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Lightning Storm(new)

Submitted by deth_lord
This bundle is marked as substandard. It may contain bugs, not perform optimally or otherwise be in violation of the submission rules.
This is a storm system useful for some maps as an added "bonus" if you would say. Every X seconds a storm has a 50% chance of being created. If created the location is pinged and a storm starts in the area. The current area used is small to give a greater feel for it. The area will become a stormy weather system also that is destroyed when the storm ends which is decided by the user with some changes. The bolts themselves deal around 200 damage to buildings and 30% of their max hp in an area of 400 around the bolt. The bolt angle and location is random inside the area. Units in an area of 300 hit by the bolt have a chance to instantly die, and if they don't they take 20% of their max hp in damage and are then knocked back.

This spell was enhanced by me to become a storm but the original "bolt" was made by Paladon.

There are no leaks to this system so far as tested by me.

This is my first attempt at a spell and all of it is in GUI, I'm so sorry for you JASS fans... :p

-Changed many of the variable uses to local variables
-put more creeps on the map and spread them out so it's easier to test
-Patched up one leak i found (no one else found it though thank goodness) :D

lightning, storm, storm system, system, lightning storm, lightning storm system, deth_lord, Bob marley

Lightning Storm (Map)

12th Dec 2015 IcemanBo: Too long time as NeedsFix. Rejected. 08:38, 15th Jun 2010 Hanky: I found some stuff that should be improved: - null locals otherwise they'll leak - to hardcode rawcodes isn't a good idea, newbies will have problems...
  1. deth_lord


    Jun 25, 2009
    if you can't figure out simple gui you probably shouldn't be mapping :/ but alas, i will probably change it.