It appears i can no longer log in under Falcoknight, i have been apparently banned , im waiting for a reason to this because i havent done anything rong as far as i can remember.. anyway a new skin i made, not so detailed.. trying to get the realistic skin aspect.

Keeper, of, the, grove, holy, light

KeeperOfTheGrove (Texture)

THE_END: Awesome holy keeper skin. Love that body you made




THE_END: Awesome holy keeper skin. Love that body you made
Level 14
Aug 13, 2004
Ok, so the hair is starting to look better and the face looks like jts correct anatomically. The problem you have no is that all the skin is essentially one color. The skin tone needs more yellow in it as it is too pink right now.
The easiest way to change this is to go to Image/Adjustments/Variations and then play with all the various colors and modes...very easy.

Also add more highlights to the body.
afronite if you banned me because i kept submitting that skin i didn't know it was rong.. but ill stop..
i dont have powers to ban. anyways like antihero said, the skin tone has basically one color. also you need a stronger contrast of the shading and hilights of the tops half. DnB is okay, but change the hue afterwards because burn screws up the colors and dodge makes teh saturation way too high.
o_O Lot's of comments.. :p (If I ever got that many comments.. I would have a chance to improve a lil.. hehe)

Well.. One word that pops up in my head when I see this skin is - anime. Only difference is this one has no super big eyes, and does not have a hair full of all things that make it stiff.

He could need some more "life". He's very plain, and a only japanese skin tone. The horse-body, or whatever, looks a bit messy in my opinion. And the under-lip is too fat.