Les 4 Saisons // The 4 Seasons

This bundle is marked as useful / simple. Simplicity is bliss, low effort and/or may contain minor bugs.
Hello all,

I tried to create a map with a map has several play possibilities and several worlds.
It's for fun play with friends! :)

General Info:

Players: 3v3v3v3, 6v6 or FFA
Size: 188 x 188
Created for "Melee"

Neutral Buildings :
18 Goldmines
4 Shops
4 Labs
4 Mercs
4 Tavern
2 market

Creepcamps :
24 Green
40 Orange
6 Red

If you can tell me what you think about it, thanks.

20/11/21 : I touched up the whole map a bit! I mainly reduced it in size! Suddenly everything inside the map has changed lol

Les 4 seasons (Map)

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Level 24
Jan 4, 2020
you better put some of the photo from the map like screenshot and also my eyes is bleeding, I understand now what it like to be a players on a unreadable minimap :plol: let other say what they think. about the map size I don't think lower than 6v6 isn't possible cause the average size of 4v4 is around 160x160 and this is almost like one-thirdx2 from the average size.


Map Reviewer
Level 23
Nov 2, 2013
Nice idea for a themed map. While having different merc camps in different parts would not be good for a ladder map, for a "fun" map it is acceptable and fits well too.
Making such a large map is a lot of work, and therefore not everything is polished, which is understandable. Here's what I think should be improved nevertheless:
1. Mercs at the northwestern Lordaearon Summer merc camps can be stuck if bought (Troll Berserker, Ogre Mauler).
2. The creeps at the starting locations need antiair defense.
3. Creeps defending gold mines should not blue. Every other creep should be blue.
4. Some itemdrops are too strong/weak compared to the strenght of the creepcamp. Example: The 3 lvl 6 lizards only dropping a lvl 2 item, the 5-2-2 ogre-troll spot only droppping a single lvl 1 item, the rogues/wizards at the more central merc camps only dropping a lvl 2 item.
5. Pure flying creepspots are very annoying for melee-based armies to creep.

Obviously, the point about trees from your other maps applies once again. Still, I think you should at least fix 1, 2 and 3 to provide a bug-free map. Map set to Awaiting Update.