Jurassic-Park TD 1.4

A small fast made TD, try to prevent the dinosaurs from reaching the end and invating the world..

Jurassic-Park TD 1.4 (Map)

Level 1
Feb 10, 2005
The dinos are great but the most expensive tower (Element Tower) doesn't seem to attack anything and the poison tower doesn't seem to poison dinos.

It would be nice if this was made playable for a single player, maybe by giving a single player more gold.

It is unclear why speed towers attack some air units but not others. Before each wave, it would be nice if it was announced what kind of unit was coming next - normal, immune or air.
Level 2
Mar 3, 2005
yeah same as above , its irritating , if you dont see what kinda units actually are coming.

the models (which ive seen so far are nice worked.

however the mapsize is far too big to properly host a game on bnet lol. Ppl just arent that patient (to dl almost 4 mb map and a TD that is.)

besides that , ill say good base for another td :p