sheep too often. If it dies you'll be able to get a new one.
Level 8
Apr 26, 2008
Okay I'm in chapter 4 in that pig-minigame where you need to catch pigs, and I survived only 1 minute!! IT'S TOO HARD TO SURVIVE 3 MINUTES!!! Could that time reduce a LITTLE bit? I saved last time at the start of the "pacman" minigame, and now I need to do it again aaargh!! :thumbs_down:

Otherwise this campaign is great, great storyline and that! :thumbs_up:

4/5 (-1 cause of that pig-minigame, aaargh! :cry:)
Level 15
Sep 28, 2004
Yeah, lot of people compained about the pigs being too hard. I can only give gameplay hints, no way to circumvent:
1. play on slowest speed.
2. use hotkey for the net-item.
3. Not sure, but I think the left side is the one where they come often and slow, position yourself there (at the front of the screen, away from the pig-nests) and move only to the right when necessary.
4.save during that quest, whenever you feel save.
Level 8
Apr 26, 2008
Yaaay! Pig-bug!

Yeah, lot of people compained about the pigs being too hard. I can only give gameplay hints, no way to circumvent:
1. play on slowest speed.
2. use hotkey for the net-item.
3. Not sure, but I think the left side is the one where they come often and slow, position yourself there (at the front of the screen, away from the pig-nests) and move only to the right when necessary.
4.save during that quest, whenever you feel save.

I did all of that but guess what? I FOUND A BUG! You know that not more than 7 pigs must not get to grain? Well 9 of them passed and I still completed the quest! :grin:
Currently in chapter 7.
Last edited:
Level 2
Aug 17, 2008
its fun to play it is great story of thrall and the pac man stuff is funny as hell but the pig thing I belive is to hard so I cant get past it
Last edited:
Level 15
Sep 28, 2004
its fun to play it is great story of thrall and the pac man stuff is funny as hell but the pig thing I belive is to hard so I cant get past it

Stay on the side where most pigs come from, on the front of the screen. play it on slowest game speed. use hotkey to ensnare instead of the mouse. save the game whenever you feel save.
Level 1
Jun 10, 2008
in the quest thrall shall rescue the pigs whit the help of the raiders the rainders allways block me so i can't continue playing

ssrrry i writed this a little fast
Level 5
Dec 23, 2008
I beat the pigs easily. What you do is hover close to the grains and use hotkeys for net. The left side has the fastest pigs. This map does a good job in following the book, but DoD is better. That may be because of the more in depth story and longer book.
Level 15
Sep 28, 2004
...This map does a good job in following the book, but DoD is better. That may be because of the more in depth story and longer book.

Or maybe because I had more experience in creating campaigns :D

I took a good look at LotC and what could be improved in terms of storytelling. One big point for example was that I wanted to have a lot less narrative elements and let the story be told by the characters. Thus in DotD I only added a narrator at the very beginning and end of a mission. I also made sure that the cutscenes weren't too long, though that could probably've been improved.

but you also right, the book did make some stuff easier. For example, I could let the story be told from different perspectives, so I could add more heroes and skills that come with them, thus have more varied "normal" gameplay instead of mini-games.

Balancing book-story vs gameplay-ideas is one of the hardest parts in making these campaigns (though it is nothign compared to the work someone puts into a fresh and well-done story)


I am not sure, but you could try to kill a raider, usually you can still win the quest with one dead.
Level 12
Mar 23, 2008
i dint have any problems with the pig Q either. I did it in first try. But i think i was one or two pigs from loosing. Anyway i also think that DotD was better. but this is still a 5/5 2!! GJ.

I love ya campaigns and i wanna know when you think your done with ya next. cus they are rly GREAT!!!

And i killed a raider cus it blocked my path. And it just dies. then his friends made a few hits on me and i could continue.
Level 15
Sep 28, 2004
i dint have any problems with the pig Q either. I did it in first try. But i think i was one or two pigs from loosing. Anyway i also think that DotD was better. but this is still a 5/5 2!! GJ.

I love ya campaigns and i wanna know when you think your done with ya next. cus they are rly GREAT!!!

And i killed a raider cus it blocked my path. And it just dies. then his friends made a few hits on me and i could continue.

Yeah, the hitting is sort of a warning not to do that, even though I let you kill a raider on purpose because I used to have the blocking-raider-problem myself several times an I thought killing a raider was the simplest solution (instead of redoing lots of the trigger-work on this quest)

Despite my comment in the .txt that's supposed to come with my projects I really am working on a new project. It'll be smaller and easier, but very different from the other projects. And I hope to get it done before SCII comes. I'll probably create a thread in the forum with detailed information about it to gather some feedback, when I think the time is right.
Level 1
Jun 14, 2008
Oooh, I'll try this out and reflect my opinion soon. I just love the lore, so it's nice to see someone making a campaign out of a classic like LotC.
Level 3
Jun 10, 2009
Super awsome campaign. My fav (better than Med_Map_Guy's) And models are wicked. Please take them and put them on TheHiveWorkshop please.(Btw, Ogrim as the Furhur was desturbing) Also, for those people stuck on pig mini game , go to the grain and use the hot key and you'll do it easy. --Dont forget, Aedalas Blackmoore didnt die that way, If you watch the "Lord of the Clans" Vidio, thrall said "TONIGHT YOU DINE IN HELL" And killed aedalas.
(Uber Kampagne. Meine FAV (besser als med_map_guy's) und Modelle sind Wicked. Bitte nehmen sie und stellen Sie sie auf thehiveworkshop bitte.(übrigens, ogrim als furhur wurde desturbing) auch für diejenigen Leute Stuck über die Schweine Mini Spiel , gehen Sie auf das Getreide und benutzen Sie die Hot Key und sie machen es einfach.)
Last edited:
Level 1
May 17, 2009
I'm playing It , I'm now in 4th charapter and I think its very good but, there are some parts not traduced, aswell as the Raiders vs Gnolls quest is very hard :p in the beggining I had to kill one of them because I was stuck xD, they are following us , and sometimes they block us >.> Well the terraining , ppl says that it would be better if improved, I think its not that bad :p It's simple, but enought ^^
I'm liking it :D
Level 12
Mar 23, 2008
no. they are from the book which is partly based on the game.

Lol you sure the book is based on the game, and not the other way around? XD

I'm playing It , I'm now in 4th charapter and I think its very good but, there are some parts not traduced, aswell as the Raiders vs Gnolls quest is very hard :p in the beggining I had to kill one of them because I was stuck xD, they are following us , and sometimes they block us >.> Well the terraining , ppl says that it would be better if improved, I think its not that bad :p It's simple, but enought ^^
I'm liking it :D

I still think it would be nice if it was improved. It looks very blizzardish. It IS some of the best "Blizzardish" Terrain ive seen, but trying to go further, you could for instance remove blizzard cliffs, and add some with the raise/lower tool. But im not sure if it would require another WE if it should look really good.
Level 15
Sep 28, 2004
Lol you sure the book is based on the game, and not the other way around? XD

From Wikipedia: "The game was originally slated for a Q4 1997 release; however it was pushed back until the end of 1998." and then it was cancelled.
The book was released in July 2003 (Amazon.com)

If the game weren't cancelled I don't think Blizzard would have it turned into one of the first books (what I really used to like about all the books is that they touched a unique plotline that was never before heard of... until the WoW-books came...)

Terrain-wise: well, LotC has my very first Warcraft-maps. For today's possibilities and ideas the terrain is lacking but back in 2005 when it was first released it was all right.
Level 3
Jun 27, 2009

i died in pacman then restart from the pig.... i hate the pig mini game D= can set autosave ? =] or a hint "save your game oftenly!"
Level 6
May 1, 2009
It's great I don't have to read Lord of the Clans, lol (just don't have time to wade through it) – really I've always wondered why Thrall left Durnholde and went back, this campaign pretty much gave me a better appreciation for Thrall's character.

Although the terrain is lacking as others have said, it's not bad considering its release date and although there were numerous typos the dialogue went smoothly. Great work.
Level 15
Sep 28, 2004
I reckon it takes as much time to play through this campaign as it does reading the book. The book will give you exact information on the lore while the campaign may change some things in order to go along more smoothly with the invented gameplay. Although, if I hadn't been able to translate Thrall's background from this book to my liking I would probably not have done it at all.
I think the process of mixing new gameplay elementes with a preexisting story went better in Day of the Dragon because I left out a neutral narrator. Let the characters tell the story.