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Islands in the Sky 2006

Discussion in 'Map Development' started by Rao Dao Zao, Mar 29, 2005.

  1. Rao Dao Zao

    Rao Dao Zao

    Mar 29, 2004
    Just wanted to do some quick advertising - yes, people, the third installment of the epic Islands in the Sky series is here! Go now and download it, play it... Why? Well, read below:

    Two years have passed since you first joined the Army of the Empire on its crusade against the Orcs. It began a simple war for more land, but has escalated into an all-out domination attempt on both sides. Neither force will stop until it is the only survivor.

    Two years have passed since you made a name for yourself by breaking the Orcish resistance at a well-fortified Citadel.

    One year has passed since you rewarded the Commander's faith in you by razing another Citadel, one year since you tested your mettle against two Fel Orc war heroes. One year since your last battle with a Feral Machine.

    Now, as you stand before another Citadel, the final battle begins. The Orcs have recalled a mighty division of veteran soldiers from the front lines to halt your advance. And a more malignant hero lurks within the Citadel - a Greater Feral Machine, a powerful foe whose like has never before been witnessed upon the Islands...

    Fight like never before alongside the Army of the Empire - with new and old soldiers alike.

    Fight with the abilities YOU want - with an overhauled class system that allows upgrading of the abilities in the manner of the original Warcraft heroes with pre-defined abilities.

    When death comes for you, choose to start again with a new race and profession - but retain the levels you've gained - or continue the fight with the hero you've got.

    OVERHAULED SPAWN SYSTEM - no longer will units get jammed up behind each other or in clumps blocking the path!

    THEY'RE BACK - The Über-Mech, the Satellite Uplink, the Eagle... But you'll have to find them first!

    A NEW ANIMAL TO RIDE - Purchase a burning Phoenix as transport!

    ALL YOUR FAVOURITE PROFESSIONS - and a new one! Plus a fully armed and operational secret class-- *cough.*

    TWO PATHS - do you bring your full might to bear against the Citadel, or take out the Orcish battalion first?

    FAST-PACED ACTION - take your eyes off the battle for a second and you'll go down, and take the Empire with you!

    FIGHT WITH A FRIEND - You are joined by another promising mercenary hero that can be AI OR HUMAN CONTROLLED!

    FIGHT MORE POWERFUL ENEMIES - Fel Orc war heroes that choose professions just like you are a fearsome force on the battlefield!

    T h e___b a t t l e___r a g e s___o n .


    Visit the Islands in the Sky forum at http://www.clan-wcm.com


    Download Islands in the Sky 2005 at:


    Download Islands in the Sky 2004 Omega: Special Edition at:


    Download the AWARD-WINNING Islands in the Sky 2004 at:
    *Directors' Choice at www.wc3sear.ch*
    http://maps.worldofwar.net/maps.php?id=6542 (Version Z)
    http://www.wc3sear.ch/?p=Maps&ID=527 (Version Y)