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Loop Question

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Level 11
Jun 30, 2008
I am making a system that I believe will be using around 5 to 6 loops. Is this a problem? Is there an alternative to using loops that are more efficient.

Basically there will be methods for users to use to add a certain thing to the info with the struct:

call name.AddUnit(XunitX)
call name.AddUnit(XunitX2)


And the only way I can think of in the system that uses this info, is in the method have:
method AddUnit takes unit u returns nothing
     set .array = .array+1
     set .unit[array] = u

and in the system it will run through .array to find the right .unit.

and I will have several of these, is there any other alternative or does it not matter?
It shouldn't matter, as long as you are not hitting the op limit. Multiple loops are usually fine, depending on whatever is within the loops. :)

If you are performing several thousands of functions, then just beware of the op limit. However, there are workarounds to that, such as by using ExecuteFunc() or triggers to start a new thread.

In terms of efficiency, it really depends on the code on whether or not there is an alternative.
Level 13
Mar 16, 2008
This depends on the amount of units in your map but I bet the hashtable is faster then enumerating through the entire array (although this method isn't "slow" either).
You could also think of an indexing system with normal arrays if you don't like the hashtables. If the entire map is done with one I bet it's faster then all other stuff.
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