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[Just Started] Barrens Village Terrain!

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Level 20
Jan 6, 2008
Hello And welcome to my Barrens Village Terrain, im on Ultimate terraining map and im going to make a large village. :thumbs_up: Any suggestions how to make it better?
This is how i got so Far:

Update 1 - - - - - Update 2
Picture 1
Pic 1.png - - - pic 4.png
Picture 2
Pic 2.png - - - pic 5.png
Picture 3
Pic 3.png - - - pic 6.png

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Level 10
Jun 21, 2007
so you say this is your first map? if so its quite a good start, the way i wortk when making a village like that (not saying its the best way or the way others work) but i will get teh terrian done that it will fit around that means things like cliff faces rock formations and the like, also suggest not useing grass. . . .
then i would of already started with a picture of a bit of it in my mind i'd biuld that bit then keeping the same theme id biuld the out line to a small village then id go over it adding the smaller parts and more detailed bits and just expand till i decided its big enouth.

have fun. . . . thats whats terrianings all about . . . . if your not having fun then its not a good map . . . xD

EDIT: also try not to streach dodas noticable if you do it do it subtly its just when textures get streatched its easy to see and dont look that good
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