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Ideas needed for a map!

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Level 9
Nov 24, 2007
Me and two friends of mine want to start working on a simple yet exciting map except we can't think of anything original.

Soooooo i turned to the hive community for help and suggestions!!!!!

We're willing to make anything moderately simple! Please post your map suggestions below :D

Have a nice day,

Level 4
Jul 30, 2008
I think it would be nice with more of maps like "Are you a retard?" Or "Impossible Map".

Try to make a map that got loads of stupid and simple challenges, the hard thing about those challenges, is that they can be so stupid, that you can't find out what to do before ya've spended about 1 minute thinking of possible ways to get to the next challenge... Like in Impossible Map, they had placed a lever, and to open the "door" they had to pull the lever, but they could'nt reach it, the funny thing was, that it was'nt even the right lever, it was the first lever that they had to pull to open the first gate xD! I love those maps...

It could be like a road or some kind of place you have to escape from... Try the maps and well ;) maybe it would make it a bit easier for you to understand what im trying to say...

Please PM me if you like the idea :wink:

And by the way, Good Luck & Have Fun with the map!
Level 12
Aug 31, 2008
Are you a retard map's by Septimus are very cool (except for the fact that they lag uncontrollably do to firelord model spamming, The tooltips are also kinda poorly written.
Another one would be nice though.
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