Bosses Of Agedorm v3.2

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Note*: It seems i have lost my unprotected map, and i dont know if its allowed to de-protect your own maps, or to find some one to do it good, so please if any ADMIN can contact me about the issue that would be great! I really want to reopen the map and fix so many thing about it, Thank you!

Looking for some one to put a save/load system in the map, id be very grateful if there is such a person and of course +rep for you :)

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Bosses Of Agedorm is a boss killing map , but i gues you would know that from the name , any way there are 5 difrent zones , and 5 difrent classes.In each zone you will find a boss that you will need to defeat before begining the battle with the next boss ,
you will have to search the entrance for the boss that your searching to begin most entrances are in the same zone that the previous boss was. Among the bosses there are 5 different classes :

-Dreadnought - A power hero thats made to take many damage. Abilities: Taunt ,Thunder Clap , Devotion Aura , Battle Itimidation ,Heart of Stone.Gains mana when geting hit or he hits his target.

-Shadow Shaman - The shaman can heal and dps at the same time a realy powerful hero you can play it on difrent tactics. Abilities: Chain Heal , Chain Lighning , Tiger Form, Critical and Bash.

-Shimmering Oracle- mainly a healer hero truly one of the most important heroes. Abilities: Heal , Chain Heal , Stoneskin Totem , Manaspring Totem and Heavenly Elemental.

-Minotaur - A very good dps hero , gain mana when using his spells. Abilities: Dark rage , Death Coil , Shadow Strike , Shadow Frost Blast and Battle Hunger.

-Cryptstalker - A unit whit very hight atack speed and slaming atacks. Abilities: Berserk , Dirty Tricks , The Beast Within , Fist of Fury and De coup De Grace.

This is the order you must kill the bosses to unlock each one of the they are all linked.

-1.Crazy Profesor
-2.Natures Guards
-3.The Devourer
-4.THe Naga Ruler
-5.Dark Emprisoner
-6.Fire Lord
-9.Meat Giant
-10.Abu Ruller
-11.The Queen
-12.And finaly the ultimate boss
(All boss discriptions and tactics are in the F9 menu)

The goal is to proove your skills at tactics and i added in the end just a bit of simple adjustments when you defeat the boss.
To lvl up each time you kill a boss you must go to the start and when you go to your circle of power you will level 1 lvl up.
The Game is filled with tactics,adventure and many difrent events.
Each boss has his own tactics written in the F9 menu.
So the bosses cant be abused when ever a new unit enters the region the bosses hp will return to maximum
There isnt any save system on the map but still you can normal save if u die on a boss and load again.

All imported filles were downloaded from

This is my 1st map i post here(and make from this kind of scenario) so please dont give me much cr*p about it , i hope you enjoy please rate and leave a comment

Here are some screenshots from the game.

1.1 - made some bosses easyer.
1.2 - fixed some buggs in the spells and change the name of a class
1.3 - changed some terain and fixed some items.
1.4 - changed the discription of some spells.
1.5 - changed the names of the heroes and ballanced even more.
1.6 - changed the hp of 2 bosses fixed some buggs with the devourer and fixed the hot keys of every single spell
1.7 - Fixed major abuse and fixed major buggs with hp fill.
1.8 - Fixed Tavern Aded New Triggers And New Ending ( Credits for Ideas to Sir_Astral )
1.9 - Added 2 New Bosses , Changed Terain ( Credits for terain to trolman )
1.9(clean) - Fixed Major Bug That You wont like.
2.0 - New Events On bosses New items and a new spell on one of the heroes.
2.1 - Aaam Fixed one of the bosses he didnt do any thing and the ult didnt do normal damage of one of the heroes.
2.2 - 100% Bug Free.
2.3 - New events on almost every boss , and new items and more % for them.
2.4 - More Events...
2.5 - Tavern Pick is longer... fixed the Meat giant.
2.6 - ???????????????????????? Mystery event ?????????????????????? u see it only.
2.7 - Made the new mystery event even harder and messed a bit with the terain
2.8 - Queen Is moderned , As well the king of Abu
2.9 - New Boss Was Created No Need For Killing A Other boss to unlock him this time u just have to seek him out your self the battle is realy interesting i hoppe you enjoy it.
3.0 - Polished The map (adlist i think i did) And realy fixed all bosses
3.1 - Fixed the entrance to the battle field event
3.2 - 4 new bosses and bug fixes.

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Bosses Of Agedorm v3.2 (Map)

17:41, 13th Aug 2010 ap0calypse: Approved
Level 3
Jan 18, 2010
Well I was recently asked to review this map and as it looked good I decided to give it one.

So here is the review, Hope you enjoy and use my ideas and criticism to help improve your map.

*NOTE I PLAYED AS Dreadnaught*

  • Epic Terrain
  • Loading screen
  • Preview image
  • Custom Icons/items

  • No Bugs
  • No Glitches
  • All the main parts of the game worked fine

  • Can't get up levels by fighting (You randomly get up levels which doesn't seem logical)
  • Can't seem to get gold unless you sell items that heroes drop (Means no shop items can be brought)
  • Heroes are a bit strong (Maybe this was because I tested it in single player) Although some heroes seemed strong for their level.
  • Helm of forsaken says left click to activate and when you left click on it, it does nothing.
  • Bad idea making it that you have to walk through a waterfall, as most people wouldn't bother to try to walkthrough it and get lost thinking there is no where to go. (I only found out I could walk through the waterfall with "Iseedeadpeople" on).
  • Boss combat levels messed up. (Boss Ajen Boss is lvl 1 but has 25k health 225 damage)

  • Include credits in the f9 quest menu in game and how to play.
  • Include the credits in the description and you could also include a Youtube video to spice up the map before people download it.

  • More custom spells, icons were good though.
  • A better ending, as being teleported to a pit of lava and being told "thought you could get away that easy" isn't a very good ending (If you are going to have a sequel then make it into a campaign - see Suggestion The Future of the MAP below -

Maybe you could make it that we get minor amounts of xp/gold for fighting and killing bosses, because randomly getting up levels seems a bit odd.

How this could work:
Well say you hit a 10 on a boss, maybe you could get 1xp and 1gold whereas if you hit a 100 you would get 10xp and 10gold. Also you could get 100xp and 50gold for each boss killed. Just an example to try and make the leveling system better and to actually be able to use the shop.

Maybe you could turn the map into more of a campaign type map as the whole map doesn't seem to fit into much and the end is a bit random. Also with a campaign you could embed cinematic before and/or after each boss fight to make it more interesting. Plus as campaigns can be any file-size it means you could have room for more bosses/heroes/items and spectacular surprises. Plus I wouldn't mind seeing an opening and finishing cinematic for this map.

Overall, the map is fun and enjoyable to play for the first time, then it tends to get a bit boring and repetitive if you play it more than once.
Although all in all the map had no bugs or glitches and seemed to work. I would suggest this to friends who like playing a map just because it looks good.

I Vote for Approval and would give it a 2/5 as there are a few things that still need to be removed/fixed/tidied.

All in all hope you liked my review as much as I enjoyed playing your map,
Lag_Reviews P:

PS: I'd love to replay your map once you have fixed up/tidy/remove a few things.

EDIT: Why does the map when in game have the default blue background yellow question mark as the preview image?
I wrote in the description that when you kill one boss you need to go to the starting point at the circle of power to lvl up.
The naga boss is kinda of a secret one , and you dont have to kill any boss to get to him.
And about the "EDIT: Why does the map when in game have the default blue background yellow question mark as the preview image? "
Is becouse my World Enchanter is bugged :(.
But thank you for the review i realy liked it , im making new adjustments adding more bosses about like 10 , adding save load (not 100% on that becouse put on most save/load system and make everyting as it should be but i fail...and i cant work with custom script and c++ so that why i cant find a good one.) Many new items , a new class and il try to make better story line and fix the thing you didnt like , boss fights will be more interesting :).