Legendary Bosses: The 3 Gods (v3.2)

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Ughh... it's been a while since I updated this, uh?
Ok, so I got like 20-30 messages from people asking what's up with the map and why I haven't updated it. The truth is - I'M DONE WITH LEGENDARY BOSSES!
This was a REALLY fun project, but i didn't even have time to finish the official release of the Expansion...
I'm moving on to....Starcraft 2 mapping :) ! That's right, Legendary Bosses will be "Transfered" there, because in soon the Warcaft 3 Community will slowly start dying and the Starcraft 2 Editor is SOOO MUCH MORE ADVANCED!
I have to say goodbye now... and I'm sorry I didnt get to finish this!


The Map now has it's own forum: Click Here! Please join the Legendary Bosses Community - Help the Forums grow!

Quick Update (March 17th)
Added new boss, new items and fixed some things... those bosses took me a lot of time but I wanted to do them so much (mostly because of the models). Here they are:

Hope you like the new C'Thun looking enemy and the new "Kalecgos" :) . And I know that WoW models are not welcome in any maps but I wanted to do 2 bosses with WoW models since I started this map so please let these pass :(


This is a map where you choose your class and become instant max level 10(maybe later the level gap will be increased). There are 9 classes: Priest, Crypt Knight, Spell Hunter, War Captain, Deadeye, Elementalist, Tauren Clawsmaster and Shaman. After choosing your character you are allowed to fight 8 bosses and after them there are more, each with unique spells and tactics. There are vendors, PvP arena, Save/Load System, Item Limitation System and much more. For more info check the Info section in game where you will find credits, instructions and History on each boss.
(Save/Load is disabled in Single Player)


Boss Screenshots

Other Screenshots


Priest (Heal, Healing Wave, Holy Bolt, Bright Haste, Inner Fire)

Crypt Knight (Sleep, Impale, Sinister Strike, Unholy Aura, Unholy Tactics)

Spell Hunter (Magic Overload, Scream, Increase Spell Hunting, Spell Steal, Energize)

War Captain (Bash, Beast Attack, Taunt, Thunder Clap, Devotion Aura)

Elementalist (Crafted Lightning, Brilliance Aura, Arcane Disruption, Lightning Shield, Frost Armor)

Deadeye (Wound Poison, Multi Shot, Critical Strike, Shadowstep, Shadow Walk)

Shaman (Shamanic Touch, Totem Mastery, Bloodlust, Feral Spirits, Face of Void)

Tauren Clawsmaster (Energy Slice, Earth Fury, Battle Roar, Endurance, Symphony)

Light Soldier (Holy Wrath, Holy Shock, Beacon of Light, Spiritual Attunement, Defensive Stance)

Some spells are custom so that's why you probably don't find them familiar. And 1 more thing - there are items that cause the spells to increase stats, do more damage etc.!

Each class is unique, and a mixture of the classes are needed to play this game.

There are 14 bosses (each with normal AND legendary Difficulty);
Normal Difficulty Tactics (will be deleted in the next upload)
Boss 1, Deathscream (Has some Debuffs and also summons Forgotten ones, but the problem is that he has 2 forms. In his second form he does damage waves and also summons sceletons, that must be killed in order to finish him)

Boss 2, Sorangar (Has a hard mana burn and Chain Lightning kinda spell. He is very simple to tank and the healers won't need to be on their toes for the fight. At the end he gets an aura that causes all of the Heroes to summon little fire elementals when on each attack on Sorangar and he can also Devour them to get Life. Elementalist with Lightning Shield is very useful here!)

Boss 3, The Trolls (This arena includes 3 trolls: a Healer and Buffer, A DPS and a Leader with more HP and Armor. Each time a troll is downed to 500HP they will become invulnerable and in order to finish the boss the other 2 trolls must be downed to 500 HP as well. A Crypt Knight and a War Captain should keep The Leader and the DPS troll while the other party members down the Healer. Spell Hunter is a good touch for this fight for his Spell Steal.)

Boss 4, Lord Snowfall (Has Frost Nova and also buffs himself with Frost armor that should be stolen by a Spell Hunter. The first thing he will do when his life starts going down is to Freeze all units so they have decreased Movement speed and almost have no attack speed. Running in this situation is best. After that 2 more things follow when he is almost downed - He summons 2 Elementals that have a good Chaos Damage and are immune to spells so a Crypt Knight should take them. Also he will make the center of the Arena erupt and Frost Novas, dealing VERY HIGH damage will probably get someone killed so he must not be tanked at the center.)

Boss 5, Leafprince Dezzard (Buffs himself with an awesome Movement and Attack speed buff that is a treasure for every Spell Hunter :) . Consider getting a Spell hunter for this fight - This buff might cause the party to go down. The Hardest thing about this boss is that he will randomly cast a Flamestrike like spell that does super HIGH DAMAGE per second so if you see him casting it run and also a silence for the boss or stun should interrupt the cast. He will also start spawning little sludges out of his body at some point that have low HP so they will probably not be a problem. At the end he will start teleporting randomly and the earth below him will explode, dealing damage to nearby units so consider staying away. Also the boss now has an Artillery type of attacks - you will see what I mean!)

Boss 6, Ancient Stone Devourer (One of the hardest bosses except the secret once due to his high damage dealing. Tanking should be done with a Crypt Knight near him so he can sometimes take the aggro for a few seconds while the tank is healed. It is best to have a Buffer priest and a Elementalist with Brilliance Aura and Frost armor so consider avoiding a spell hunter - it wont help that much. The first thing he will do when he starts going down is to reduce your stats with an aura that so this cannot be debuffed. After a while explosion will start dealing HIGH DAMAGE to units near him so when you see the black stomps avoid getting near the boss AT ALL COSTS. Finally he will drain Movement speed and Attack speed from you and will increase his stats so prepare for a hard Enrage like time.)

Boss 7, Cho'Lizein (Probably the biggest problem with him is that he does Chaos damage. First thing you are going to have to deal with is him increasing his movement speed for a short period of time. Once he does that there is now way that you will be able to run away from his attacks so heals and stuns are important! After his movement speed is back to normal and you manage to down some of his health he will release 4 Bugs outta himself. They deal Chaos damage and they are Strong on armor so you might wanna avoid wasting time killing them - they will vanish after a while. However, if the manage to gang your healer or someone with low hp and armor a Crypt Knight or a Spell Hunter SHOULD take them. After that when he is almost downed he will release 3 waves of Explosions, each Dealing a HUGE amount of Chaos Damage, so nobody must be near him when you see the Thunder Clap Effects. After he is Nearly dead he will receive Vampiric Aura for 10 Seconds. Here Heal isn't that important as HARD DPS and Stuns!)

Boss 8, Lord Stormfall (Finally the big Challenge is Upon you! You must know that When he casts Storm Shift ALL of your mana will be downed to 0% so saving heals is a very important part of this fight. And also make sure that the Healer or the Healers have the item Scepter of Light, because they will be needing alot of mana during the fight. Also AVOID stepping on the Lightning in the arena because they will damage you and this might lead to a surprising death. The boss mostly relies on Spells. The only thing that will happen when downing him is that at some point he will receive the Storm Hammers ability, allowing him to attack multiple targets at once and at the end he will be making the earth beneath him explode as hell, each explosion dealing 200 damage so once you see the Thunder Clap Effects avoid getting near him! Once you down him cheer and if you like the Map then stay tuned for more Bosses!!!

Boss 9, Fleshward Dreadking (What's hard about him is the damage - that f*cker deals high damage that will probably smash anything except tanks with 3-4 hits. 1 more bad thing is that he has bash and this can easily screw the group. He can also curse a group member, giving him a chance to miss and also he might curse you, decreasing armor. The first thing he does is to set the health of all heroes in 300 range to 10% so 1 hit will probably kill anyone which means healer or healers must be careful. Then he will move to the opposite side of his starting location. Once near 6700 health he might start Casting Frenzy on himself - Spell Hunter MUST STEAL IT !!! Near his death he will reduce everybody's Mana to 10%. Hopefully you wouldn't need much mana when he is near his death. Once killed he will drop amazing items if you are lucky and if he doesn't drop anything please do NOT Nerd Rage :)

Boss 10, Waterlord Krakenous (Krakenous is a fight that you haven't encountered before in this map. He does high damage and has a lot of armor. He can Stomp and stun enemies and also cast Crushing wave that can be fatal for the party. Once downed a bit he will start shaking the ground, dealing 50 damage each 0.5 seconds in a random area with 200 range. The camera will shake and it might be a little hard for the healers to do their job, but that's only for a short period of time. After a while he will start spawning little makruras that deal small damage, but have an AMAZING attack speed. These things are immune to spells so Deadeye's Multi-Shot or Elementalist's Lightning Shield won't do a damn here. They must be killed or else they can rape your healers or your DPS if they are ranged. Then follows a cleaving wave that will allow him to punch several units at a time so if possible he should be tanked at one of the corners. Cleave attacks will last 10 seconds. The next problem you will encounter is that he will receive a bash-like attack that will stun Heroes for 2 Seconds on every hit. This should be no problem if he is after the Tank, but during this period you should slow down your DPS-ing so you don't take the Aggro. And last but not least he will summon a Makrura at each corner for 10 seconds. Don't waste time fighting them, but make sure you watch out if they f*ck up somebody. After killed enjoy the happiness and try to find out what to do with the items he drops if they are the Stupid ones :D)

Boss 11, Archangel Redempticon {Search on legendarybosses.ownforum.org}

Boss 12, Al'Konos {Search on legendarybosses.ownforum.org}

Boss 13, Nature Protector {Search on legendarybosses.ownforum.org}

Boss 14, T'Xaniz {Search on legendarybosses.ownforum.org}

Boss 15, Jah"Zodeth {Search on legendarybosses.ownforum.org}

Each boss is different then the other, with different tactics to defeat the boss, instead of just tank and spank the boss with high hp and and damage.

-You can fight other players for Medallions of Courage
-There are items for each class pacificly
-Save/Load system
-And much more ingame!

1.1d - Increased Cooldown of Magic Overload; Changed Skin of Deathscream
1.2 - Fixed a good amount of bugs and some Cooldown Changes.
1.3 - Reduced Amount of Mana regenerated via Brilliance aura, Increased damage of Cho'Lizein, Added the Storm Shift effect to Lord Stormfall, Fixed some item and ability Bugs.
1.4 - Different Spells, New Boss, New Items, New Class, Bug Fixes.
1.5 - A lot of bug fixes and -repick !!!
1.6 - a Minor bug fixed that was really getting on my nerves...
1.7 - Change mana, Health and Damage to Heroes and Bosses and remove the Runes for every Boss except the Trolls and Deathscream.
1.7b - added -roll and fixed a 2 spells
1.8 - 2 abuses with the save system fixed and added a new boss :)
1.9b - Fixed Robe of Nature..finally
2.0 - New Bosses, Items and stuff...
2.1 - ABUSES AND BUGS FIXED :D .. and new save/load
2.2 - New Class: SHAMAN !! :)
2.2b - fixed all known bugs known to this version
2.3 - New Class - maybe used for tanking :)
2.3b - Fixed the Symphony Spell on the Clawsmaster.
2.4 - New Set Items, New Boss and Tauren Class will now save!
2.4b - Priest is no longer invisible..
2.5 - 1 Item change and new spell on Shaman
2.6 - Changed 2 Bosses a little and a new Elementalist Spell
3.0 - Official Release of the Map - Entire story to this point complete+all known bugs fixed!
3.0b - Small Balancing and description typo fix
3.0c - Better Saving Chance
3.1 - Reduced the Movement speed of the Ancient Stone Devourer and also the range that his Explosions strike
Awakening Alpha - Legendary mode for some bosses, new class, new items
Awakening Alpha2 - Added the new Rep Tablets

Please comment constructive criticism!

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Legendary Bosses: The 3 Gods (v3.2) (Map)

17:28, 28th Jan 2010 ap0calypse: Approved
Level 2
May 14, 2010
And if you buy Spellcraft Helmet and you've got Wall of Corrpution most of the bosses will be very easy ...
Level 2
May 14, 2010
There is some boss places that you can only enter once, and that is bad cause if you get an item that you want but already got one in that place (weapon,armor,offhand) you cant change them. You should add a system to destroy items in you bag by commands.
Level 2
Mar 8, 2009
Reminds of Impossible Bosses slightly, the terrain (judging from the screenshots) could be improved slightly. The two wow models for the two new bosses look good and all, but it is breaking copyright rule (or what ever it is), and you have put in the discription "Please let this pass".I will make a little review once I have played the game with any ideas, suggestions and bad things about the map.
Level 2
Mar 8, 2009
Ok, for my little review. This game, in general is good and fun, and a good rpg that can be improved with slight things. The terrain, is actually ALRIGHT, not quite horrible looking like I thought. You need to relay on teammates heavy as well, which makes this a good team-game that friends can enjoy. You can also duel other people but you need to have 2 medals of honour (lumber). Recarding the fact you cant drop items, it is there so that people cant drop there items to give to someone, and than just reload there character. Gameplay is alright as well, however, in the character pick screen, you need to make it so that you can see a classes role and all spells and stat growth so that people will be able to decide which class for which role. You could also display a bosses difficulty, such as easy, medium,hard, very hard (and mabey ultira hard for hardest one or just very hard). I would give this a 4/5, and reccomend it to people who like and dislike rpgs, as this is a boss fight only rpg.