Just an Female Necromancer

Level 8
Mar 24, 2011
not because of the dress necromancer, so the necromancer was kind of a base model mean?
RPG on my map then I'll create a skin for her, she will be a magician normal, the necromancer will be the version of the mage class male and female to her, you know?
let's say it was only the base model to work, it will not necessarily mess with dead and necromantic powers ... Understand?
Level 17
Nov 11, 2005
Oh... A Side (Re)Quest...

Here's a Necromancess (Female Necromancer) model using the Necromancer model as base and Banshee model for the female feature...
I know... I know... You request for a Female Necromancer using a Necromancer and Female Villager model combination, but just take a look if it suits your need...

If you are not satisfied with it, you may ask someone else to edit this model to your preference (a.k.a you got my permission to modify this model)...


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