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Legends of Arkain - GoldenGuard bundle ( OLD )

Legends of Arkain - Golden Guard
Inspired by the Great Custom Campaign "Legends of Arkain"

HighLord Renald - base model Templar by Callahan

GrailTemplar - base model Alexandros Mograine by PROXY
Zealot,Templar - base Footman by Ujimasa Hojo
Peasant,Militia - base Peasant Militia by Ujimasa Hojo
Eagle Lancer - base DragonHawk by Ujimasa Hojo
Chaplain - Priest by Elenai
Spearman,Executioner - base by Wandering Soul
Knight - base model SwanKnight by HerrDave
Captain,TemplarJusticar - base model Captain by Asssssvi
Female Captain - base Female Captain by Cavman
Crossbowman - base model Crossbowman by Asssssvi
Lieteunant - base Footman by Asssssvi
Angelic - base Archangel by RavenBlackbird
Archer - base model by Wandering Soul ( optimized version by johnwar )

All models use the path:
Texture wc1knight_helmet.blp by Rommel

Added Archer Unit
Re-textured some parts of the Chaplain and Female Captain

  • Crossbowman - removed unused keyframes
  • Chaplain - removed unused keyframes
  • HighLord VanDurce - lineazire animation(reduce sized) , removed unused keyframes, added "Attack - 2" animation, re-wrap shoulders.
  • Added New Icon for VanDurce
  • Militia - removed unused keyframes
  • Eaglelancer - removed unused keyframes
  • Executioner/Spearman - removed unused keyframes , added "Attack Slam" animation
  • Peasant - removed unused keyframes
  • Lieteunant - removed unused keyframes
  • Female Captain - removed unused keyframes
  • Templar/Templar justicar - fixed geosets showing in "Decay" animation
  • Templar GrailHero - reduced filesize,removed unused keyframes,small texture tweaks
  • Captain/TemplarJusticar - fixed an issue with the death animation
  • Overall reduced some filesize on some models
Angelic/Knight models have been removed. I plan to remake them and upload them separately as part of other variants.
In the meantime if people wish to use them you can download them from this Pastebin

I want to say huge thanks to all the original authors for allowing me to edit there models and make possible this bundle.There models are a true treasure for the community
Also big shout out to the man himself Shar Dundred and his fantastic work that is Legends of Arkain

HighLord VanDurce Portrait (Model)

Templar Justicar (Model)

Captain (Model)

Chaplain (Model)

Chaplain Portrait (Model)

Crossbowman (Model)

EagleLancer (Model)

Executioner (Model)

Female Captain (Model)

Female Captain Portrait (Model)

Golden Archer (Model)

HighLord VanDurce (Model)

Lieteunant (Model)

Lieteunant Portrait (Model)

Militia (Model)

Peasant (Model)

Spearman (Model)

Templar (Model)

Templar GrailHero (Model)

Templar GrailHero - Portrait (Model)

Zealot (Model)

General Frank
A wonderful bundles of models. Great aesthetic and a lot of polygons. Great, wonderful job.
Level 34
Dec 15, 2012
Wonderful set!!
Damn this looks amazing.
Loving your work <3
I don't care much for "humans 2.0" but I am diggin' that schweet Angel lady. Very noice.
Absolute beauty :grin:
why are they so beautiful, i like their color the most, the yellow is very beautiful.
Dear God are all the model makers doing a super Knight round table gathering to make stuff for Legends of Arkain ? feels amazing man.
This is absolute gold. Love it!
Thanks alot guys!
Level 34
Dec 15, 2012
some models you didn't upload it . I can't use Captain female , Angelic Alter , EagleLancer Or I didn't Use it correct
I just checked, the female captain indeed has a texture path wrong, I ll correct that with the next update
As for the Angelic alter and EagleLancer both are uploaded and seem to be fine
Try to set this texture paths for the models:
Level 13
Jun 23, 2009
I must say, this is a pretty nice collection of model edits, good job!
That said I think, at first glance, that some of the texture wrapping is kind of stretchy and unpleasant, like for instance the arms for both the Chaplain and the Female Captain could use some rewrapping. Granted, ingame it's going to be next to impossible to notice but still... why not make a good work better? :wink:
Level 34
Dec 15, 2012
I have not taken a look into the bundle files yet, but HIVE's Sanity Checker detected hundreds if not thousands of minor issues on some of the models. Think you can optimize them first? ^^
From what I know mostly are unused and absent sequences aninations. In a few days I ll make a full update of the bundle with optimized versions
Level 34
Dec 15, 2012
Most issues with unused tracks and unoptimized animations are not fixed yet, like the archer and the Angelic for instance.
Please update the thread after you have made changes to all model accordingly.
The knight model still has some unused keyframes,for some reasson I can t use sanity check on the model while in .mdl format but will try to make it aswell. The other models should be ok now :)
Level 34
Dec 15, 2012
There are still some mayor issue with some of the models (like this one: Sanity Test )
Please go through and fix each model and sanity check them carefully one by one.
I honestly went and check each of them couple of times, I m kinda shocked I mannage to lose track with them and let some of them with problems. Will do a re-check sorry. Hopeffuly the last one XD
I just saw, is there like a tutorial on how to convert bones to helpers? I don t seem to find other problems on the models besides the female captain and angelic.
Also the Knight model with some unused keyframes, will try to reduce that aswell
Last edited:
Level 1
Mar 15, 2022
The golden bowman is cool and the crossbow too, but he bows too much when he charges the crossbow. The animation of the attack is long so if you buff them, they will reload like Flash, otherwise Ok.
Waiting for the hawk lancer.
Level 2
Nov 26, 2022
Rhapsodie, may I ask? There are many models here, but... the screenshot shows the angel and the cavalry, you also mentioned them when you were talking about the authors, but I don't see where to download them from, and they are not in the 3D view of all the units of the pack. I would just like to use them too. 🙂
Level 34
Dec 15, 2012
Rhapsodie, may I ask? There are many models here, but... the screenshot shows the angel and the cavalry, you also mentioned them when you were talking about the authors, but I don't see where to download them from, and they are not in the 3D view of all the units of the pack. I would just like to use them too. 🙂
I have removed them since I was nt happy with how they were and was planning to remake them sometime in the future. Since it will take alot of time and if you wish to use them I ll send you the models in private once I get home

I added a Pastebin from where you can download the models :)
Last edited: