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Items with virtual abilities that level up.

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Feb 12, 2007
Hello everyone, despite trying I must admit that sometime system overwhelm me even with JASS at disposal.

The system is for Heroes and Empires Rising map, there is what I am need (and failed to make).

I wish to make items such as a weapon being able to receive abilities that is stored in something, hashtables seem to be a way to do this.
Some inventory system already virtualise items abilities but only for one level and I wasn't able to change them accordingly.


The problem is that I don't manage correctly to make all the things work together, those are what is should do :

+An item is created, without ability first in that exemple.
+Then using another item (bonus) we add a "damage ability" to the item. In fact it's the unit (hero) that will take the item that will receive it, but the item will (or should) being classified as "+damage - level 1".
+Now if a unit takes the item that received "damage" then it'll gain the damage ability level 1.

+Next, if the unit use again the item that give "damage ability" then the level of the "+damage - level 1" will become "+damage level 2"
-An item should normally be able to support up to 4 abilities at maximum.

+Then again if the unit again raise damage then it'll goes higher and higher up to the maximum level. And no I can't really use separated items because one of the important point is to make items customizable while playing the map. So to allow players to add (or not) the abilities they want.
-Of course there are restrictions, but those aren't needed for now, just a working system is.

+And finally of course, if the unit drop the item then it'll lose the "+damage - level X" and the others abilities given by the item.
-Now if the abilities and level of the items are successfully stores 'in' the item then when the unit will receive the bonus of the item once again.


I tried to add a custom value to item and using hashtables, unfortunately many things don't work out and after over thirty hours of trying to fix it I am depressed by my inability to make this work correctly.

Is there a generous soul that can make this or at least help me with this mess ?

Your obligated ArnaudB
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