Importing And Fixing Icons (RoC and TFT)

Some mapmakers don't know how to path iconr or how to fix them, so I decided to offer some solutions.

The Frozen Throne

Adding icons

1st: Open your World Editor.

2nd: Go to Import manager (hot-key-F12).

3rd: Click on import (hot-key-ctrl+1) and import the icon you want.

4th: Double click on the file you imported and check the little box, now set the path.

5th: Press Ctrl+S or go: File - Save. Restart your World Editor.

Reign of Chaos

Adding icons

1st. For Windows 2000 and XP, you need: MPQ master and for Macintosh you need MPQ2K.
Next you need to:

1st: Make a copy of your War3.mpq.

2nd: Open your War3.mpq file.

3rd: Import the icon you want using the import button.

4th: Set the path of the icon. Example: We are going to use my flameSWORD icon.

The paths are:


You should set the paths exactly like that.

5th: Save your War3.mpq.

6th: Open your World Editor and go to the object editor > units, then under ART - Icon interface set the path of the icon to:

7th: Save and restart your map/World Editor. Start it again and test it. :wink:

Fixing icons

1st: Copy your icon to a new frame. Example: open the priest's heal spell (icon) in PhotoShop, open your icon and copy it to heal icon.

2nd: Open your icon in wc3viewer and Save it as 24 bit file.

Replacing Icons

Become tired of looking at the same icons when you play Warcraft III? Just replace them.

How to do it

1st: Make a copy of your War3.mpq (RoC) or War3x.mpq (TFT).

2nd: Open the MPQ you want (RoC or TFT).

3rd: Find the icon you want. Example: Priest's heal icon, now import the icon you want. Rename the priests spell icon to the path of the icon you imported or just set the path of the icon you imported to the path of the Heal icon.
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