Japanese WWII Units

This bundle is marked as useful / simple. Simplicity is bliss, low effort and/or may contain minor bugs.
Based on HerrDave's models.

Some samurais with guns

All models fixed but some reworked.

- Rifleman (3x have melee attack)
- SMG (2x)
- Flag
- Officer (2x)
- AT Rocket
- Sniper
- Mortar
- Sapper
- Taisintai (suicide bomber)
- Flamethrower
- Crew
- AT Rifle (new)

Others coming soon

Japanese AT-Rifle (Model)

Japanese Crew (Model)

Japanese Rifleman 2 (Model)

Japanese Rifleman 3 (Model)

Japanese SMG 2 (Model)

Japanese Crew (Icon)

Japanese Flamethrower (Model)

Japanese Flamethrower (Icon)

Japanese AT Rocket (Model)

Japanese AT Rocket (Icon)

Japanese Taisintai (Model)

Japanese Taisintai (Icon)

Japanese Sapper (Model)

Japanese Sapper (Icon)

Japanese Field Officer (Model)

Japanese Field Officer (Icon)

Japanese Flag (Model)

Japanese Flag (Icon)

Japanese HMG (Model)

Japanese HMG (Icon)

Japanese LMG (Model)

Japanese LMG (Icon)

Japanese Mortar (Model)

Japanese Mortar (Icon)

Japanese Officer (Model)

Japanese Officer (Icon)

Japanese Rifleman (Model)

Japanese Rifleman (Icon)

Japanese SMG (Model)

Japanese SMG (Icon)

Japanese Sniper (Model)

Japanese Sniper (Icon)

General Frank
Because this is based on someone else resource this model is now categorized as 'simple/useful'.
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Apr 22, 2021
There is an issue with second SMG. Helmet does whatever it wants to.

Also At-Rocket has "body" shown on DecayBoneAlternate animation, although I am not sure if this will be an issue in-game. Same with LMG, Mortar and SMG.

Also LMG has muzzle flash underneath bones in DecayBone, although this probably wouldn't show in-game.

And sniper... Is kinda using the wrench wrong. Well, not the wrench itself. Just... Look at StandWork animation. He is swinging his rifle like crazy.

That is what I found in last 10 minutes.

There is more.

Sapper now has the same issue as Sniper earlier.
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