Invasion of the Fel Orcs: Destrumodon the Wicked

Level 14
Jul 27, 2007

Years have passed and both The New Horde and the Alliance had forgot their old problems. Ofcourse, peaceful living was not possible yet, but the open warfare between the two factions was over...

Thing have changed. The old Cairne Bloodhoof had retired in the wilds, and now his son had became the Chieftain of the Taurens. Tuskarrs had joined the Horde and the Tusklord Hrak'kar was prepairing to take the place of the ill Warchief Thraal.

Things had changed for the Alliance too. The wise king Anduin Wrynn ruled his kingdome and lead the wars against his enemies. The Night Elves had joined again with their old relatives the Jungle Trolls, who once had been their enemies. It was the time when the Elf Warrior, Queen Darola Spiriteye, ruled the beautiful Teldrassil, where most of the Trolls lived in then.

But one thing will never change - evil always lives somewhere...


Many years ago, the glorious Sylvanas Windrunner led her army into the Hellfire Citadel to destroy the last remains of the wicked Fel Orcs. It seemed that she succeded. But not.

Now the Queen Azshara and the very last Fel Orcs have united so that they can survive. It was a matter of time a new Pit Lord to arrive, take control of this union, and to begin the production of Fel Orcs. Many Orcs dissapeared strangely from the Lands of Kalimdor... Soon the people began to talk, there were rummors that a new Pitlord has arrived, and that this Lord is more powerful that any other, and that he gathered the most powerful army in the Outlands secretly... All this rummors were only te truth.

Destrumodon is the most wicked Pit Lord ever. His dreams for glory have won him a bad name in his homeworld. Soon, the annihilans have forced him to leave Legion Stronghold. But infact, he was not the only of them who dreamed for power. The real reason that those demons chased away Destrumodon was his power...

Years and years Destrumodon had wandered from a world to a world, chasing his glory. Finally, he found it in the Outland. there he found a secret underground citadel, in which a race that reminded him for the annihilans, lived with another race of small, but really powerful red-skinned creatures. Soon he was not a stranger in this world. In the library he found books, written on Eredun. In one book he found a secret, a secret that can make hime powerful, a secret, that can give him his glory.


Destrumodon was the most wicked of the wicked. His evilnes is bigger than even the Lich King's one. Soon after he found the secret, he enforced some Fel Orcs to kidnap 1,000 orcs. It was a difficult task, but with Destrumodon on their side, te Fel Orcs finished soon. Far from Queen Azshara's eyes Destrumodon gathered his closest man in the citadel. Destrumodon took his long weapon and he made a cut on his hand. Then another one. And another. And another one, and another one, and another one...

By the end, there was a huge amount of blood in the room. Destrumodon walked carefully to the door, feeling sick, but knowing that he is going to be the most powerful Demon in the whole universe.

The same night 1,000 orcs had dranked from Destrumodon's blood without knowing. They transformed theirselves in something evil and unbeatable, more unbeatable and evil even than the last generation of Fel Orcs. It was time for Destrumodon to began his war.


By the end of the night all the Nagas in the underearth citadel were corrupted to a wicked form using the Curse of the blood, or had joined Destrumodon's army. Azshara, however, escaped with her closest guardians. She was the first to tell both the Horde and the Alliance the terrible news. Firstly, nobody believed. But when a whole army of orcs, headed to Mulgore vanished, everybody knew that this is the true. It was time for a war to begin...

To be continued