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Kung Fu Frenzy Searching triggerers.

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Level 19
Feb 15, 2008

Ok hello every one im making a new map. I was working on a map before named Wc3 Legends because it was similar to DotA i quit it. I made over 60 heroes and like 200 spells or sumthing like that and over 250 items lol waste. But now im soon finished with my Kung Fu Frenzy map. Its a great battle in china town between kung fu masters like an mix of footmen frenzy and dota aos style. It means u dont contoll the units like in footmen frenzy. But its pretty fun so far i tested it with some friends. And more fetures are aviable. So i need to hire people.

24 heroes.

over 150 new items

Like 15 triggered spells.
Gona need some extra spells. not good enough i think.

People im looking for is Jasser and triggerer.
To complete some stuff and edit some things. And also make new things. Its like 20 modes allready and if u know some new mybe would be good.
And im planing to update this map when it comes out very often.


(Spells) Needed
(System) Needed
(Ideas) Some needed
(Tooltip wrighter) Needed
(Terrain) Mybe some extra fanzy stuff
(Skin) Needed some few skins for some heroes not more then 4 skins :)

And here are some images.


  • Fighting Arena.JPG
    Fighting Arena.JPG
    227.2 KB · Views: 80
  • The Bases.JPG
    The Bases.JPG
    185.8 KB · Views: 124
  • The Heroes.JPG
    The Heroes.JPG
    246.7 KB · Views: 102
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