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Le' texturing attempts

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Alright, did some small bits of work on him. Established further the color scheme of the armor pieces, cloth parts and whatnot on the body.
As well as a layout in basic terms for the weapons and shield.
The shield will have another texture since the current one is placeholder.

Probably will add some emblem mixed with streaks of TC.

Still, the mask remains to be tweaked more.





I am far from being satisfied with the overall contrast even thought it has a satisfactory feel.
Much much work to be done.

Edit: I have rechecked the thread, properly attached the images in order of progress made throughout my past texturing works and re-touched the first post.
It is more accessible and provides faster browsing.
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Thank you Misha : )

I've also fiddled a bit with the Twin Knight...kinda late with that old stuff:

View attachment 243181

Working on 1024x2048 size.
Looks lovely and clean and those eyes will haunt my nightmares for awhile, but I'm not sure if some of the elements are WiP or not, they just seem too... clean. Add some details to the pieces of armor (especially on that horse's shield), and perhaps add some more metal parts to the pants. Some ornaments, perhaps runes could work well on the metal parts everywhere.
The color choices go well together, but it's too monochromic with just 2 colors, a third might be needed. Something like dark cyanish green might go well, experiment a little to see what fits best. You might want to add that color to the runes I mentioned earlier.
Those tan lines on the cape are unnecessary imo, replace them with some insignia or just leave the cape blank since its texture is gorgeously made.
Also those tattoos on the face are barely visible, perhaps remake them in the third color I mentioned earlier, that would look badass.
That is about all I have to say about the skin in its current condition. I can't wait to see the final result. Also that resolution seems a bit huge, scale it down for filesize peasants like me? :D
Amazing feedback Blood Raven. I am in gratitude, thank you.
Indeed, everything you see on the UVW is WIP state.

On another note, I came up with something for the Avenger's shield.
Maybe went way overboard but I'm getting there.


You know, being lazy and all that <3

Edit: I am also working on the Twilight Oracle. Unwrap below.
Just fleshed out basic coloring and made some shapes to get a hang of it.


Also, studying the ogre faces Blizz made to see what else it can be made from those.


Making, makingz, makers and whatnot on the Avenger.

Shield tweaking:





Belt thingy plus leg protection:


I have also increased the contrast on the red armour pieces and the beige trimming on top.
Now, all that remains is to contrast the whole skin, further touch the face mask, complete the 'eagle' on the shoulder guard and fix the heck out of all.
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