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Jass NewGen problems.

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Level 4
May 10, 2009
I declared this thread [Solved] by: Me!

Hey I just downloaded Jass NewGen and opened up my map. It works fine and everything but I have one problem. When I test my map it comes up with the game in a window and about 5 seconds after it has finished loading the game freezes. +REP for someone if they find the problem.

I found out that I just needed to deactivate Reinventing the Craft if this helps anyone :D.
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Level 16
May 1, 2008
Seas =)

Jep .. I got the same problem - first I thought maybe its a problem with the -window mode. I deactivated this one but Wc3 still start in window mode.

Hmm but I dont know - now I start my Map the normal way > War.exe > Singleplayer > Map

(This freezing while testing has nothing to do with the map (your map) so dont be scared ;) )
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