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Why play to win when you can pay to win?
Keys sold separately.

Use it and edit it however you want or whatever.

Added a item icon thingy with a white version + various colors so that you can have items of different rarity!
Gotta have the true lootbox experience.
Birth lasts for 1s(u can easily tweak it with animation speed), so that u can make it shoot out of the vault and land elsewhere nearby with triggers.

  1. Open model in Mdlvis.
  2. Press F2.
  3. Highlight ReplaceableTextures\CommandButtons\BTNChestOfGold.blp on the bottom.
  4. Change the path to whatever icon path you want.

Item Green Rarity (Model)

Item Orange Rarity (Model)

Item Purple Rarity (Model)

Item Red Rarity (Model)

Item White Rarity (Model)

Lootbox (Model)

General Frank
Models work in-game and perform well. A very nice addition to the item models category. Good job.