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Lan Playing Problems!

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Map Reviewer
Level 29
Feb 19, 2011

I have been trying to play in Local Area Network with my friend but it does not work out too well.

We are using Hamachi and WC3 Proxy to play. Previously we used Hamachi and Lancraft but Lancraft was so poor we decided to change it to WC3 Proxy.

Now for some reason only he can't join games that I host, mostly, he has managed to join couple of times. We don't know the reason why he can't join my games however I can join his games.

The problem is however that (we think it's his internet) I get kicked from time to time or the game lags for me too hard to play.

So what should we do? Is there possibilities it's not his internet or could we make it so that he can join my games? He can't access battle.net because the installation is broken with his discs (they won't detect RoC so they demand it to be installed first).

Some information that I think is required:

Hamachi shows "relayed tunnel" (I don't know how to fix it)
When I "diagnose" the connection between us it says problems found (inbound traffic blocked) and tells to check firewall.
I have "Allowed All" from Hamachi settings between our connection.

WC3 Proxy
It works well, except from time to time it does not detect the game being hosted but restarting Hamachi and WC3 Proxy fix that issue.
We do use the same version and have checked the "Frozen Throne" field.

My firewall
I'm using Windows Firewall (OS - Windows Vista Ultimate)
I have allowed Warcraft III, Frozen Throne and WC3 Proxy to operate past my firewall.
I have also checked "Hamachi" from the next third tab (is it "Advanced Settings" or something in English).
I also have Avasti installed and functioning (Can this cause the problem)

My friend's settings
He has allowed Warcraft 3, Frozen Throne and WC3 Proxy to operate past his Firewall.

What could help?

Thanks for your time, I hope you can help. :3
I ditched Hamachi entirely and instead use Evolve now. You have to create a party and all you friends need to join that party. Then you should be able to see LAN games. One thing of note is that Evolve may conflict with Skype so if you happen to use Skype for voice chat, you should either change Skype's port or maybe just stick to Evolve's voice chat. I find Evolve has a rather unstable voice chat though, so I don't use it, but it might work for you.

Maybe Evolve will help your friend.
Level 7
Jul 21, 2015
When I recently Lanned we tried Game ranger and instead just used the basic wifi because it wasn't working either to use programs like those and we were close together and it worked fine. I think you have to disable firewall and make sure you have wc3 with the same patches (updates). Maybe he should defrag his computer also to try and make it run more smoothly.
Hope this helps...
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