Interface Design Question.

Level 12
Feb 23, 2008
Hi, I am working on a map called roller coaster. And it proves to be hard for many players from 12-16 to pick up and some older players as well. I am trying to simplified things for them. Also currently to build 1000 tracks its 1000 clicks.

Out of these 3 builders as i call them, what would be easiest for new players, ability to build coasters quickly, and allow the most flexibility. By Far the most important one to me is easiest for new players.

Use 1 of them, All of them? What do you think?

It builds 45 degree turns, and you can make the turns wider by changing the 2 too a value between (1-3).

It builds 15 degree turns. By changing the (1-3) It will add more tracks after it going straight. Thus if a spell 3 times it would do the same as basic. But it offers much more flexibility.

This will build loops or things like it at different sizes if there is enough room. Changing the (1-3) will make it bigger or smaller.

Note: All of them would have back spells its just not included in the picuture, Thats back, the last thing built, Back 10, Back All


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