Stronghold of Azurath

The war between the elves and orcs had ran for over 10 years. The orc forces had invaded many elf town and had capture almost the entire land of Azuree'a. There was only one last stand holding orc forces... The Stronghold of Azurath.
_Was told that somekind of 'lost magic' protected it and the surrounding environment from enemies. Old book written by old elf commander Anthorias said "Those who fear will be protected. Those who don't will be ravaged. Those who won't have part will know... ...what did happen years ago." These words were never understood. Also it was not sure was there even any magic protecting the Stronghold of Azurath.
_The fort was originaly built up to protect the 'Gem of Aeon'. The magical sphere of eternity and everlasting life. The gem was created by fifteen druids of High Council of Age. All the members of the council died after the previous war. That time elves won the war clearly cause of the strong magicians. But the Gem of Aeon was stolen and the mages no longer had eternal life. Orcs waited and waited until all the mages died and the elves had no longer magic powers protecting...
The orc army were heading towards the fort of Azurath. The commander of the orcs was sure about the victory. Orcs had already defeated most of the elven royal army and elves had nothing to protect them.
Slowly but for certain the orcish army approached the stronghold. The elves trusted that the magic would save them again. All the time orcs just getting closer to the walls of the fort. "Fire!" shout the orc commander. The orc armies opened fire, strong catapults and rams of the orcs were damaging the walls of the forts. Elves, praying 'Estentha' the good of stagnation to save them. Orcs broke the first walls with the power of catapults. Elven families were screaming and running and heading towards 'the Shelter'.
_Orc forces entered to the Stronghold of Azurath when the leader of the fortress saw the eyes of the commander of orcs the fear filled him. His hands started to shake and the heart beated fast as running elks foot touching the ground. He felt the blood raising to his head and first time felt the true fear.
Instantly same time a bright and great white light lit to the sky just above the stronghold. A echoing and obsolescent sound said "Goa!" and the army of the orcs started to feel that a fire would burn their soul and heart from inside. Untenable pain forced the orc warriors to the ground. Praying onto their knees to get ice or water to shut down the fire. The sound said again "Shall the pain fill your body. Shall the shadow follow you whenever you walk in light!" The sound told the orcs to flee back and never return.
_The orcs did what they were told to. Elves regained the trust on the magic.
Orcs. Known as heartless warriors and a family of bloody barbarians. Were beaten with light. What shame is that. The orc king could not handle it and he ordered the forces returned from the Stronghold of Azurath to be slaughtered for fleeing for no reason. 4 years later in a rainy day the old king was searching old stuff from chests in his house. He found the Gem of Aeon. He remembered when it was stolen, it had bright purple glow and it was shiny. You could not look straight to it. But within the years it got more blurry and it lost its shining. When he looked at the orb he realized something had returned. Furiously and in anger he took the orb from the chest and threw it to the floor. The orb broke into pieces and the king felt like eighty more years of an orc would strangely press his body down. In some time he felt youth escaping his body and felt old and useless. That day the orc king that ruled the land for 123 years was died...