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Kalorian Gryphon (Reforged)

Submitted by Ken Lenard Navarro
This bundle is marked as pending. It has not been reviewed by a staff member yet.
An armored variant of the Gryphon Rider.

Kalorian Gryphons are aged, powerful and deadly flyers that may still in service for hundreds of years. They wield powerful storm hammers which may also cast the Chain Lightning ability to maximize its effectiveness in combat.

In the Aviaries of Kaloria, they tamed a flock of Gryphons that are old, but still usable for many generations. These Dwarven flyers are clad in scale mail armor and riding these old beasts with care, so they are not too heavy or too fragile in this situation. However, these flyers are veterans of the Imperial assault on Outland and they still live to tell the tale before they were transferred to the Custodian Guard as flying veterans in combat and in defense.

Kalorian Gryphon Main Diffuse (Reforged) (Texture)

Kalorian Gryphon Hair Diffuse (Reforged) (Texture)

Kalorian Gryphon Mount Diffuse (Reforged) (Texture)