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LeviGeorge1617's Draenei Shaman request

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Level 17
Nov 19, 2006
Here is few WIP's of my Draenei Shaman I'm doing for a request...
-It will have TC later
-I'm going to give it a custom skin for the draenei skin only
-It uses shaman textures for the cloth
-uses dreadlord's animations and base
Also! can some one please close my other post for my skeletonLord....


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Level 31
Jul 23, 2005
the wrap on a few areas looks a little funny, like on the nads and legs. Also, delete the teth and mess with the geometry in the face a bit to make him look less evil and more nice.

Another thing that might help, remap the horns and pull them back so they kinda flow along with the shape of the head.
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