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Island Goblin Life (BETA)

This bundle is marked as useful / simple. Simplicity is bliss, low effort and/or may contain minor bugs.
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Preview Screen

You are a venturous goblin escapeing the clutches of one of the Lost Isles, on your way to a new home when your transportation was ambushed and you are forced to get out on the edge of an island. Many other Goblins have also been shipwrecked at this spot and there might be a lot of wrecedge you can use to build shelter or a fire.

-Use the 3 totems at the bottum of the map to combine

This map is packed with awesome models and icons and a very fast paced survival game.
-tip:also remember to either make team 9 10 11 and 12 as comp or closed so that no one can be them.

Screen Shots



Points of game

You must aquire items in an order to combine them into something els

Find a good place to base and start upgradeing to form your own town


The upgrades from tent


Added War option Type -war p1 to be enemies with p1

Reputation for modeling
Iron_Ian - goblin forager

donut3.5 -rocket rider

jatter2 - pickel

acolyteofdoom - swashbuckler

paulH - canon

Chriz. - map

Rizz_Boomer - tent

D.O.G. - banana, meat

Lubbe - dabloon

Autobak5 - raw meat

Rizz_Boomer - parashoot troupe

Burning_Dragoon5 - workshop

EviL_BuddhA - sail

Dan van Ohllus i stingray

olofmoleman - shark, raptor

jigrael - troll chieftess

apaka - jungle troll caster

Norinrad - troll hunter model

Oinkerwinkle - goblin hunter model
Huinipachutli - goblin forager icon

CRAZYRUSSIAN - comand icons (patrole, skill, stop, hold position) Stone hammer

SkriK - comand icon (stop)

kola - wood + nail icons, map icon

Blizzard - ore icons , dabloon icon

KelThuzad - flint icon

Afronight_76 - pirate icon

Mr.Goblin - comand icon (attack)

LoDown - rocket boots icon

The_Silent - shoot icon

Chriz. - map model

Coinblin - orange icon

Deon - banana, apple icons

Dan van Ohllus i stingray and icon, tiger icon

olofmoleman - shark icon, raptor icon

Cavman - troll chieftess icon

Norinrad - troll hunter icon

Oinkerwinkle - goblin hunter icon
-preview and loading screen
RED BARON - the awesome preview and loading screen

Images of where to go to be a specific class








-This map is not finished quite yet prob at about 86%
-i will fix any problems i can and i hope you all like it
-If you want to help then just ask :)

O=currently availible , X=not yet availible
-planing on haveing a total of 7 classes there are curently 2
-type -become (class name) to become it, example. (walk up to the pirate official (Neutral Passive) and say -become pirate to be a pirate)


-O-Forager-(Start class), Has the Critical Strike and Dodge ability to start, also Can learn Rocket boots and I Spy Stuff!
-hopeing to add to forager- 2 more skills and posible a switch from I Spy Stuff!


-O-Pirate- Has Critical Strike, Pirate Garb, and Dodge ability to start, also Can learn Cuncusion shot and Shoot. also is friendly with pirates.
-hopeing to add to pirate- 2 more abilities and special talents


-O-Hunter- Has Critical Strike,Savage Garb, and Dodge ability to start, also Can learn Call Tiger, and gets a special item is also friendly with trolls
-hopeing to add to hunter- 3 abilities


-O-Shaman- Has Critical Strike and Dodge ability to start, also Can learn ,Earthshock Earthbind Totem, and FireComet Totem, also is friendly with trolls
-hopeing to add to shaman- 1 abilities and special talents


-O-Warrior- Has Critical Strike, Heavy Armor, and Dodge ability to start also gets a special item
-hopeing to add to warrior- 4 abilities

-X-Engineer- Has Critical Strike and Dodge ability to start
-hopeing to add to engineer- 4 abilities

-X-Death Knight- Has Critical Strike and Dodge ability to start
-hopeing to add to death knight- 4 abilities and special talents

Tutorial the point of view of P.1
To start you will be droped here (the image below)

Go here to get a free rock then head to the image below for a start stick

After that head north out into the wild (stay on the large island for now) and look for a stick and a hide (hides drop from anything that has fur Exp. a Stag) and make sure they are in the currect order when you pick them up

then make your tent and start looking for items to create a pick and hammer ( haveing a hammer and pick is always good this early in the game

Further tutorial will come soon.

Upcomeing Updates
:fp:More Buildings (exp. Upgrades from tents and tech lv. upgrades)

Latest updates
:fp:changed the pirate and hunter mods
:fp:added more items and abilities
:fp:improved detail
:fp:added upgrades
:fp:added Tutorial

goblin island survival

Island Goblin Life (BETA) (Map)

11:35, 16th Feb 2010 ap0calypse: Rejected
Level 5
Aug 7, 2007
I am recommending this map for rejection.
It has poor in-game documentation. The terrain feels empty, the item-spawning is a joke, it has lag issues, it has spelling issues, it has tool-tip issues, it has issues issues. While none of them individually are reason for rejection, taken together, this map brilliantly shines and sparkles with fail.

While I applaud the small advances you have managed to make, your refusal to take my advice and work in Map Development has assured that, yet again, this map doesn't make the cut. I am notifying ap0calypse of this re-upload. I strongly suggest to you that you go to MAP DEVELOPMENT and beg for help. Someone there is sure to take pity on you and explain why I lied when I said none of them individually are reason for rejection. (Hint, it is the leaks! The Pretty pretty leaks. They begin on line 6, word 11 of your first GUI trigger in the map. Wow constructive criticism is fun. Go get more at Map Development!)

Edit: For those who are curious, here are his previous Attempts at posting this:
And this one for 6

On the bright side he did post an entry in the Idea Factory, so there is hope for this map eventually
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