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Looking for Terrainer for Pro ORPG map

Level 11
Feb 23, 2009
Hi all, I have been making maps for quite a while now and I saw a lot of beautiful work on this site. I was wondering if anyone would be willing to help me terrain my map, I am currently in the very beginning stage but the concept is already figured out.

It is an open role playing game based on Baldur's Gate 2, Morrowind, etc, but designed for PvP as much as PvE.

You pick a class, then you can either stay a True Class, become a Dual Class or a Multi Class.
True Class gets faster experience, and always has the choice of one day changing to a Dual or Multi.
Dual Class choses one other class to level, keeping it's original skills but gaining a new class level 1, leveling both at 50% experience rate.
Multi Class gets only 30% experience, but can be proficient in all the accessible classes to multi, available to the class you chose.

The map is available now for terraining, I have a few other Beta maps I can show as "resume" if needed.

Edit: Forgot to mention, you get a up to 11 abilities per Hero, 6 slot bag, a "real" inventory consisting of Head, Armor, Main Hand and Off Hand (only one of each being able to be equipped at once of course).
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Level 4
Feb 16, 2010
Well I was going to help if I wasn't working on my RPG and Arena map :)
Level 13
May 31, 2009
I suggest you to tell us what kind of terrain you need, like do you need forest, mountains, cities and that kind of things. I guess terrainers are more interested about what kind of terrain you need than what kind of classes map will behold.

And last, I'm fully booked so don't bother to ask from me :p
Level 18
Feb 2, 2008
im not confinced this is a good project you just told som things the map is going to have but you didnt tell a story line or anything so maybe som more information. and as it says you got other beta maps i would advice you to focus on 1 and drop all the others cause doing multiple projects is hard.
Level 11
Feb 23, 2009
I guess I thought everyone knew Morrowing and Baldur's Gate 2 =)

In BG2 you have a choice of quest lines, search for ultimate power, or try to save Imoen (who talks way too much for an NPC!). This version kicks Imoen out of the story, leaving only the quest for ultimate power and the revenge of the person who emprisonned you: Jon Irenicus.

The map size is Epic, and should contain a City, few Villages, Loads of Forests, Lakes and Mountains. I was also hoping to add an Ice or Snow dungeon or area.

The story goes as such: After picking your class, good characters are ported to their own level 1, same goes with the evil characters.
Both levels are similar and as hard with a few differences.
Once everyone has picked their class the game begins.
Everyone starts up in a prison cell in an underground dungeon, held captive by someone who wants to tap your powers.
Fortunately, your captor has more then one enemy and the complex is attacked by brigans; this is when you begin to escape from the dungeon.

When you get out of the "beginner / prison dungeon", you find yourself in an enormous city (Both Good and Evil, you may attack the other faction at this point but the chances of overcoming the City Guards are slim until higher level).
Corruption is everywhere! And most houses you choose to enter end up in a battle or a rescue mission.
Objectives in City:
_Free the "Copper Coronet" Inn from Slavers.
_Stop a Gnome Illusionist in his circus tent (He is mind controlling people to think he is a God during which he takes advantage of women and does evil deeds).
_Save a Dark Elf from being executed at the stake (You believe she is innocent).
_Multiple other quests will be picked up at this City Location, sending you to far away places.

Anyhow, this is level 1/2/3 out of 1000 ;P , I have all of the levels and storyline figured out already.

And about finishing my Betas, they are done for what they are =), this map has more potential then any other of my maps.

If anyone is interested I will give much more concrete information! =)
Level 11
Feb 23, 2009
Well the factions are quite complicated actually but let me explain in short.

At the beginning of the game you will be asked to chose a faction:
_Lawful Good (special quest rewards and +1 to all stats - Easy Mode)
_True Neutral (All quests are available, no bonuses - Normal Mode)
_Chaotic Evil (Very few quests available, causes fear on strike - Hardcore)

Fear being whoever is attacked has a chance to gain the wander ability, making it move randomly occasionally.

The neutrals are split up between both factions at the beginning to make it more even.

This is what i forgot to explain: The only moment you will be required to stay with your initial team is to escape level 1: Irenicus' Prison, once out into the open you may choose to ally with anyone in the game.

Factions define what quests will be available to you and what Heroic Deeds you may accomplish (Heroic Deeds grant permanent bonuses).
Some classes may only be a certain faction! Example: Druid may only be True Neutral.
A Chaotic Evil and Lawful Good player may team up, but it will be much harder to advance in the game having only the Neutral Quests in common.

Towns being "Sanctuaries", when a player dies in town he will keep all of his items (and the murderer will be killed by city guards most likely), when a player dies in a Dungeon or in the Outside World he will resurrect in town NAKED, all items fall to the ground, inciting player versus player action.

Sanctuaries do not prevent pick pocketing and other Thieving skills.

Quote: "is this in the city itself or what?"
_Yes within the main City (Which is corrupt and must be cleansed to finish the game) you enter the building, lets say the Copper Coronet Inn; the door is clickable, you right click on it, it takes you inside the building (which is why the map is epic, to be able to fit all the indoors =O) in this building are vendors, healers, random NPC's, etc. You get a quest from a drunk guy that doesn't actually give you a quest, he lets slip information that slavers are owning the Inn, Chaotic Evil characters are interested in the immense amount of gold that they possess, Lawful Good characters must save the slaves at all cost!
...Then you go into the basement, which takes you out of Sanctuary and battle begins!
At this point of the game everyone would be able to team up since the quests have both Chaotic Evil and Lawful Good interests.