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Jan 1, 2006
This thread is for members to post a link to their build after using the Skill Calculator!

Members who wish to receive feedback on their build, share their deadly combination, seek inspiration or give words of wisdom to others searching for clues as to what the ultimate combo looks like are encouraged to post below!

Before saving your post, please ensure you read all of the guidelines below.
These guidelines exist to ensure quality content is shown and to avoid people simply posting links without actual content.

For now, please include the following when posting:

  • Title
    • The title of your build should give people an idea of which type of build it is. e.g. "Frenzy Barbarian".
  • Summary
    • Give a short summary of your build. Mention a few characteristics i.e. which skills is primarily used.
  • Explanation
    • Explain your choice of skills and describe in detail how you plan to use them. e.g. "I will start the fight using Golden Leap Attack (LA with a Golden Runestone enabling "Iron Impact"). This will throw me in the position between monsters and my allies, give me a huge armor boost for a few seconds and provides me with 15 Fury. With one Bash i will have 21+ Fury, which is just enough to use Crimson Threatening Shout. This skill not only reduces all damage I will take but will also force enemies to attack me, not my friends.
      The overall purpose of this move is to make my Barbarian work as a tank and draw all the attention away from my allies and onto me" etc.

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Jan 18, 2005
The problem with this is that few of us can actually try out the skills in reality. Builds might look good on paper but be infesible in reality.

Ranged DPS Demon Hunter

Idea is a demon hunter build that is meant to sit back and let your party members get roughed up while you provide them massive cover fire.

The build relies mostly on missles for its damage. This makes it great against single targets as missles home in (so miss less often compared to normal projectiles from long distances).
A sentry should always be dropped at the start of combat to provide that extra passive firepower.
The main damage skill is cluster arrows which makes it effective against mobs. The Shadow Power is then used to regenerate hatred as well as increase rate of fire (unclear if this synergieses with strafe). Strafe is used in situations where standing still might not be a good option (like bosses) while moving into a safer spot (where you can regenerate hatred). Rain of Vengance is used where extra DPS is needed as it has no cost next to a cooldown. The companion is used to reduce micro of gold pickup but most importantly to increase gold drop rates (as I assume gold will have some value, extra gold no mater how small helps).
The ballistics pasive is a must for this build due to its relience on rockets (both from a main damage skill and from a turret and even from the rain of vengence skills (no idea if a guided arrow is a rocket). The other 2 passives are for extra damage, although Fundamentals might be needed if hatred is not so readilly available.

Like I said, if this build is actually viable know one knows.
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Mar 8, 2005
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