Impossible Siege v2.15b

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A hero defense map with the World of Warcraft combat mechanics. Choose from 12 unique heroes divided by four classes: Healer, Tanker, Damage Dealer and Mage. Boost their power through equipping them with proper items and learn talents and abilities appropriate for your party setup. Beat the evil forces in epic battles at one of five difficulty levels, which can drastically change the gameplay.

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  • Custom Combat System, which includes a lot of custom combat parameters like spell power, healing bonus, block amount etc. and various damage types as well as creep aggro system. This allows to introduce WOW-like hero roles: Tanker, Healer, Damage Dealer and Mage. Heroes in-combat have different mana and health regeneration, can use only a certain number of potions and elixirs.
  • Simple Item Upgrade System, which at the same time gives variety of leveling. Each item (weapon or armor) has 4 ways (=glyphs) to upgrade, which add unique abilities to them. No recipes, just buy a sword or axe for your damage dealer or staff for a mage or a healer and choose the glyph, which gives an appropriate ability.
  • Unique heroes with custom abilities and talents, which make possible different leveling styles and synergy with each other
  • Meat, but hardcore gameplay, which dynamically varies from 5 difficulty levels, number of players and party setup.
  • Single player regime with single or multi-heroes mode.

Basic Hero Stats:
  • Critical Strike: chance to deal critical physical damage on hit.
  • Critical Power: the ammount of critical physical damage (crit multiplier).
  • Block Chance: chance to block a physical attack, reducing incoming damage.
  • Block Amount: the ammount of physical damage to block
  • Spell Power, Spell Crit: improves spell damage or healing and gives a chance to spell crit/heal crit respectively.
  • Healing Bonus: a bonus percent of healing to all healing effects done by the hero.
  • Haste: a chance to deal next attack immediately. Hasted attacks cannot be hasted again. Has a twice lower effect on ranged heroes.

Some Combat Mechanics:
  • Creep Aggro System: every hero increases the threat value when dealing damage to the target enemy. The ammount of threat generated by one point of damage depends on the hero class, ability used and can be affected by some abilities and items. Every creep attacks the target with the highest threat value. Type "-sa" to see the threat values (in percentages) of allied heroes on the enemy creep.
  • Combat/Out of combat system: every hero enters a combat when deals any damage to enemies, receives damage from enemies or heals (or gets healed by) an allied target in combat. Combat affects the ammount of healing and mana potions (to 3) and elixirs (to 1), which can be used during one combat. To leave the combat hero must not receive or deal any damage/healing for a certain ammount of time, which depends on the difficulty level. While in combat the regeneration of mana depends on the hero spirit. Outside combat the hero regenerates 10% of health and mana per 5 seconds. Heroes with Rage as energy restores it only by dealing damage in combat and slowly loses it they arewhile out of combat.

If you have a question, suggestion or found any bug email me at [email protected].

+Now gold transfering is allowed
+Now camera height is increased by 200 on hero pick
+Lowered cooldown of Shadow Blast (The Nexus Key ability) from 60 secs to 45s
+Now all High Lord Commanders (Chapter 3) get additional armor equal to [Players count]x[Difficulty level]

+Fixed a bug when Healing Done multiboard were broken
+Fixed a bug with Sacrifice for Beliar: Deep Freeze were not affecting energy regenration
from many sources
+Now Sacrifice for Beliar: Corruption does not reduce the armor if it is already negative
+Now weather effects are disabled for a player after he picks a hero (the previous change on map initialization was not working)
+Fixed a bug that caused Xardas to disappear after "-restart"
+Now certain hero abilities do not affect Xardas

+Added a Xardas tower in Chapter 1 (a teleport is located to the right of the merchants).
Allows to make a sacrifice to Beliar to amplify bonuses of the items of a chosen glyph type
in return to negative effects on the hero depending on the items (of the chosen glyph) count.

+Changed the model of Ice Impale (Sorceress)
+Added fallen leaves near the four elder trees in Chapter 3
+Added a new portal model in the Void (Eredars Battleground)
+New special effect for Intervene (Captain) target ally.
+Kang the Decapitator (Tiger's Fury glyph of Steel Sword) renamed into Do-tharak, the Swordbreaker
+Flamebreather (Berserker's Rage glyph of Steel Sword) renamed into Kang the Decapitator
+Frostguard (Deep Freeze Glyph of Steel Sword) renamed into Arcweaver Spell Sword (see new bonus) and its icon is changed
+Now weather effects are disabled by default and can be turned on by the command "-fog on" or "-weather on"

+Frostguard now grants 15%/30%/45/60% of spellpower as hero attack power bonus

+Fixed a bug when heroes with Morph (Shaman, Druid) were unable to levilate during portals in Chapter 3
+Fixed a bug when heroes with Morph (Shaman, Druid) were losing Cleansing Waters (Moon Well) buff in Chapter 3


+Now the Gem of Elemental damage gives 5% bonus (was 10%)

+Another attempt to fix a bug when certain creeps and dummies (such as the dummies during Sorceress' ulti or Chapter 3 creeps) do not cast their point-target-abilities


+Now heroes outside of the Eredars battleground will be teleported (and resurrected if they were dead) to the battleground if the Eredars boss is defeated

+Lowered Iron Golem's Overcharge base damage from 225 to 100
+Now Iron Golem has 1.75 default Crit Multiplier and Spell Crit Multiplier (was 2.0)
+Now Sorceress has 1.8 default Spell Crit Multiplier (was 2.0)

+An attempt to fix a bug when certain creeps and dummies (such as the dummies during Sorceress' ulti or Chapter 3 creeps) did not cast their point-target-abilities


+Added "can be upgraded"-tooltips to weapon and armor items
+Now Bosses have Enrage ability which increases their attack speed by 5% (upto 100%) every 40 seconds of the battle.
+Lowered in-combat mana restoration Spirit factor from 0.4 to 0.35

+Lowered Rocket Barrage (Iron Golem) base damage from 50 to 30 per level; AP/SP damage from 35% + 10% per level to 25% + 8% per level
+Lowered Overcharge (Iron Golem) base damage from 300 to 225 per level; AP/SP damage from 50% + 20% per level to 35% + 15% per level
+Lowered Power Conversion (Iron Golem) base shield ammount from 500 to 400 per level

+Fixed a bug when the player hero was still in game after "-kick"


+Changed Stonecore Guardians kills count (Chapter 2) to 5 for Easy and Normal, 6 for Extreme and 7 for Impossible and Legend difficulties

+Now Mark of the Wild (Druid) boosts stats by 8 per level (was 10)

+Fixed a bug when Iron Golem defensive system were not working after hero's death
+Now Malefic Bonds' (Heretic) attack damage changes do not affect Shaman and Druid due to issues caused by their forms


Now heroes can use teleport-platforms in Chapter 3 while in combat. After landing heroes cannot use platforms for 10 seconds.

+Now Ground Slam (Iron Golem) attracts enemies to its epicenter instead of knocking them out.
Moreover, affected enemies will have decreased MS and AS for a short duration.
+Now Prolonged Vibrations (Iron Golem talent) reduces the armor value of enemies near the crater by 3% per level instead of slowing
+Now Healers and Mages get additional 50 hp per each gained hero level

+Possibly fixed a bug when champion creeps were not casting in Chapter 3
+Fixed a bug in Chapter 3 when enemies kept spawning after the 3rd High Commander is killed
+Now Druid's attack missile displays correctly


+Now most of unit resources are preloaded after the map loading. This significatly increases the map loading time and hopefully minimizes crashes during the loading.
However, players may suffer freezes during these preloadings (some alarm messages were added).
1. Heroes' resources start preloading right after they are first picked.
2. Chapters' and Bosses' resources start preloading at the first enter in the corresponding area.

+Increased Spell Power dependence of Monsoon (Druid) damage from 10% to 30% for base bonus and from 20% to 40% per level
+Increased Spell Power dependence of Adept of the Storm (Shaman) damage from 0% to 20% for base bonus and from 10% to 30% per level
+Added 2 skins for Iron Golem

+Fixed a bug with "-bosscam" command resetting the camera to the player hero location after every click on any unit.
Now it resets only on the player hero click (as it was supposed to be)
+Fixed Gem resource icon at merchants

+New mechanics in Chapter I: Challenges. Allows to amplify powers of Impossible Wave units, giving additional ammount of gold on successful passing the challenge.
See Ogre Gladiator at Chapter I.
+Now players can summon Axebite Grunts to help them in Chapter I. See Ogre Gladiator.
+Now Garrosh in Chapter I has greater starting HP (5000->10000) and armor (35->50)
+Slightly changed landscape and added some decorations in Chapter I.

+Stonebreaker now has ranged attack (400) and increased base attack damage (20->80) and attack speed (2.0->1.4)
+Stonebreaker's Ancestral Spirit now has lesser resurrection delay (5->2 seconds)
+Death Knight's talent Runic Power now causes blasts improved by each missing Rune

+Changed the model of Gem item.

+Fixed Meeting Stone belonging to Player 1 Red
+Fixed the camera Z-offset reset for all players after "-repick" command
+Now all merchant and Kobold units have zero pathing
+Fixed a bug when Impossible Waves were not coming after "-restart" command used after the end of the last Impossible Wave

+New hero: Iron Golem (Tanker)

+Added a visual effect when a unit gets a bleeding DOT
+Changed Heroic Leap (Horde Champion) visual effect
+Death Knight's threat generation multiplier increased from 2 to 8

+Fixed an old bug with Shield System
+Fixed a bug with overhealing counting in Healing Done Multiboard


+Now the first player can choose timers speed for Turbo Mode to be 100%/125%/150%/175%/200% of normal speed (was constant 200%).
Creeps will receive 0%/20%/40%/60%/80% bonus damage (was constant 50% or 60% depending on Chapter).

+Fixed a bug with the player camera shaking too long during Meteorite Rain (Chapter 2) on Turbo Mode


+Slightly changed landscape in Chapter I to give some space on the battlefield
+Spell Power gem bonus lowered from 40 to 25
+Changed attack missile of Magmaw
+Now Axebite Grunts at the start of Chapter I do not die by timer
+Improved Druid's Moonson talent level damage from 35 to 60 and Spell Power level damage from 10% to 20%
+Now Ranger has 10 starting Spirit
+Now Ranger has 700 range (was 650)
+New icon for Ranger's Call of the Wild
+Now the player can change Ranger's Wolf skin. Type "-beastskin j", where j is a number between 1 and 9.
+New talents and mechanics for Ranger:
-Now Ranger gets Concentration buff if she does not move for 3 or more seconds.
Under Concentration Ranger restores [3% of Spirit] Focus points every second.
Concentration buff fades on movement.
-New talent: Toxic Arrows. When Cobra Shot reaches its target the Ranger temporarily
gets an ability to shot multiple targets, dealing magical damage. Improves attack speed depending on Haste. Passively increases Attack Power
by a percent of Spell Power under Concentration
-New talent: Know Your Prey. Increases Focus regeneration and Spell Crit under Concentration.
-New talent: Improved Chimaera. Improves Chimaera Shot casting speed and damage.
+Fixed a bug with broken aggro system from Chapter 2 and further
+Fixed Ranger's Chakram Trap name after learning and Chimaera shot lvl 2 description
+Now the first player can't change the difficulty (through "-difficulty j" during boss encounters
+Fixed a bug when a picked hero had learned talents after "-restart" or "-repick".
+Fixed a bug in singleplayer when Multi Heroes mode was active after "-restart"

+New merchants: Jewelers. Collect Gem Points from bosses and special units to buy gems from Jewelers and insert them into weapon or armor items.
+New weapon item: Memorial Offering Key. Gives no stats, but has 2 additional gem sockets. Glyphs grants active abilities.
+New command: "-bosscam". Changes the player camera to the boss battlefield camera. Click back on the player hero to get hero camera.
+Added preview image
+Now heroes get immediate resurrection if a bossfight is lost
+Garrosh (Chapter I) armor increased from 20 to 35
+Now Bosses HP scaling from Mages and Damage Dealers depends on difficulty level as 80/90/100/110/120% per each hero (was constant 125%)
+Now Cenarius (Chapter III) uses Cenarius Wrath ability each time the Elder Tree hp falls below 50%. This ability applies entangling roots to all the enemies for 10 seconds (damage depends on the difficulty level).
+Now Cenarius uses Cenarius Wrath after the third High Commander is dead
+Draenei Warlord's Shadowlank minimal distance to blink lowered from 300 to 50
+Now Draenei Warlord's Nether Bomb has a targeting image
+Fixed description of Draenei Warlord's Enveloping Mist
+Increased Horde Chamption's Massacre base damage from 40% to 50% of Attack Power
+Now targeted healing and shielding spells will not target manekens after "-train on" command

+New hero: Akama the Draenei Warlord (Damage Dealer)
+Added training manekens at each chapter. Type "-train on/off" to turn on/off attacks on training manekens.
+Now Creeps in Chapter 3 receive 60% bonus damage (was 50%) on Turbo mode
Bugs and fixes:
+Now players see all the tip messages before they start repeating
+Fixed a bug with the meeting stone (in Chapter 2) was not summoning sixth player
+Fixed a bug with texture passing in Chapter 3
+Fixed a bug with Mana Ejection (Voidwalkers wave in Chapter I) was not dealing damage. Now it also has aoe indicator and its base damage lowered from 150 to 125.
+Lowered Stampede (Salamander wave in Chapter I) base damage from 200 to 150.
+Now Vortex (Voidwalkers wave in Chapter I) effect is immediately removed after the cast
+Fixed a bug with Teleport in Chapter 3 and Blood Hurricane (Horde Champion)
+Icecore Staff's mana regen lowered from 1% per tier to 0.75% per tier
+Now Troggbane damage bonus also depends on its tier 20%/40%/60%/80% (was constant 50%)
+Massacre (Horde Champion) base attack power damage changed from 35% to 40% and level damage changed from 15% to 25%
+Lowered manacosts of Boulder Falls and Ragging Charge (Stonebreaker)
+Ranger's Acid Bite talent damage increased from 10% to 15%

+Fixed a bug when Chapter I final timer expires after "-restart"
+Now Eretic has attack damage type as Mage
+Now Pit Lords (Chapter 3) receive 50% additional damage (as other creeps) at Turbo mode.
+Increased Bone Ritual (Heretic) AOE from 300 to 400
+Increased Haunt (Heretic) base charges from 1 to 5 and level charges from 3 to 5, but DOT damage was reduced by 50% and target affect period from 1 to 1.5 secs

+Now if a player leaves the game, dd/hd multiboards does not dissapear if they were active for some players
+Fixed a bug when Turbo mode stays activated after "-restart"
+Fixed DD and HD multiboards (again)
+Now "-difficulty j" command correctly changes creeps' attack damage from higher difficulties to lower

+Fixed a bug with portals in Chapter 3
+Fixed DD and HD multiboards

+New game mode: Turbo. Makes all chapter timers twice as fast , but creeps receive 50% bonus damage from physical and spell sources.
+Some heroes now have alternate skins: type "-skin 2" to see the new skin and "-skin 1" to get back to the original skin.
+Added Damage Done and Healing Done multiboards. To see type "-dd" or "-hd" respectively.
+Ramps in Chapter 3 are changed to a family of magical platforms, which teleport heroes between them (does not work on heroes in combat and has a 10 seconds cooldown). This increased FPS a bit.
+Added added some decorations and a secret on Island (the last location), which opens the big doors.
+Now Druid has ranged attack
Bugs and fixes:
+Fixed a bug when a player gets gold after "-repick"
+Fixed a bug when kills of Stonecore guardians (Chapter II) were not counted
+Fixed "-hero info" for Heretic
+Fixed bugs with hero icons and "-repick"
+Fixed some decorations' pathability
+Now Chapter I starts only if the player hero enters the trigger zone

+Fixed a bug with "-repick" after "-restart"
+Added "-difficulty j" command, which changes the difficulty level to j = 1,2,3,4,5 corresponding to Easy, Normal, Extreme and Legend difficulties. This does not fully affect some already created units and bosses. Note: unit damage bonus from higher difficulties cannot be lowered back.
+Added complete attribute description of heroes at the picking phase
+Added a message while the first player is choosing difficulty
+Changed hero name ''Eretic'' to ''Heretic''
+Now Heretic gets +3% DOT Damage and +10 Spell Power per level (was nothing)
+Now Bone Ritual's (Heretic) death animation does not work on bosses and giants
+Now Global Annihilation's (Sorceress) casts of Icy Disaster are affected by Frozen Orb talent, elemental and frost damage bonuses
+Fixed broken lightning effects at the end of Chapter 3
+Increased Horde Champion's starting Crit from 2% to 4%

+New hero: Eretic (Class: Mage)
+Now there is a meeting stone at the start of Chapter II, which allows players to summon and ressurect each other before Chapter II starts
+Changed some decorations in Chapter I
+Added game commands "-fog off/on" or "-weather off/on": turns off/on weather effects in Chapter I
+Added hero responses on pick
+Now healing and mana potions causes Healing and Mana restoration effects respectively and thus theirs effect will be improved by corresponding hero stats.
+Fixed a bug when "-repick" command removes the player hero if it is used after Chapter I stars
+Fixed descriptions and tips displaying
+Frostbrood Sapphire Ring spellpower was lowered from 75 to 50 per level
+New Lightning effect for Death Grip (Death Knight)
+Death Knight's Runic Power spellpower effect per rune was lowered from 1% to 0.75% and base damage from 2.5 to 2
+Priest's Prayer of Healing will no longer play its visual effect on dead and invulnerable units
+Lowered Salamander (Impossible Wave 2) Fireblow damage from 150 to 50

+Now "-repick" will not work after Chapter I starts (as it was supposed to be)
+Now if a player leaves the game before Chapter I starts, his hero can be picked by other players
+Fixed Mag'hari Chieftain's Staff spell power proc value
+Fixed a bug with camera rotation when Supremus fight starts
+Fixed a bug with camera bounds for players, which have heroes outside of the corresponding boss battlezone when Magmaw and Supremus get defeated
Death Knight:
+Lowered effects of Death Knight's Runic Power talent: base damage per level (4->2.5) and spell power effect per level (2%->1%).
+Now Runic Power's visual effect does not affect invulnerable units
+Now Runic Power does not work if Death Knight is dead

+Fixed desyncs after -repick

+Added "-repick" command. Allows the player to repick chosen hero until Chapter 3 is started. In Multiheroes regime repicks the last clicked hero.
+Added "-debug camera" command. Debugs player's camera to solve possible camera bound issues.
+Now players has 250/500/750/1000 more gold on Normal/Extreme/Impossible/Legend difficulties
+Fixed the bug with hero picking in Multiheroes mode
+Fixed a bug when Book of Oblivion did not unlearn talents if it is bought by Shaman in the Ghost Wolf form or by Druid in the Tree of Life form
+Removed old minimap image, now it displays correctly
+Now "-aa on/off" works correctly on healers
+Fixed Earthquake damage description and Flaming Rodeo effect height.
+Increased starting Stamina (15->18) and Spirit (18->22). Fixed stats description on pick phase.
Death Knight:
+New talent: Runic Power. Periodically causes AOE blast dealing frost damage, which increases with the number of Runes.
Tribal Shaman:
+Now the hero is ranged
+New talent: Fury Swipes. Unlock the ability in the ghost wolf form. Deals AOE damage and applies an armor penetraton effect.
+New talent: Adept of the Storm. Basic attacks apply a purge effect to the target, dealing AOE damage and slowing nearby enemies.
Druid of the Grove:
+New talent: Monsoon. Changes Rebirth ability to Monsoon, which deals damage and slows enemies in AOE.

+Changed "-camera" command to prevent desyncs. Now it is "-cam #", where # is the value between -500 and 1000 (camera's Z-offset).
+Now leaver's gold is no longer shared between remained players (only items of the leaver are dropped).

(+) New item: Clay Figurine (type: Armor)
(+) Added potion models (made by KAIL333XZ)
(+) Camera bound in Multiplayer will no longer change on allied hero click
(+) Now glyphs have a note that items can be glyphed only once
(+) Fixed a bug with pathability near shops in Chapter 2
(+) Now fire spheres are removed correctly when Eredars' battleground resets
(+) Fixed some memory leaks during Eredars boss fight
Chapter 2:
(+) Now Stonecore Guardian, before he consumes enough amount of golems, has increased damage by 60% per difficulty level (was constant 300%)
(+) Now golems, which are affected by Meteorite Rain, get bonus damage at difficulties Extreme or higher
(+) Stonebreaker's Earthquake base damage per level increased from 100 to 250
(+) Horde Champion's Battle Standard AOE increased from 500 to 800
(+) Lowered base damage from Hellfire Mark (Kil'jaden) AOE explosion from 500 to 400 and its АОЕ from 500 to 400
(+) Now Devouring Vortex (Archimonde) has an effect, which indicates abilities' AOE and a more noticeable effect of its debuff
(+) Heroes sucking base AOE of Devouring vortex lowered from 400 to 200 (+100 per difficulty level)
(+) Devouring Vortex base damage per player lowered from 300 to 200 and base damage per difficulty level lowered from 300 to 200
(+) Sargeras Eye (Eredars) base damage lowered from 200 to 150
(+) Null Barrier (Archimonde) base damage lowered from 300 to 200

(+) Fixed a bug with gold earning after Supremus
(+) Now Chapter II Golems receive Meteor rain buff only on Extreme difficulty and above

(+) Added -kick command for Red player. Type "-kick playername" (example: -kick Demolishka) or "-kick playercolor" (example: -kick blue) to kick the corresponding player
(+) Fixed a bug when shield buffs do not dissapear if a hero dies with such a debuff
(+) Fixed end game timer dialog window
(+) Fixed animation playing of Eredars after death
(+) Increased Book of the Binding Will hp threshold from 45% to 75%
(+) Added a TextTag warning visible to all players when Supremus charges a hero on difficulties Easy, Normal and Extreme
(+) Lowered sucking AOE of Devouring Vortex (Archimonde) from 800 to 500, 600, 700, 800, 900 depending on the difficulty level
(+) Lowered blow damage of Devouring Vortex (Archimonde) per player from 400 to 300 and per difficulty level from 400 to 300
(+) Added a screen warning for the player which receives Devouring Vortex (Archimonde) or Hellfire Mark (Kiljaeden) debuff and a warning TextTag visible to other players on difficulties Easy, Normal and Extreme

(+) New hero: Priest (Healer)
(+) New item: Book of Oblivion. Makes the hero to forget learned talents and abilities.
(+) A new absorbing shield system. Now magical shields can absorb different types of damage and can absorb only a part of the incoming damage. A unit may have several shields at the same time. In this case their order for the damage reduce is descending in shield's remained time.
(+) New parameters (applicable to shields as well as to heroes casting them): Shield durability (how much damage the shield can absorb), Shield power (which part of damage can be absorbed at a time), Shield duration (time duration of the shield)
(+) Coldwraith Plate's frost barrier now absorbs any damage (was physical only), but no more than 50% of the incoming damage at a time (i. e. its Shield power is 50%)
(+) Stonecore Guardian, which consumed a mudstone golem, now has an absorbing shield with 50% Shield power, which lasts for for 15 seconds.
(+) Now creep upgrades also increases their attack damage (by 3, 5 and 8 for Chapter I, II and III units respectively)
Chapter III:
(+) Increased Elder Tree HP per player from 500 to 1000
(+) Changed HP of Chapter I units by -2900, -1900, -900, 100, 1100 depending on the difficulty level
(+) Now Cenarius grants you a speed boost for 45 seconds if the next portal appears on the other side than the previous one
(+) Changed visuals of Null Barrier and Devouring Vortex (Archimonde) to make them more noticeable
(+) Now Null Barrier attack proc has 2 seconds cooldown (was 0.75)
(+) Now Healing rain and Regrowth affect magic immune units
(+) Deep Wounds talent (Horde Champion) now grants 25% bleeding DOT (was 20%)
(+) Death Knight now has 100 starting Spell Power (was 25)
(+) Germination (Druid) talent now grants 25% healing bonus (was 30%)
(+) Added screen warning for all players on Abyss Call ability of Supremus and a sound effect to it
(+) Changed some doodads in Chapter I
(+) Some code was optimized
(+) Fixed some descriptions
(+) Added end game timer dialog
(+) Lowered preloading time from 10 to 5 seconds
(+) Fixed a bug in Chapter III concerning Elder Trees hp changing when a player leaves the game
(+) Healing rain (Shaman) and Regrowth (Druid) no longer trigger their effects (in particular, visuals) on invulnerable allied units (for example, merchants)
(+) Fixed a path, which led to textures, in Chapter I
(+) Fixed Null Barrier (Archimonde) not working properly

-Added chat command "-aa on/off", which turns on/off the player hero auto-attacks.
-Now Healers will no longer auto-attack by default.
-Added chat command "-hero info", which displays some tips for your hero
-Added and corrected some tips messages
-Now bonus HP of creeps per each damage dealer depends on the number of players (more players, lower bonus) as +40%,35%,30%,25%,20%,15% (was constant 30%)
-Now bonus HP of creeps per each Mage depends on the number of players (more players, lower bonus) as 60%, 50%, 40%, 30%, 20%, 10% (was constant 30%)
-Now bonus attack damage of creeps per each Tanker depends on the number of players (more players, lower bonus) as +18, +15, +12, +9, +6 +3 (was constant +15).
-Lowered bonus attack damage of creeps on Extreme, Impossible, Legend difficulties from 15/30/45 to 10/20/30.
Combat mechanics:
-Taunted targets will get increased threat from the tanker as he is the main target
-Fixed slowed MS of Supremus and Stonecore guardian after freezing effects.
-Fixed animation play of dead Eredars
-Fixed some item tooltips
-Fixed Steel Sword getting other items stats
-Fixed entering Bosses battleground messages appearing after the Boss death
-Now Horde Champion gets 10% Haste at the game start
-Increased Heroic Leap (Horde Champion) AOE from 225 to 275 and base damage from 200 to 250
-Changed Blood Hurricane (Horde Champion) attack power damage from 35% + 10% to 25% + 30% per level
-Now Stonebreaker has +7 armor and additional 350 HP
Chapter I:
-Legion strike (Felguard ability) now deals 200 additional damage (was 100)
-Lowered attraction speed of Vortex ability (Voidwalkers Wave) and increased flying speed of Mana Ejection (Voidwalkers) from 2 to 4 seconds.
Chapter II:
-Now absorbed by the Stonecore Guardian golems, when they chopped off, trigger the corresponding spell with a chance depending on the players count (between 100% for one player and 35% for 6 players)
Chapter III:
-Now Elder Trees gets 2000 HP + 500 HP per player (was constant 3000)
-Reworked waterfall
-Lowered portal effects and fires at the elder trees to increase performance

-Fixed a bug, when a hero did not lose item stats on selling
-Fixed the animation playing of dead Eredars
-Fixed -pvp on/off command not working properly for all players except Player 1
-Fixed Impossible Wave champion creeps were not redirecting to attack Garrosh location if their previous order were prevented (for example, by Dragon's Roar' disarm)
-Fixed Berserk (Horde Champion's ability) was lasting 10 seconds instead of 15 seconds
==Horde Champion==
-Lowered ragecosts of Horde Champion's abilities
-Lowered cooldown of Heroic Leap from 10 seconds to 8 seconds
-Lowered attack cooldown from 1.6 to 1.4 seconds
-Lowered Smell of Blood talent's bonus damage from 25% to 20%
==Death Knight==
-Increased Frostwyrm's Fury base damage from 250 to 350
Combat mechanics:
-Now critical physical damage of abilities does not trigger Armor Penetration effects
-Now Taunt and Death Grip abilities add a threat amount of caster on target creeps, which equals to the difference of creep target's threat and caster's threat on the creep.
Chapter I:
-Now Impossible Wave units has 15% crit chance (was 0) and improved hit points and armor,
-Now Impossible Wave champion units are giants
-Now Impossible Wave units has unique abilities and names, which make them more interesting
Chapter III:
-Added a minimap ping when Cenarius charges a moonwell

-Added command "-kill", which kills the player hero. This is to solve the problems of stucking or camera bound bug.
-Fixed Aggro Multiboard display in Singleplayer Multi Hero Mode
-Fixed a bug when Supremus' is stucking if a fight resets during Abyss Call (heroes attracting ability)
-Revised creep aggro system. Fixed some possible bugs, including taunts mechanics.
-Fixed Garrosh in Stonecore and Cenarius with Merchants in Chapter 3, which dissapear after using -restart
-Now Magmaw's summoned units has aggro tables
-Fixed camera bound on hero picking phase
-Fixed bug with invisible potions if hero drops the corresponding items on the ground
Combat mechanis:
-Removed 1 aggro generation point bonus per level for tanks and base aggro multiplier from 14 to 2
-Aggro percent from the creep's target to redirect is set to 110% from 150%
-Now Life-steal does not work on physical damage from abilities
-Now Taunt and Death Grip make affected units attack hero for 5 seconds, ignoring the aggro values of other heroes in the aggro table.
-Supremus' charge ability now should work correctly. It makes Supremus ignore aggro table (and taunts) for 15 seconds and chase a target on the maximal distance. If the target dies a new target is searched.
-Lowered Supremus' base damage from 300 to 150 and base stats from 50 to 1
-Now Cenarius has 75% additional HP per each player in the game
-Slightly changed visual effects of Blood Hurricane, Heroic Leap, Berserk (Horde Champion's abilities) and Kill Command (Ranger's ability)
-Lowered Stonecore Guardian's Firenova (fire DOT) duration from 5 seconds to 3 seconds
-Now Pit Lord's and Eredars' periodic damage of voidzones depends on the difficulty level

Version d
-Fixed High Commanders (Chapter III) having 100% spell resistance
-Fixed some camera bound issues
-Fixed Supremus' Charge ability
Combat mechanics:
-Now a hero must generate at least 150% (was 120%) of the maximal threat on the target unit to make it attack him
-Now tankers get an additional point of aggro multiplier per each level
-Changed models for Eredars' void zones (now it is blockhole-like and sun-like models) and reworked their mechanics:
-Now devouring vortex (Archimonde's voidzone) is a blackhole, which no longer growth with time, but it is sucking in nearby heroes. After consuming a sun ( Kil'jaeden's voidzone) an explosion appears, which deals damage to nearby heroes.
-Now Supremus' attack multiplier when he charges a hero depends on the difficulty level (2.5, 3, 3.5, 4, 4.5 on Easy, Normal, Extreme, Impossible and Legend difficulties respectively; was 3.5)
Version c
-Lowered boss additional HP for each DD/Mage in game from 150% to 125%
-Fixed some bugs with Magmaw battleground
-Lowered Magmaw fire voidzone base damage from 250 to 150
Chapter 2:
-Lowered base hit points of small golems from 1000 to 800; of siege golems from 1600 to 1400; of Stonecore Guardian from 6000 to 5000
-Lowered Stonecore Guardian armor from 25 to 20
-Lowered Stonecore Guardian buffs given from absorbed golems:
-PhysAbsorbShield from 11000 to 500
-SpellPower from 100 to 50
-Splash from 15% to 10%
-Crit from 5% to 3%
-Now each new Stonecore Guardian gets 500 hit points for every two players in game, getting the buff of previous (the overall buff changes if the number of players is changed)

-Fixed a bug with the second respawn in Chapter III if a hero dies during Chapter I
-Now ressurected during Boss battles heroes should return to the Boss battlegroup

-Introduced Chapter 3: Darnassus. Help Cenarius and the Darnassus forces to protect four elder trees from the Legion invasion.
-Removed possibility of playing in SD (i. e. with classical graphycs) to prevent disconnects
-Now unit initialization takes some time to prevent disconnects
-Removed camera rotation possibility
-Now Horde Champion Berserk ability's crit power do not proc from his other ability's damage
-Now Ranger's wolf has only 60% of the hero attack power
-Ranger's wolf will no longer generate threat and bug creeps
Combat mechanics:
-Increased creep's threat reset time from 5 to 10 seconds
-Now a hero must generate at least 120% of the maximal threat on the target unit to make it attack him
-Lowered manaregen in combat given by every Spirit point from 0.5 to 0.4
-Now ranged units are affected only by 50% of the Haste
-Now splash damage generates threat on creeps
-Lowered duration of Armor penetration effects from 5 to 4 seconds
Difficulty levels and boss balance:
-Now each DD/Mage, which is in game, increases boss' HP by 150% (was 75%/100%/100%.../100%)
-Now Supremus gets additional 200 attack power (which he did not get earlier by a mistake) for each tanker
-Now Bosses' additional attack power depends on the healers count if the difficulty is Extreme or higher.
-Now Supremus does not get lowered armor and spell resist if he steps over the mine on Impossible and Legend difficulties
-Increased Magmaw base HP from 35000 to 40000
Chapter I:
-Lowered the appearance time of the first creep wave in Chapter I by 30 seconds.
-Now the next creep wave after the Impossible wave will be delayed in 30 seconds to provide some rest for the players.
Chapter II:
-Fixed King of Stormwing not getting additional hit points depending on the players count.
-Increased hp gain for golems after each meteor rain from 500 to 800
-Now Stonecore Guardian's HP is improved by 150% for each DD/Mage in the game.
-Increased the armor of Stonecore Guardian from 15 to 25
-Lowered level of the Chapter 2 golems (this means they will give less gold and exp)
-Now each tier is a separate item upgrade with its own cost: Tier 1 - 1000 gold, Tier 2 - 1500 gold, Tier 3 - 2000 gold.

-Fixed a bug when a selled item gets the stats of the previously pawned one.
-Lowered damage and increased cooldown of Chaos Meteor (Chosen Seer's ability) on Easy and Normal difficulties
-Lowered base hero stat points (from 4 to 3) and additional gold (from 1500 to 1000) on Normal difficulty
-The aggro multiboard (-sa) and delailed stats multiboard (-ssb) will no longer dissapear (if activated) on hero click.

-Now boss encounters resets correctly. Added messages if a hero enters or starts the boss encounter.
-Fixed Incineratus Low Damage
-Increases Magmaw base HP by 5000
-Fixed a rare camera bound bug
-Added the possibility of playing in SD mode

First Reforged release, which also features huge improvements such as:
-Two new heroes: Death Knight and Ranger; and a huge rework of the old ones: new abilities and introduced talents.
-Two new items and a rework of the old ones.
-Reworked Chapters I and II and improved Boss fights
-Multi hero regime for Singleplayer and 5 difficulty levels
-A lot of code is rewritten and various bug are fixed

-Fixed bug with -restart

-Improved Tanker's aggro generation by 50%
-Now creep won't reset the Hero's aggro if the Hero is its target
-Now Healer enters the combat when heals in-combat unit
-Now each hero restores 5% hp/mp out of combat
-Now Blood Hurricane has limit of 10 units in the air
-Rebalanced Horde Champion's ability costs
-Increased armor of Bloodelf Captain from 10 to 15


-Lowered creeps damage growing after each Impossible Wave in Chapter 1 from 15 to 10
*Chapter 2 rebalanced:
-Added 4 types of mini-golems
-After each Meteorite Rain the unkilled golems gets +20% bonus damage
-After each Meteorite Rain golems grow stronger, getting 500 hp and 15 damage


-Added new Hero Stats multiboard. Type "-show stats" or "-ss" to show an old multiboard and "-show stats big" or "-ssb" to show new
-Added new command: "-show aggro" or "-sa". Shows an Aggro Table of All Heroes for selected enemy unit. Click on unit sorts an aggro in descending order
-Changed names of golems in Chapter 2
-Evasion renamed to dodge
-Changed effect of Icy Disaster(Sorceress) when it reaches the ground
-Changed effect of Rodeo if the Stonebreaker breaks the boulder
-Fixed Horde Campion's tooltips
-Added 13 tips: show every 30 secs during the game, disable by "-tips off"
-Lowered map size


-Added a Singleplayer mode with bonus 1500 gold and unlimited potions using

-Fixed a bug with Supremus aggro
-Fixed a lot of bugs with Morph abilities (Ghost Wolf,Tree of Life)
-Fixed a bug when Rebirth didn't restore the Druid's mana
-Fixed a bug with creep waves in First Chapter
-Fixed a bug with "-restart"(Only the first player could select the Heroes)
-Fixed a bug when the Hero gives a potion or elixir to other Hero and it falls on the ground

Beta testers:
IN0K, MS_Lich, MuhaCikotuha, chromjke, BK.Jugg, Fear.ka, olo)LOLO, SanDeR.

Code systems:
Opossum (RegionalFog) and grim001 (ListModule)

Icons, Models, Effects:
Blizzard Entertainment, Directive255, Marcelo Hossomi, Champara Bro, JetFangInferno, JesusHipster, CRAZYRUSSIAN, Mc !, Mythic, TassAvadar, Empyreal, iZucken, WILL THE ALMIGHTY, Buster, Lord_T, xYours Trulyx, KAIL333XZ, Spellbound, chopinski, communist_orc, ratamahatta, Power, HerrDave, Callahan, Vinz, Hate and Zenonoth.

Resources Databases:, and

Gameplay Videos

Boss Battles:



Story Walkthrough:
3 Heroes Solo Normal difficulty, v. 2.04e

4 Heroes Multiplayer Easy difficulty, v. 2.04e

Impossible Siege, Hero Defense, Hero Siege, Hero Survival, Siege, Defense, Survival

Impossible Siege v2.15b (Map)

14:36, 23rd Jul 2011 ap0calypse: Rejected
Let's not get rough here. I was simply expressing my first impression. Updating is always welcome when the map has reached towards 80% completion, at least. Nevertheless, set to Pending. Indeed the reviewer should compare your previous work for...
Shar Dundred
Map appears to be functional & doesn't break any rules. However, it is still missing a credit list. Please include this. Set to Awaiting Update.
Level 8
Jun 11, 2009
Version 2.14 is out. Added new mechanics in Chapter I - Challenges, which allows to amplify powers of Impossible Wave units. Grants additional gold for all players when the amplified wave is defeated. Added a possibility to summon Axebite Grunts (costs 600 gold) to help fighting during Chapter I. For other gameplay and balance improvements see the changelog.