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Legends of Arkain - GoldenGuard Units V2

The reworked models of the units of the Golden Guard
Zealot/Lieteunant : Base model Footman by johnwar
Protector/Executor : Base model Halbedier by Wandering Soul
Chaplain: Base model Priest by Ujimasa Hojo
Crossbowman: Base model by Asssssvi

I want to say huge thanks to all the original authors.Their models are a true treasure for the community
Also big shout out to the man himself Shar Dundred and his fantastic work that is Legends of Arkain.

Chaplain (Model)

Chaplain Icon (Icon)

Crossbowman (Model)

Crossbowman Icon (Icon)

Executor (Model)

Executor Icon (Icon)

Lieteunant (Model)

Lieteunant Icon (Icon)

Protector (Model)

Protector Icon (Icon)

Zealot (Model)

Zealot Icon (Icon)

A fine set of guards. Changes made. Works in-game. Approved!