Earth Totem model

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Aug 17, 2014
I have noticed that there aren't any shaman totem models or at least a wide variety of them. I wanted a simple request of an Earth totem that closely resembles the Earth Totem from WoW that is used by Draenei. Maybe other totems like the orc, shaman, and troll ones could be made i'm sure they would prove useful to HIVE as a whole.

I am currently working on a large scale project. A 4 player RPG and one of the classes has several abilities which would summon a totem that then uses its own effect. Exactly how shamans use them in WoW . I just needed a model that resembles the Earth Totem, could be one that resembles the Draenei one,troll, orc, whichever really idc. I would highly appreciate this and make sure to give you credit once the map is completed.

This is the spell maybe it can inspire you
Tremor Obelisk: Spawn an earthen obelisk at the target location that erupts a small earthquake around it. Enemies standing on the earthquake will receive (1 x Strength) damage per second and are slowed by 40%. The obelisk lasts for 8 seconds.


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