Kalorian Aviary (Reforged)

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A Custodian Guard building that trains Kalorian Gryphons and Siege Dragons. It also contains the Storm Hammers and Cloud Ability.

This building was perfectly crafted by the Custodians, as well as Dream Elven architects, they summon countless flying creatures from the Netherworld. Aged Gryphons are usually tamed by the Custodians for many generations. The advantages of warping Nether flying creatures requires four connected pylons to activate the warping, each pylon harnesses Nether energy. The more power it harnesses, the more creatures will unleash and ready to be tamed. But the disadvantages requires a skilled summoner, one little mistake can have big consequences. However, the Custodian Guards have the edge of receiving interlocking relations with the Dream Elves, the Kalorians realized that these relations have no fatal mistakes when it comes to summoning these fearsome flying creatures. But it was just a different story...

The Kalorians have tamed Siege Dragons and its aged Gryphons into combat and may still summon more if they are killed in battle.

In map editor, change the names to KalorianGryphon.mdx and KalorianGryphon_Portrait.mdx.

Kalorian Aviary (Reforged) (Model)

Kalorian Aviary Portrait (Reforged) (Model)