Land of Rock and Water

Explore theese rich and beautiful lands.
Medium melee map for 2 teams of 3 players.
Easy to defend from ground forces.
Expansion is useful as down the valley are lots of rich mineral fields and gas.

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Land of Rock and Water.SC2Map (Map)

Vengeancekael - [Contact] Date: 2012/Aug/23 00:38:05 Comment: [Approved] A very pretty looking and symmetric melee map, which looks really fresh and fun to play on, however it doesn't really feature anything groundbreaking/new. Resource...
The only problems i can see is that the yellow minerals are too many. And some would need more than 3 workers to mine efficiently.

I also spotted several problems with this. One thing is that the choke points are too easy to defend. Second problem is that the expansions are 4, with 6 total players. A suggestion would be that you make it 2v2, removing the middle players and making them expansions, and also making secondary, smaller, choke points to lead to actual expansions.

Dr Super Good

Spell Reviewer
Level 63
Jan 18, 2005
Map looks noticably rigged for protoss and terrans. Only 2 gas per player with 4 netural gas means few late game units. Mains have 11 minerals instead of normal 8 unballencing early mineral income. The flanks leave 2 players with vulnrable mineral lines to reaper raids. Force field is stupidly strong early game due to the canyon at the entrance. Zerg has few viable options due to low gas compared to terrans and protoss. The rich minerals seem stupidly large. Some gas might not be efficiently placed.
Level 8
Apr 6, 2008
I updated map, i think that 8 minerals is a standart, but 11 seem not very much too, why not?
Most important, added few expansions with more gas, but 1 player in team still will have to expand far. Less rich minerals.
Fixed mineral and geyser positions. Small entrance is placed specially. And, can't do anything versus reapers.
Approval possible?
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