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[General] Increasing playable map size breaks unit pathing/collision

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Level 3
Apr 11, 2018

I recorded a video to demonstrate the problem.

All I did was increase playable map/camera bounds. I do not have any triggers that mess with collision or custom unit pathing.

I tried recreating the problem in a blank WC3 map with just 1 paladin on it. It did not happen in the blank test map, so it may have something to do with number of units. Dunno, all I know is I've increased the size of this map pre-reforged and it worked just fine. Flying units don't seem affected and turning unit collision off lets them move just fine, but I can't have unit collision off for every unit, obviously.

Now trying to do it does as you see in the video which kinda breaks my map, anyone got any ideas why?
Not open for further replies.