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Jeopardy of the Horde v3.2

Submitted by Turnro
This bundle is marked as approved. It works and satisfies the submission rules.
You are Thrall, Warchief of the Horde. For many years, your people have been at war with the tyrant humans. Seeking freedom, your mind is indulged with a vision of leading the Horde to the unknown continent of Kalimdor.

Will journeying to Kalimdor allow the Horde to finally live in peace? Find out as you play through the second of Turnro’s series of alternate Warcraft 3 campaigns with Blizzard-like maps and fun gameplay


14 maps, including 11 Chapters and 3 Interludes
Lead the Horde through their struggle for freedom as they venture to make their home in the untamed and savage lands of Kalimdor

Numerous Heroes to Play
Gain the allegiance of powerful heroes, including Rokhan the Shadow Hunter, Rexxar the Beastmaster, and Drak’thul the Stormreaver Warlock

New Hero Abilities
Cast several new custom spells, from Thrall’s Earthbind Totem spell to Samuro’s Dash ability

Choose your Own Missions
From facing vicious Fel Orcs to dim-witted Ogres, you will be given the choice during the campaign which missions to accomplish

New Background Music throughout Campaign

Variable Difficulty Levels, and much more!


Screenshot 1
Screenshot 2
Screenshot 3
Screenshot 4
Screenshot 5
Screenshot 6
Screenshot 7
Screenshot 8
Screenshot 9

Legendary Items

Find all 10 legendary items while playing Jeopardy of the Horde in Hard difficulty:

Lordaeron Grand Battlesword
Increases the attack damage of the Hero by 10 when worn. Attacks also have a 20% chance to deal 2 times their normal damage.
Goldfeathered Staff
Increases the mana capacity of the Hero by 150 and Intelligence by 6 when carried.
Thorns Armor
Increases the Hero's armor by 5. Also gives nearby friendly units a damage shield, which deals 10% of an enemy unit's attack damage back to it.
Crown of Fallen Kings
Increases the Strength of the Hero by 10 when worn. Also causes attacks against the wearer to miss 15% of the time.
Demon Cleaver
Increases the attack damage of the Hero by 15 when carried. Also grants friendly nearby melee units life stealing attacks which take 15% of the damage they deal and convert it into life.
Stonemaul Bonecrusher
Increases the attack damage of the Hero by 15 when worn. Also gives a 15% chance to stun the enemy.
Storm Boots
Increases the Hero's Agility by 12 when worn. Also engulfs the Hero in a shield of lightning, which deals 10 damage per second to nearby enemy land units.
Gem of Rejuvenation
Increases the Hero's hit point regeneration by 5 hit points per second. Also reduces Magic damage dealt to the Hero by 33%.
Granite Necklace
Increases the hit points of the Hero by 300 and mana by 250 when worn.
Ring of the Elder Moon
Increases the Hero's armor by 10 and Strength, Intelligence, and Agility of the Hero by 5 when worn.

Change Log
Old Versions
Version 2.0

NOTE: Many changes were made in this version, and so only the most important are noted. In addition, all previous version notes from earlier updates have not been kept track of.

- Major terrain changes in all chapters
- Dialogues in all maps have been completely rewritten
- Cinematics in all chapters have been redone
- All the maps with an Ashenvale tile-set have been completely remade. This includes the 1st Interlude, and Chapters 9 and 10
- Cairne is no longer a playable hero in Chapter 2
- Araj the Summoner is now a hero-type unit
- New items can be found by killing creeps
- Quest changes in all chapters. In addition, new quests have been added into several chapters
- This campaign can now be played through in two difficulty settings: Normal and Hard
- The following spell changes have been made:

- Far Sight has been replaced with Earthbind Totem. This ability allows Thrall to place a totem on the ground which decreases the movement and attack speed of nearby enemy units

- Mirror Images and Critical Strike have been removed.
- Grom now has two new abilities: Frenzy (increases attack and movement speed for a short time) and Cleave (gives a percent chance to stun an enemy unit and deal additional damage)

- Storm Bolt has been replaced with Summon Hawk

- Shadow Strike has been replaced with Far Sight

- Samuro now possesses the following spells:
- Dash – Allows the Bladesmaster to dash through enemy units, dealing damage to all he passes
- Mirror Image
- Battle Wary – Gives a percent chance to dodge an attack and deal additional damage
- Mortal Strike – A powerful once-off attack which can be used to deal large damage to a single non-hero unit

- Monsoon now increases damage dealt with each level. In addition, the spell’s icon has been changed
- Soul Burn and Firebolt have been removed
- The Warlock can now cast Incinerate and Summon Voidwalker

Version 2.1

- Fixed a few spelling/grammar errors
- Fixed a problem in Chapter 2 when the centaurs would attack during a cinematic
- Fixed a bug in Chapter 2 where Cairne would drop the Phat Lewt
- Fixed a problem in all cinematics where Thrall's Earthbind Totem would slow down enemy units
- Hints are now shown when new items are gained from completing Stop the Blight in Chapter 3 and Destroy the Demon Gate in Chapter 5
- Fixed a problem where Samuro would use Dash and disappear
- Thrall's Earthbind Totem ability hotkey has been changed to resolve hotkey conflicts
- Samuro's Mortal Strike ability damage dealt has been changed from 850 to 800
- Engineer Gazlowe's model has been changed to the Goblin Tinker
- The Skeleton King in Chapter 5 no longer has Resistant Skin in Normal version. However, his health has been slightly increased
- The Town Portal hint in Chapter 8 has been changed to alert the player at the beginning of the chapter
- Fixed a problem in Chapter 9 where having heroes loaded into a Zeppelin before a cinematic commences would permanently pause the hero
- Fixed a problem in Chapter 10 where Azgalor's Doom Guards would walk off without him

Version 2.2

- Fixed a bug in Chapter 1 where skipping the second last cinematic would disable the player from completing the chapter
- Another Centaur spawning point has been added during the Protect Bloodhoof Village Quest in Chapter 2
- Minor to moderate dialogue changes in all chapters
- Additional cinematics and/or in-game dialogues have been added into Chapters 3, 4, 5, 7, 9, & 10
- In Chapter 4, the quest that requires the player to defend Santron has been changed: The player must now defend the town from 4 separate Night Elf waves
- In Chapter 4, the Find the Survivors Quest has been slightly modified for story-line reasons
- In Chapter 5 (both Fel Orc and Ogre), the player now starts off with an Altar of Storms
- The Tower doodads protecting Santron in Chapters 4 & 8 have been replaced with actual Towers, which attack nearby hostile units
- In Chapter 5 (Fel Orc Attack), Grom’s warriors now attack the player until he is saved
- In Chapter 5 (Fel Orc Attack), the difficulty of destroying the Fel Orcs’ Fortress has been slightly reduced in Normal Version
- In Chapter 5 (The Problem with Ogres), the boss fight with Kor’gall has been completely remade: it now represents a proper duel between Thrall and Kor’gall. If Thrall dies, the player loses the chapter
- The Tiny Great Hall and Orb of Lightning items are no longer available for purchase from the Voodoo Lounge in Chapter 5 (The Problem with Ogres)
- Fixed an issue where the Quilboars summoned by Rexxar were unable to cast Frenzy
- The Demolishers have been removed in Chapter 7. Instead, the player now gains additional summoned undead units at certain points during the mission. This also aligns with the changes done to the main quest objectives for the chapter
- Spell Breakers can no longer use Control Magic in Chapter 7 in Normal Version
- In Chapter 7, the player now gains Vials of Mana for completing the optional quest The Mystical Fountain. However, the fountain no longer restores the mana of nearby units
- Araj now automatically starts with the Staff of Reanimation. This item is permanent for him and cannot be sold or dropped
- Zeppelins can no longer be hired from the Goblin Laboratory from completing the Quest “The Alternative Path” in Chapter 9. In addition, certain areas of the map have been masked to prevent the Zeppelins from flying everywhere
- The Trees blocking the terrain in Chapter 9 are no longer invulnerable
- The item Frostguard now allows melee Heroes to attack ranged units
- Fixed an issue in Chapter 10 where the Goblin Merchant would not sell any items to the player
- Fixed a bug which made key Heroes disappear during a cinematic if the player uses Town Portal just before the cinematic commences
- Fixed an issue that allowed Samuro to either disappear or relocate himself in a cinematic if the player uses Dash just before the cinematic commences
- The Doom Guards protecting Azgalor in Chapter 10 have been buffed. In addition, Azgalor’s Reign of Chaos ability now summons more Infernos from the sky in both difficulty levels
- The Demon Gates in Chapter 10 are now protected by a Mini Boss

Version 2.21

– Fixed a problem in Chapter 4 where a particular Night Elf wave would stay idle when attacking Santron
- Decreased the amount of Infernos Azgalor can summon in Chapter 10 in Normal Version
- Decreased the attacking and movement speed reduction given to enemy units from Thrall’s Earthbind Totem by 5% for all levels for attack damage, and 10% for all levels for movement speed
- In Chapter 5 (The Problem with Ogres), Kor’gall will regain all his mana in the final part of the boss fight if the player has acquired Rexxar and is playing Hard Version. This allows Kor’gall to make use of all of his abilities (whereas before he only had limited mana, disallowing him to cast all of his spells)
- In Chapter 5 (Fel Orc Attack), the mini boss Gogonnash has had his health and damage increased
- Araj is now classified as an undead unit. This allows him to be healed with the Death Coil ability possessed by Death Revenants
- The damage dealt by all demon units in Chapter 10 have been increased on Hard difficulty

Version 3.0

- The entire campaign has been polished. This includes, but not limited to, changes to terrain, cinematics, story, and in-game events
- A new interlude has been added titled 'Conflicts of the Past'. This interlude plays after completing Chapter 2
- The hotkeys for units, buildings, spell, etc, have been changed around the QWER composition. However, most of these hotkeys will have no effect on the game if Custom Hotkeys are enabled through the user’s profile
- New items have been added throughout the campaign. Some of these are legendary items, which can only be found on Hard difficulty
- Added new custom music throughout cinematics and gameplay
- Fixed a problem with the AI where waves sent to attack the player would retreat back to base once they had killed a single unit/structure
- The player will now lose the current mission if they use the 'WhosYourDaddy' cheat on Hard difficulty
- All appropriate buffs will now be removed from all units during cinematics
- Pressing the spacebar will now bring the player to quest-specific locations on the map
- Fixed a bug where using Animate Dead would allow creeps/enemy units to drop the same item more than once
- Fixed a bug in Chapter 5 'The Problem with Ogres' where the player could acquire Rexxar after losing the quest to save him
- Fixed a bug in Chapter 6 where the Goblins during the optional quest would stop moving
- Only Arcane Towers will now possess the Magic Sentry ability on Hard difficulty in Chapter 1
- AI friendly players can no longer be attacked by the player throughout the campaign
- Resolved multiple issues with the Orcish Horde AI player in Chapter 10
- Increased the mana cost of Grom's Frenzy ability to 75 mana
- Samuro's Dash ability now deals more damage across all levels
- Samuro's Mortal Strike ability can now damage enemy Heroes. In addition, the mana cost of this spell has increased to 150
- Increased the damage dealt by Drak’thul’s Monsoon ability from 20/30/40 damage per level to 20/35/50
- Gazlowe will now always appear in Chapter 9, regardless whether or not the player completes his optional quest in Chapter 6
- Searinal in Chapter 4 now possesses Spell Immunity
- Items can now be purchased from the Voodoo Lounge in Santron in Chapter 4
- Increased the hit points and damage of Santron Towers in Chapters 4 and 8
- Neutral units can now be hired from the Goblin Observatory in Chapter 8
- Replaced the Potions of Lesser Invulnerability with Potions of Anti-Magic at the Goblin Merchants in Chapters 9 & 10
- Zeppelins can now be hired again once the 'Alternative Route' quest is completed in Chapter 9
- Re-added the food limit hint in Chapter 5 'The Problem with Ogres'
- Renamed Chapter 3 from "Competition for the Horde" to "Remnants of the Scourge"
- Renamed Chapter 10 from “Azgalor’s Return” to “Destiny of the Horde”
- Jarod Shadowsong in Chapter 10 has been renamed to Wrathbringer for story reasons
- The Fel Orcs in Chapter 5 'Fel Orc Attack' now train new units
- The Ogres in Chapter 5 'The Problem with Ogres' now train Ogre Stone Throwers
- The Earth Totem unit Thrall can summon now has a portrait
- The abilities Frenzy, Forkerd Lightning, Raise Dead and Tornado now have new icons
- Added unique models for all potion/scroll items
- Tyrande Whisperwind now has a new model
- Shandris and Night Elf Glaive Throwers now have new skins

Version 3.1

- Fixed the tooltip description for Drek'Thar's Forked Lightning ability
- The player will now correctly lose Chapter 9 if all of their buildings are destroyed
- Fixed a bug in Chapter 4 where Scrolls of Town Portal would cause the player's heroes to teleport at the start of cinematics
- Fixed a bug in Chapter 6 where Samuro's Dash ability would cost no mana on level 2. In addition, this spell has had its mana cost reverted to 70 throughout the campaign
- Enemy heroes in Chapter 7 no longer possess Potions of Greater Healing on hard difficulty. Instead, they have items that permanently increase their health
- Satyr Hellcallers and Shadowstalkers can now attack air units in Chapters 9 & 10
- Fixed a bug in Chapter 10 where the AI Peons would not rebuild Great Halls when they are destroyed
- Fixed a bug in Chapter 10 where the light blue Night Elves would not send their first attack wave on hard difficulty
- Reduced the cooldown of Azgalor's Reign of Chaos ability in Chapter 10 on hard difficulty

Version 3.2

- Hero, unit, building and spell stats no longer change depending on the player's Warcraft 3 version
- Updated all cinematics for widescreen support
- Optional Heroes can now be summoned from the Altar of Storms in missions where the player controls a base. In most cases, this means that the player will no longer automatically start off with optional Heroes at the beginning of the map. This change applies to the following Heroes:
- Grom Hellscream
- Rexxar
- Rokhan
- Drak'thul​

- Reduced the area of effect range of Earthbind Totem from 800 to 600
- Drek'Thar now has a new ability: Earth Shield, which increases the armor and hit point regeneration rate of a friendly unit
- Removed Brilliance Aura from Drek'Thar
- Reduced Cairne's collision size from 48 to 32, as well as increased his base movement speed from 250 to 270
- Reduced the damage of Samuro's Mortal Strike from 750 to 500
- Increased the base movement speed of Araj the Summoner from 240 to 270
- Fixed a bug where the player could summon more than one Misha

- Fixed a bug in Chapter 1 where the player's units will freeze after unloading them from the boat at the end of the mission
- Changed the armor type of all Human buildings to Heavy armor in Chapter 1
- Peons are no longer available to train in Chapter 2. Instead, the player will receive all their structures after completing 'The Lost Cargo' quest
- Potion of Restoration removed from 'The Stolen Artifact' quest in Chapter 2
- Player starts off with 500 additional gold in Chapter 3
- Cured fountains in Chapter 3 now provide health or mana regeneration
- Nearby enemies must now be killed before corrupted fountains can be claimed in Chapter 3
- Removed the Fountain near the Centaur Khan in Chapter 3, reducing the number of fountains from 5 to 4
- Renamed the undead AI players in Chapter 3 to have distinct names
- The path to the purple and green Undead bases in Chapter 3 are no longer blocked off by trees
- The path to Rokhan in Chapter 3 is once again blocked off by trees
- Removed the Fountain of Health in Chapter 4
- Replaced the rescuable Kodo Beast with a Grunt in Chapter 4 due to trigger conflicts with units affected by Devour
- Removed the Orb of Lightning from the Voodoo Lounge in Chapter 4
- Lowered the starting level of Drek'Thar in Chapters 4, 5a and 8
- Increased the hit points of Fel Orc Berserkers from 535 to 600
- Players will no longer lose the mission in Chapter 5b at Korgall's Arena. Instead, the arena will reset and the player must try again
- The outpost now has a Stronghold instead of a Great Hall in Chapter 5b
- Troll Batriders are no longer available to train in Chapter 5b
- Fixed a bug in Chapter 6 where the player is not able to complete 'The Goblins' optional quest
- Gazlowe now has additional items to allow him to tank better in Chapter 6
- The fountain in Chapter 7 will now restore both health and mana once the 'Mystical Fountain' quest is completed
- Fixed a bug in Chapter 7 where items on the ground would permanantly disappear after a cinematic plays
- Summoned undead humans by the player in Chapter 7 now have +3 weapon and armor upgrades
- Removed the Vials of Mana item in Chapter 7
- The 'Protect Santron' quest in Chapter 8 has been changed so that the player must now defend the city for 12 minutes
- Updated the Death to the Invaders to list the bases that need to be destroyed in Chapter 8
- Replaced the Fountain of Health with a Fountain of Mana in Chapter 8
- Player now starts off with an Altar of Storms in Chapter 9
- Added additional enemy Heroes to the Night Elven bases in Chapter 9
- The trees to the final Night Elf base in Chapter 9 are now invulnerable
- Reinforced Defenses is now automatically researched on Hard difficulty in Chapter 10
- Slightly changed the items for purchase at the Goblin Merchant in Chapters 9 & 10
- Scrolls of Restoration have been replaced by Scrolls of Healing at the Voodoo Lounge in Chapter 10
- Replaced the Fountain of Power with a Fountain of Health in Chapter 10
- Azgalor is now immune to magic in Chapter 10
- Fixed a bug in Chapter 10 where the player would not lose the mission if all of their buildings were destroyed
- Rebalanced the enemy AI in Chapters 3, 5a, 7, 8, 9 & 10 on Hard difficulty
- Removed the damage and hit points increase for enemy players in Chapters 9 & 10
- Reset the hotkey for the Build command back to B
- Changed the hotkey for upgrading the Great Hall/Stronghold to Z
- Command hotkeys (such as Build, Attack, etc) can now be overwritten by the player's custom hotkey settings
- Updated Tyrande's model to the same used in Malfurion's Quest
- Made slight background music changes across the campaign
- Unique models have now been given to Potions of Invisibility, Scrolls of the Beast and Scrolls of Resurrection
- Items are no longer dropped by destroying creep buildings
- Runes are now color coordinated, making them easier to identify for the player
- Made numerous item changes throughout the campaign

Other Campaigns in Turnro’s Warcraft 3 Series
[​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

Credits and Debug:

Important Notes
- It is highly recommended that you update Warcraft 3 to the latest patch version before playing Jeopardy of the Horde. The download to this patch can be found here: Patching Classic Games
- The normal background music of Warcraft 3 has been replaced with better music. Be sure to enable music through your profile as it is an integral part of the campaign experience
- If you use the ‘WhosYourDaddy’ cheat while playing Jeopardy of the Horde on Hard difficulty, you will automatically lose the mission
- There is a known bug on Mac computers where the game will crash when certain custom items/units are selected. While I have tested this campaign to ensure this doesn’t happen, please notify me if you encounter this problem


Grey Knight


Blizzard Entertainment

Blizzard Entertainment
Matt Holle (Battle Realms)
Benjamin Bartlett (Walking with Beasts soundtrack)
Henry Beckett and Keith Zizza (Zeus: Master of Olympus soundtrack)

Special Thanks:
Fallen Angel Boy
Rence Kristoff

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Horde, Orc, Troll, Tauren, Thrall, Kalimdor, Santron, Drek'Thar, Cairne, Samuro, Araj, Rokhan, Rexxar, Grom, Hellscream, Drak'thul.

Jeopardy of the Horde v3.2 (Campaign)

18:35, 5th Feb 2010 ap0calypse: Approved
  1. Srdjan Draganic

    Srdjan Draganic

    Jun 2, 2017
    I think he said he removed it to encourage using the spirit walker and the ancestrañ spirit spell. But all the units can be very usefull except the grunt. XD
  2. Ann


    May 30, 2018
    so, where stonemaul in Dark socerer? im play hard difficult and kill all enemies but nothing found
  3. YggDruid


    Jun 1, 2019
    Patch 1.31. STUCKED at Mission : Trouble in Ashenvale. Can't find zeppelin parts. I watched walktrough on YT but creates that drop parts aren't even there,besides one, near troll camp, but it doesn't drop shit. Any idea how to finish mission?
  4. Raider Neoh

    Raider Neoh

    Aug 7, 2015
    me too, i'm stuck at that part
  5. Turnro


    Dec 8, 2009
    This seems to be as a result of the 1.31 patch, which introduced a lot of bugs into the game. Hopefully, Blizzard releases a bug fixing patch soon.
  6. Graetgames


    Aug 15, 2016
    idk.... i think its the last Warcraft 3 patch.... if theres any point of A bug fix patch it might be likely..
  7. Sanjay


    Jul 4, 2019
    Can anyone send me the link to play custom campaign patch
  8. Friktion


    Jul 8, 2019
    Just joined to say what a great campaign! I really enjoyed playing it but I was wondering if I am missing something. The info say there are 14 missions and 3 interludes, but I'm only seeing 8 missions and 3 interludes. Not sure if I should write out the mission names as I don't want to spoil anything for anyone. But the last chapter I can access is Chapter 10. Could this be because I played on Normal? Does the story continue on hard?

    Also I found two relatively small inconsistencies in the chapter list. First, the chapter numbers are generally spelled out (i.e., Chapter One, Chapter Two, etc.) except for Chapter 8 which is numerical. Second, the interludes appear to take the place of a chapter as the chapter list goes from Chapter Two to Interlude then to Chapter Four. This changes in interlude three where I see Chapter 8 then Interlude then Chapter 9.

    Thanks again for an awesome campaign!
  9. Turnro


    Dec 8, 2009
    Hi, thanks for playing Jeopardy of the Horde. In answer to your question, there's 14 missions if you include the choice at the end of Chapter 4. There are two versions of Chapter 5, with each regarded as their own separate mission.

    Also, cheers for pointing out the Chapter 8 title in the loading screen. Never would have found that lol
  10. LordDxl


    Jul 10, 2019
    Hi! I'm pretty new to Warcraft 3 custom stuff (I've so far only played a cool campaign that recreates Warcraft 2's orcish campaign in Wc3), but this custom campaign is pretty awesome and a lot of fun! I'm not particularly good at this game, and some of the missions were rather difficult (and I'm not done with the campaign yet). I like the map design and the abundance of heroes (MINI-SPOILER: necro guy is op xD END SPOILER), and it's just great to play.
    The one issue I've had is that characters don't speak in cutscenes, or generally when they should be talking. They have the normal in-game voices (Lok'tar etc.), but the custom stuff isn't there. Should it be there or is it meant to be just text? Either way, the story is a nice whatif scenario in the world of warcraft (no pun intended).
  11. Turnro


    Dec 8, 2009
    Hi LordDxl, thanks for playing Jeopardy of the Horde. The in-text speech that doesn't show is a game setting taht you can turn on by doing the following:
    1. In Warcraft 3, go to Options (either through main menu or pressing ESC while in a game)
    2. Click on Sounds
    3. Make sure that the Subtitles option is selected and click OK
  12. LordDxl


    Jul 10, 2019
    Thanks for telling me, but I've just finished the campaign. I've come to tell you that it was a lot of fun (and it was also pretty damn difficult). I will play the chapter 5 (?) mission again to see the alternate fight though :D
  13. BizzaroFukuro


    Dec 11, 2009
    So since this campaign the story stopped being the parody, I guess... Well, this is confusing now.
    The story overall doesn't make much sense.
    And I don't understand the need for choosing between 2 missions, player basically just misses content. And if you choose to kill ogres, the story makes even less sense, because the alternative mission is major for Grom story.
    And also you can't get all 10 legendary items because of this, right? I got only 9.

    Chapter 6: No healing ward for witch doctor sucks, have to wait and regen forever.

    Not much to say about any other chapter. Had no much trouble with them.
    The final mission was fine, but the story was a disappointment.
    Campaign ending is very abrupt, like it misses some short epilogue at least.

    I played on 1.31.1 (fresh install), and I didn't have any trouble with that.

    Forgot to mention. This happened to me in the mission with ogres.
    Catapults auto-attacked this dummy unit in the corner and killed it I guess, so the game accused me in cheating.
    Last edited: Aug 1, 2019