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Jun 3, 2012
Oct 1, 2009


3p1c Map Maker

Teaspoon was last seen:
Jun 3, 2012
    1. CreatorD3292
      heluja. why don't you post the darksider sword.
    2. sPy
      Where've you been?
    3. takakenji
      can you please reupload apoc and send me a link

      i need it for my next terrainer

      im on vacation and no wc3 so i didnt download it
    4. takakenji
      hey can i get an update on apoc

      i'd really like it if you finished before the 30th of june, im going on vacation then
    5. HappyCockroach
    6. takakenji
      how is warcraft apoc going?
    7. karland90
    8. karland90
      well i relocated the thread (was in contest submission archive) and i have no idea whether it is approved or not and if it will start anytime soon. i did ask the thread maker (waiting 4 response).
      no im not that good modeller. i do have at least 1 great idea, though. i hope to make it for the contest, but if i get ultimately a negative answer about the contest, i guess ill settle for a challenge (not yet :P).
    9. Mamma_Pappa
      Yes Im from Sweden =)
    10. chilla_killa
      4 Green Gems :)
    11. chilla_killa
      Nope, all is top secret ^^
      No thread in the Map Development.
      But I'm not very far yet.
    12. shamanyouranus
      I'm assuming you're using a program other than magos for 3D modeling. If not, this is all gonna sound like gibberish.
      Well, what you're going to want to do is apply a gradient texture to the light beam.
      textures\grad2b.blp is a good one.
      Then you'll want to UV map the texture on the beam geoset so that it looks kinda like this:
      The shape of the wrap is already correct, you just need to scale it up and center the whole thing.
      With some tweaking in magos it should look something like this:
      Experiment with different effects and color, textures and what-not to get the best results.
    13. takakenji
      hows the terraining going
    14. karland90
      ok. could you please be so kind as to let me also know if i would happen to not notice it starting? ^^
    15. karland90
      soooo.... what happened to that attachment contest idea? :o
    16. takakenji
      how're the terrains
    17. Devine
      Don't select a joint, then create a new one.
      If you have a joint selected when you create a new one, it'll automatically be connected to that joint. If not, your join won't be connected.
    18. karland90
      it isnt hard to make a death animation. just open up some model that has a death animation really similar to the one you want your model to have. then just imitate everything there. i did the same way with my fishing bobber. lol i opened up swimming sheep model, looked at the particles and stuff and redid everything on my model. at least i hope it is as simple. :)
    19. karland90
      if you have no ideas what to do, i have:
      i havent seen any naval mines made yet (searched a little). if you need animations for transfer then i'd use the ones of seaweed (tft). just replace the texture with that of a chain and make a mine to the top.
    20. L_Lawliet
      Q: "how the f*ck did you make that beautiful thing!!??"

      A: Well, apparently.. i don't know. :D it just. *poof* there thanks anyway
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