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My icon is green in game... why?

I've seen this question asked many times and wanted to offer some possible solutions.

Difficulty Level
Very Easy - 2/10
World Editor
Warcraft III Viewer
The green square of death:
Solution 1.
Icon Paths:
Icons must have their paths set correctly to be used in Warcraft III maps. Open World Editor's Import Manager and check to make sure you have set the right path for each icon.

We are going to use the path of a sample icon: BTNDragonBreath.
You can find it here.









Solution 2.
Alpha Channels: Warcraft III icons must contain a 32 bit alpha channel to display properly in the game.
  • Open a faulty icon using Warcraft III Viewer.

  • If the .blp icon file looks good, then it has an alpha channel. If not:

    1. Convert the icon to an image file: Convert Files > BLP -> BMP, TGA or JPG.
    2. Re-convert the image file back into an icon: Convert Files > BMP, TGA or JPG -> BLP.
      Confirm that the 32 bit alpha channel is added during this step.
    3. Save the icon and import the file into a map to test it.

Solution 3.
Last Resort:
If you are certain that an icon is properly pathed and has an alpha channel, try re-downloading the icon from the web: be sure that your computer is correctly configured.

If the icon still does not function, contact its creator and ask him or her to test it again. If it is working, ask them to send you a new copy.
Good luck! Hope this helps.
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